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Publication numberUS3380631 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1968
Filing dateNov 10, 1966
Priority dateNov 16, 1965
Publication numberUS 3380631 A, US 3380631A, US-A-3380631, US3380631 A, US3380631A
InventorsPerrinjaquet Roger P
Original AssigneeSoprotec
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Self-defence apparatus
US 3380631 A
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April 0, 1968 R. P. PERRINJAQUET 3,380,631

SELF-DEFENCE APPARATUS Filed Nov. 10, 1966 INVENTOR Roger P. PERM/M4001." 7'


ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,380,631 SELF-DEFENCE APPARATUS Roger P. Pcrrinjaquet, Geneva, Switzerland, assiguor to Soprotec, Geneva, Switzerland Filed Nov. 10, 1966, $61. No. 593,485

Claims priority, application Switzerland, Nov. 16, 1965,

15,768/65 1 Claim. (63. 222-96) ABTRACT OF THE DISCLQSURE A self-defence apparatus consisting of: a rigid case, a flexible capsule containing an anti-individual product and having an aperture, the flexible capsule being located in the case, means permitting the exertion of pressure on the capsule from the outside of the case whereby the product contained within the capsule is projected through the aperture, an opcnin in the wall of the casa spring means for urging the capsule into a position in which its aperture of projection is applied on the wall of the case opposite the opening in the wall, and an obturator operable from the outside of the case and occupying on the one hand a position in which it is interposed between the capsule and the case for closing at the same time the opening of the capsule and the opening of the Wall of the case on the other hand an eclipsed position in which the openings are free, tne obturator serving as a locking member acting on the lever for locking it in its rest position when the obturator occupies its working position.

The present invention relates to a self-defence paratus.

This apparatus is characterized by the fact that it comprises a rigid case in which is located a flexible capsule provided with a nozzle, containing an anti-individual product, means for permtting the exertion of pressure on the capsule, from the outside of the case to produce the projection of the product contained within the capsule.

The drawing shows, by way of example, one embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a self-defence apparatus.

FIG. 2 is a sectional view thereof through its longitudinal median plane.

FIG. 3 is a sectional view along line lIl-Ill of FIG. 2.

FIG. 4 is a perspective view of a detail, and

FIG. 5 is a sectional view similar to FIG. 2, showing the apparatus during its operation.

The self-defence apparatus comprising a parallelipipedic case 1, made of plastic material, provided with a removable bottom 2 slidingly mounted thereon. This case encloses a bottle 3, made of flexible plastic material, containing an anti-individual liquid, as for instance a suffocating product.

The bottom 2 of the case 1 is provided with a bladespring 4 acting on the bottom of the bottle 3 for pressing its collet 3a toward the front face, designated by In, of the case 1. It is to be noted that the front face of the collet 3a is provided with a nozzle 14 for the atomization or" the liquid. This nozzle 14 is situated opposite an opening 5 provided in the face 1a of the case 1.

An obturator is constituted by a patch 6, made of compressible material such as rubber, engaged in a hole provided in a small plate 7 slidingly mounted on the face In of the case. This patch 6 closes, when the small plate is in the position shown in FIG. 2, at the same time the opening 5 and the nozzle of pulverisation of the bottle 3.

The small plate 7 is provided with a control knob S, which can be operated from the outside of case 1, which permits movement of the plate for bringing it in its eclipsed position, represented in FIG. 5, in which the nozzle 14 of the bottle 3 and the opening 5 are free.

The apparatus comprises moreover a control lever 9 located inside of case 1 and articulated on a transversal shaft 19. This lever 9 is submitted to the action of a return bladespring 11 which acts at the same time on the small plate 7 for producing a friction preventing unwanted movement.

The small plate 7 of the obturator is provided, at its rear extremity, with two lugs 7a which cooperate, when the small plate occupies its Working position with two embossments 9a of the lever 9, thus locking the lever 9 in its rest position, as represented in Fl. 2. On the contrary. when the small plate 7 is brought into it eclipsed position, the lever 9 becomes free.

A recess 12 is provided in the opposite large lateral faces, designated by 1b, of the Wall of the case, as well as in one of the small lateral faces thereof, designated by 10. This reces allows activation of lever 9 from the outside of the case the exertion thereon of a pressure directed along the arrow 13 of FIG. 5, in order to r0- tate it around its axis of articulation 10 in the clockwise direction. During this rotating movement a central rib 9b of the lever 9 exerts a pressure on the bottle 3, which is made of a flexible material, the pressure producing the expulsion of the product contained therein through the nozzle 14 fitted in its collet 3a and through the opening 5 of the case.

The present apparatus, the dimension of which is not larger as an ordinary pocket cigarette-lighter, and which can thus be easily put into a handbag or a pocket, permits assailed people to defend themselves rapidly and with efficiency against any assailant by projecting toward this latter the antiindividual liquid contained in the bottle 3. It is possible to produce several successive projections by exerting several successive pressures on the lever 9.

What I claim is:

1. In a self-defence apparatus, a rigid case, a flexible capsule provided with a projection aperture and containing an anti-individual product, said flexible capsule being located in said case, means for permitting the exertion of pressure on said capsule from the outside of said case whereby the product contained in said capsule is projected through the projection aperture, an opening in the wall of said case, a spring acting on said capsule for urging same into a position in which the projection aperture of said capsule is aligned with the opening in the wall of said case, and an obturator operative from the outside of said case between a non-Working position in which it is interposed between said capsule and case for simultaneously closing the projection aperture of said capsule and the opening in the wall of said case and a working position in which the openings are open, said obturator constituting a locking member for locking in a rest position when said obturator assumes the Working position.

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