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Publication numberUS3372771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1968
Filing dateJun 20, 1966
Priority dateJun 20, 1966
Publication numberUS 3372771 A, US 3372771A, US-A-3372771, US3372771 A, US3372771A
InventorsAntonio Gatta, Joseph Capozzi
Original AssigneeAntonio Gatta, Joseph Capozzi
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Scaffold holder
US 3372771 A
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Filed June 20, 1966 United States Patent Office 3,372,771 Patented Mar. 12, 1968 3,372,771 SCAFFOLD HOLDER Joseph Capozzi, 129 Montvale Road, and Antonio Gatta, 12 Poole St., both of Woburn, Mass. 01801 Filed June 20, 1966, Ser. No. 558,856 4 Claims. (Cl. 182-229) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A scaffold holder comprising a cylindrical housing having a threaded hollow opening therein, an adjustable support having a threaded portion on one end thereof and being adapted to longitudinally travel within the housing, means on the other end of the housing for securing the housing to a column of a scaffold, a holder insert adapted to be mounted in the wall of a structure and provided with means for attaching same to the adjustable threaded support member.

This invention relates to securing devices for scaffolds, and more particularly to a scaffold holder used in the construction industry.

It is therefore the main purpose of this invention to provide a scaffold holder which adjustably secures scaffold in place and provides maximum safety to its user.

Another object of this invention is to provide a scaffold holder, one part of which is secured to the wall and the other part is firmly attached to a column of the scaffold thereby providing increased safety factor without having to employ a human to hold said scaffold.

Another object of this invention is to provide a scaffold holder which can be easily attached or removed from the scaffold.

A still further object of this invention is to provide a scaffold holder which is easy to manufacture and pro vides maximum utility to its user.

Other objects and advantages of this invention will become apparent from a consideration of the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing wherein a satisfactory embodiment of the invention is shown. However, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to the details disclosed but includes all such variations and modifications as fall within the spirit of the invention and the scope of the appended claims.

In the drawing:

FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of this invention shown partially exploded; and FIGURE 2 is a view taken along lines 2-2 of FIGURE 1 and viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows.

According to this invention, scaffold holder is provided with a substantially cylindrical housing 11 having a cylindrical hollow portion therein which is threaded and is arranged to admit threaded portion 12 of adjustable screw 39, one end of which is in a flattened form 13. Hole 14 is provided near the end portion of flattened form 13 thereby forming an insert portion for adjustable screw 39. The other end of cylindrical housing 11 is provided with jaws 15 adapted to enclose and secure housing 11 to a column 21 of a scaffold. One side of housing 11 is provided with handle stop means 16 and handle pivot support 19, both of which extend outwardly from said housing and are in perpendicular relationship thereto. Handle 18 is pivotally secured to handle support 19 which is provided with a pivot pin in its outer end. Hook 20 is pivotally attached to handle 18 by means of pivot pin 27. Chain 22 engages hook 20, as handle 18 pivots about pivot support 19 toward handle stop means 16 the chain is drawn tightly about column 21. The other end of chain 22 is removably secured to the bolt and nut arrangement 41 of chain adjustment panel 23. Cylindrical housing 11 is also provided with adjustment support 36 secured to housing 11 and positioned on the side opposite of hook support 19 and handle support 16 of housing 11. Support 36 is provided with a plurality of holes 37 adapted to admit adjustment pin 25 for securing chain adjustment panel 23 within support 36. In order to render additional flexibility, which is necessary due to varying diameters of column 21, holes 24 of chain adjustment panel 23 and holes 37 of support 36 make it possible for accommodating columns having different diameters and sectional configurations. Adjustment pin 25 is provided with a handle which in turn is secured to chain 26 extending from cylindrical housing 11.

Wedge holder 29 is provided with an outwardly extending panel 40 which includes hole 33 of substantially similiar diameter as hole 14 of adjustment screw 39. Bolt 28 is inserted into holes 33 and 14 for securing housing 11 and adjustment screw 39 to wedge holder 29. Slot 32 is provided within plate 40 and is adapted to admit hook 34 of holder insert 35 which is mounted into the wall of a building. For added security, wedge 30 is inserted into slot 32 and hook 34 of holder insert 35 thus providing direct communication between the wall of a building and column 21 of a scaffold. Wedge 30 is attached to wedge holder 2& by means of chain 31.

What we now claim is:

1. Scaffold holder comprising cylindrical housing having a threaded, hollow opening therein, an adjustable support having a threaded portion on one: end thereof and being adapted to longitudinally travel within said housing, the other end of said housing being provided with jaws for grasping and securing said housing to a column of the scaffold, handle and hook means secured to one side of said housing adjustable and pivotable chain support means attached to the other side, flexible chain secured to said chain support means and being adapted to be releasably attached to said hook means, a Wedge holder having an outwardly extended panel provided with a hole and a slot therein, a bolt for securing said wedge holder to said adjustable support by positioning said bolt through said holes of said holder and said support, a holder insert adapted to be mounted into the walls of a structure and having receiver means therein adapted to be aligned with said slot of said wedge holder, a wedge member adapted to be inserted through said receiver means and said slot thereby securing said scaffold to the wall by means of said wedge member, said adjustable support and said cylindrical housing, and said chain sup port means adapted to vary the length of said main chain for securing scaffold columns of various diameters and shapes to said jaws of said cylindrical housing.

2. Scaffold holder according to claim 1, wherein said handle and hook means include a pair of metallic supports extending outwardly from the wall of said cylindrical housing, an elongated adjustable handle secured to one of said supports, a hook having chain receiver means therein adjustably secured to another one of said supports, said hook being pivotably secured to said adjustable handle, said handle adapted to regulate longitudinal movements of said hook for varying the Working distance of said flexible chain.

3. Scaffold holder according to claim 1, wherein said chain support means include a support plate having a plurality of holes therein, an edge of said plate secured to the Wall of said cylindrical housing in a perpendicular relationship thereto and being positioned on the opposite side of said housing from said handle and hook support means, a chain adjustment panel having a plurality of holes therein, an adjustment pin flexibly secured to the wall of said housing, said pin adapted to secure one end of said adjustment panel with said support plate through said holes of said adjustment panel and said support plate, the other end of said adjustment panel being secured to said flexible chain for removably enclosing said column of said scaffold.

4. Scaffold holder according to claim 1 wherein said adjustable support being provided with a flattened portion thereof having a hole therein for admitting the bolt of said Wedge holder for securing said adjustable support to said wedge holder and said adjustable support being capable of varying the length of said scaflold holder by manually rotating said support within the threaded portion of said cylindrical housing.

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J. F. FOSS, Assistant Examiner.

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