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Publication numberUS3380080 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1968
Filing dateNov 22, 1965
Priority dateNov 22, 1965
Publication numberUS 3380080 A, US 3380080A, US-A-3380080, US3380080 A, US3380080A
InventorsFarrell Basil M
Original AssigneeMarilyn Derigo
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Foot bath
US 3380080 A
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April 1968 B. M. FARRELL 3,380,080

FOOT BATH Filed Nov. 22, 1965 WI/EA/mR BA 5/1. M FARRELL EDWARD D. OBR/AA/ A TrQRA/EY United States Patent 3,380,080 FOOT BATH Basil M. Farrell, Newport Beach, Caliii, assignor to Marilyn Derigo, Newport Beach, Calif. Filed Nov. 22, 1965, Ser. No. 509,134 6 Claims. (Cl. 4-182) This invention is directed to a foot bath and particularly to a foot bath which is conveniently portable, easily filled and emptied and useful so that it may be readily moved from one location to another and easily used.

The bathing of feet is a recognized therapeutic method of improving pediatric conditions. Calluses, bunions and corns are painful to the feet and their removal is enhanced by the employment of foot bathing. Furthermore, simple soaking of tired feet in warm Water has salutary elfect upon their well-being. Past foot bathing has been limited to permanently installed tubs and baths, except for those few occasions when a simple pan of water was used. In order to improve foot bathing conditions the foot bath of this invention has been provided.

Accordingly, it is an object of this invention to provide a foot bath which is of such size that it is suitable for bathing both feet at the same time.

It is another object of this invention to provide a foot bath which is portable so that it may conveniently be moved from one position to another for ease and convenience of use.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a foot bath which has electric heaters positioned therein so as to maintain at the proper temperature the water in the foot bath.

It is a still further object of this invention to provide a foot bath which has a circulating pump attached thereto which provides turbulent circulation of the water within the foot bath to thus therapeutically act on the feet being bathed.

It is another object of this invention to provide a foot bathing device which is easily filled and emptied.

Other objects and advantages of this invention will become apparent from a study of the following portion of this specification, the attached claims and the drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is an isometric view of the foot bath of this invention;

FIG. 2 is a bottom plan view thereof;

FIG. 3 is a left end elevational view thereof;

FIG. 4 is an enlarged detail of the floor structure within the foot bath; and

FIG. 5 is a schematic drawing of the electric circuit used in the foot bath.

As an aid to understanding this invention it can be stated in essentially summary form that it is directed to a foot bath. The foot bath comprises a receptacle. The receptacle is compartmented to define a storage area and to define a separate foot bathing area. The storage area has a suitable cover thereon. The foot bathing area is of sufiicient size so as to be able to accept two feet and is of such height as to permit a Water filling therein suflicient to reach to the ankles of the foot bather. Electric heaters are secured to the bottom of the foot bathing sections so as to warm, and maintain warm, the water therein. An electric motor driven water pump is connected to the foot bathing section and arranged so that it takes suction from the foot bathing section and discharges water to the foot bathing section. The water circulation is sufiicient to cause turbulence in the water in the foot bathing section. Furthermore, an auxiliary, flexible hose is connected to the discharge side of the pump. This hose is normally stored within the storage compartment, and can be used for the filling and emptying of the foot bath. Heaters are positioned against the bottom of the foot bath section.

These heaters are preferably thermostatically controlled so as to maintain proper water temperature within the foot bath. The entire structure is preferably mounted on casters or the like so as to make it easily transportable.

This invention will be understood in greater detail by reference to the following portion of this specification wherein the drawings are described. Referring now to the drawings, the foot bath of this invention is generally indicated at 10. The foot bath 10 comprises a vessel or receptacle 12 which has sides 14 and 16 and ends 18 and 20. The receptacle 12 also has a bottom 22. The sides, ends and bottom form an open top, water tight receptacle. Furthermore, dividing wall 24 divides the interior of receptacle 12 into storage compartment 26 and foot bathing compartment 28.

Secured to the bottom 22 of the foot bath 10, as is especially well seen in FIG. 2, are casters 30, 32, 34 and 36. The casters permit the foot bath 10 to be easily moved about on any level surface. Furthermore, the weight of the foot bath 10 is sufliciently light so that it may be picked up and carried, when it is empty of water. Also secured to the bottom 22 are electric heaters 38 and 40. These heaters are the electric resistance type, and are metal encased. The heaters are secured so that when the metal face rests directly against the bottom 22 so as to conduct heat into the water in foot bathing compartment 28. Accordingly, they are positioned underneath the foot bathing compartment 28.

Electric motor 42 is mechaniually connected to drive pump 44. Pump 44 has a suction line 46 which communicates to the bottom interior of foot bathing compartment 28 to thus draw Water therefrom. Pump discharge line 48 is connected from the outlet of pump 44 to the interior of foot bathing compartment 28. It discharges water from nozzle 50 which is slightly above the bottom 22 and directs water diagonally of compartment 28 parallel to the bottom thereof. Such discharge of water causes a great deal of turbulence in the water contained in foot bathing compartment 28, when the foot bathing compartment is filled about half full of water, which provides ankle depth water. Combined filling and drain line 52 is connected to discharge line 48 by means of T 54. Line 52 passes through the bottom 22 of storage compartment 26 and is connected to a flexible hose 56 which terminates in fitting 58.

Fitting 58 is of suitable nature to be connected to an ordinary faucet so that while the pump 44 is not running water enters compartment 28 by passing through hose 56, line 48 and nozzle 50 into the compartment. Such filling proceeds until the compartment 28 is about half full. Storage compartment 26 is provided with fitting 60 on its side wall. Fitting 58 is positionable upon fitting 60 so as to close the end of the hose 56. Fitting 60 is a blind, cap fitting. Thus, when filling is completed fitting 58 is installed on fitting 60, and the hose 56 is stored in compartment 26. Cover 62, which is hinged upon end 20, may be closed over the hose, if desired. When the pump 44 is operating, there is pressure in hose 56 but water does not discharge out of fitting 58 by reason of its closure by fitting 60. When it is desired to empty the foot bathing compartment 28 the hose 56 is removed from the storage compartment, fitting 58 is removed from fitting 60 and is placed in a suitable drain. Thereupon the pump 44 is started and the pres sure in line 48 resulting from pump discharge causes pumping of the water out of hose 56 into the drain.

The material of the receptacle 12 is preferably of such nature that it resists the heat of the heaters 38 and 40, is relatively light for ease of portability, is impact resistant and must necessarily be water-tight. Thus, a suitable material for the receptacle 12 is a fibenglas filled polymer composition material. The polymer composition material is preferably thermosetting, but may be thermoplastic providing the heater surface temperatures do not damage it. Catalyzed epoxy is an example of a suitable thermosetting material while polystyrene is an example of a suitable thermoplastic material, providing temperature limitations are observed. The material of the top 62 is preferably of relatively rigid material so that it may be used as a foot rest, when only one foot is being bathed. The cover 62 may be either metallic or non-metallic.

It can be seen from this construction that the discharge of water out of nozzle 50 due to the pumping action of pump 44 causes turbulence which has a salubrious effect upon the uncomfortable feet submerged in the water. This effect is aided by the heating of the water, and may further be aided by the addition of salts to the water. Sodium chloride and/or borax are often used for this purpose. However, in order to permit the circulation of the turbulent water below the bottom of the feet when they are submerged in the foot bath, the bottom 22, as is seen in FIG. 4, is provided with a plurality of raised support posts 64. These posts 64 have flat tops for comfortable foot support, and have a sufficient open space therebetween in height to permit circulation of water below the feet.

Referring now to FIG. 5, a schematic Wiring diagram of the electrical portions of the foot bath 10 are indicated therein. As is indicated therein, the heaters 38 and 40, as well as the motor 42 are connected on one side to common line 66. Similarly, the frames of heaters 38, 40 and motor 42 are connected together to ground line 68. Power line 70 is connected to switch 72 and thence by line 74 to motor 48. Line 54 is also connected to thermostat 76 which is connected to supply power in parallel by line 78 to heaters 38 and 40. Lines 66, 68 and 70 terminate in a male plug 80, see FIG. 3, to which a conventional extension cord can be attached. The extension cord can be stored in compartment 26 when not in use. Thermostat 76 is appropriately positioned to control the heater so as to maintain the temperature of the water in the bath between 95 and 110 F.

This invention having been described in its preferred embodiment, it is clear that it is susceptible to numerous modifications and changes without the exercise of the inventive faculty, and within the scope of this invention. Accordingly, the scope of this invention is defined by the scope of the following claims.

I claim:

1. A foot bath, said foot bath comprising:

a receptacle, said receptacle having sides, ends and a bottom to form a water-tight, open top receptacle,

a dividing wall extending from one of said sides to another of said sides and adjoining the bottom of said receptacle to divide said receptacle into a storage compartment and a foot bathing compartment; a pump secured to said receptacle, said pump having a suction and a discharge, said discharge being connected through a discharge conduit to a nozzle, said suction being positioned adjacent the bottom of said foot bathing compartment, said nozzle being directed into said foot bathing compartment above the bottom thereof, a filling and drain line connected to said discharge conduit, said filling and drain line extending into said storage compartment, a flexible hose connected to said filling and drain line, said flexible hose being storable within said storage compartment,

means in said storage compartment associated with said hose to close said hose when said hose is in said storage compartment; at least one heater associated with said receptacle, 9 said heater being adapted to heat water within said foot bathing compartment so that when water is placed in said foot bathing compartment it is turbulently circulated by said pump and is warmed by said heater. 2. The foot bath of claim 1 wherein said pump and said heater are electrically powered. 3. The foot bath of claim 2 wherein said heater is secured to said bottom of said foot bathing compartment. 4. The foot bath of claim 3 wherein casters are secured to said bottom of said receptacle so that said foot bath may be easily transported.

5. The foot bath of claim 1 wherein a fitting is secured within said storage compartment, said flexible hose being attachable to said fitting to close said flexible hose.

6. The foot bath of claim 5 wherein a cover is provided for said storage compartment.

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