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Publication numberUS3385011 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1968
Filing dateNov 10, 1966
Priority dateNov 10, 1966
Publication numberUS 3385011 A, US 3385011A, US-A-3385011, US3385011 A, US3385011A
InventorsSorrell Norwood L
Original AssigneeNorwood L. Sorrell
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Lift assembly for spacing ring
US 3385011 A
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May 28, 1968 N. L. SORRELL LIFT ASSEMBLY FOR SPACING RING 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Nov. 10, 1966 INVENTOR NORWQOD L. SORRELL BY Q 791a ATTORNEY May 28, 1968 N, 1.. SORRELL LIFT ASSEMBLY FOR SPACING RING 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed NOV. 10, 1966 INVENTOR NORWOOD L SORRELL BY 772cm ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,385,011 LIFT ASSEMBLY FOR SPACING RING Norwood L. Sorrell, Benson, N.C. 27504 Filed Nov. 10, 1966, Ser. No. 593,572 2 Claims. (CI. 52-19) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A lift assembly for raising and lowering of an annular object closely fitted within an opening, the assembly including a multi-point frame contacting the object at spaced locations and a cross bar with jacks for raising and lowering the bar to avoid canting or tilting of the object.

The present invention relates to a lift assembly used wherever it is necessary to vertically displace an object with minimization or elimination of canting or tilting of the object during such displacement. This new and novel apparatus finds particular utility and is of special applicability to the raising of portions of manholes and like covering assemblies of the type disclosed in United States patent application Ser. No. 498,544, filed Oct. 20, 1965, now United States Patent No. 3,331,295. This invention further includes a modification of the apparatus shown, described and claimed in said prior application desirable in the adaptation of the cover to use with the apparatus of the present disclosure.

Without limitation as to structure, this invention is directed to the combination of an article to be vertically lifted without tilting and a lift assembly therefor. This lift assembly comprising lifting jack means, a longitudinal element extended over the object, a frame engageable with the object, and flexible connection means between the frame and the horizontal element.

In the patented arrangement referred to above, a height adjustment cover assembly is provided in which a first, stationary wall structure is imbedded in a paving structure and a removable lid support wall for a sewer top or the like is telescopically mounted Within the stationary wall. To increase the lid height with respect to the substructure, the lid support wall is removed and a spacing ring is positioned in the stationary wall. The lid support wall is thereafter replaced, being supported on and spaced upwardly by the ring to a newly selected height. These components are normally formed of cast iron or similar heavy metals, and are therefore of considerable Weight; further, the tolerance between the telescoped elements is quite close. In view of these factors, it is necessary that mechanical lift means ensuring stability of operation and rather precise rectilinear movement be employed. The present invention provides a means for achievement of these objectives, that is, for the lifting of the heavy telescoped object, holding of the same in safe fashion and lowering of the object, the raising and lowering being in a straight vertical path of travel.

Another objective of the invention resides in the provision of a lift frame for an annular object which interengages the object in such manner as to effectively preclude inadvertent disengagement of the frame from the object while maintaining stability of movement.

A still further object concerns the manufacture of the frame from readily available components whereby it is of minimum expense to manufacture and sell.

Yet another objective is to provide a frame and support wall as aforesaid wherein non-complex modification of existing walls adapts the same for use with the frame.

Other and further objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon consideration of the following specification, when read in conjunction with the annexed drawings, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a disassembled perspective view, partially in cross section, showing certain components of this invention;

FIGURE 2 is an enlarged bottom plan view of a lid support wall hereof;

FIGURE 3 is a sectional view of a cover assembly and lift means constructed and assembled in accordance with the teachings of this invention;

FIGURE 4 is an enlarged top plan view taken substantially on the line 44 of FIGURE 3, looking in the direction of the arrows; and

FIGURE 5 is a further enlarged, detail sectional view taken on the section line 55 of FIGURE 4, looking in the direction of the arrows.

In FIGURES l and 3, the general environment wherein the invention finds particular utility is shown by way of example only. The environment is that of an aggregate paving sub-structure having a top surface 12 and having a sewer opening casing 14 underlying an access opening 16 therefor. As shown and described in the aforesaid patent, an imbedded wall 18 is permanently mounted on the top of the casing 14 in registry with the opening 16, and the wall 18 includes an inward flange 20 providing a ring seat as appears more fully below. The wall 18 includes an inner surface 22 referenced for referral hereinafter.

Seated on the flange 20 is an annular spacing ring 24. These rings are supplied in changeable sizes to permit variance in the final height of the assembly. In FIGURES 3 and 5, a ring is used with an initial pavement application which ring can subsequently be removed as the pavement settles to compensate for the settlement and conveniently and correctly set the height of the structure with respect thereto. As subsequent layers of paving are added, rings 24 of greater height are inserted.

A lid support wall 26 is provided and has an outer surface 28 dimensioned for slidable, telescopic engagement within the imbedded wall, the surface 28 hearing against the inner surface 22 of the latter. At a location intermediate its ends, the lid support wall has an inward ledge 30 with a sloping lower wall 32 and a top wall 34 serving as a seat for the cover C. Diametrically opposing pairs of slots 36 are formed in the ledge, as best seen in FIGURE 2. These slots are spaced from one another and are arranged such that they describe a space which is more than one half the total area encompassed by the ring. Preferably, the distance between each adjacent slot of each pair equals one half the diameter of the wall, but this is a variable factor not necessary to satisfactory operation.

The lift frame 38 comprises a pair of flat, substantially parallel side elements 40 and 42 each having end extensions 44, and being connected 'by cross pieces 46 welded or otherwise fixedly secured thereto. As seen in FIGURE 4, the spacing and length of the side elements is such that the end extensions 44 thereof fit within the slots 36 upon suitable manipulation for alignment. An inverted U-shaped securing member 48 is secured centrally on each of the cross pieces 46 and flexible connection means such as chains 50 are connected thereto. The distal ends of the chains 50 are joined to a ring 52 forming a part of a swivel assembly 54.

A pair of jack elements 56 is provided, and one each of the jacks is located on opposite sides of the opening 16. Extensible and retractable arms 58 are provided on each of the jacks, and the arms terminate at their outer ends in support rings 60. The jacks 56 may be hydraulically or mechanically actuated, and if hydraulic, include input and output lines 62.

As seen best in FIGURE 3, an elongated, rigid, cylindrical bar 64 extends through the elements 60 and is of a length such that it extends at its ends at least beyond the diametrically opposed sides of the opening 16. The bar 64 passes through a top ring element 66 of the swivel 54.

In operation, when it is desired to raise the lid support wall 26, the lift frame 38 is lowered into the opening and tilted for entry beneath the ledge 30. The frame is then manipulated to a position wherein the end extensions 44 of the side elements 42 are aligned with the slots 36 and the device is then raised to bring these elements into inter-engagement. The jacks are then actuated causing straight linear movement of the device outwardly where it is held during suitable removal or replacement of the ring 24. The action of the jacks is then reversed causing the lid support wall to 'be directed to its desired position.

Having described and illustrated an embodiment of this invention in some detail, it will be understood that this description and illustration have been offered only by way of example, and that the invention is to be limited in scope only by the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. The combination, with a covering structure for a masonry opening, the masonry having a basic substructure, an imbedded wall in said sub-structure, and a height adjustment lid support wall remova bly mounted in said imbedded wall, of a lift assembly for the lid support wall, comprising:

an elongated, rigid bar having opposite ends and being of a length to at least extend at its ends beyond diametrically opposed ends of the opening;

lift jack means supported on the sub-structure on opposing sides of the opening, the jack means engaging the ends of the bar;

a swivel mounted on the bar intermediate its ends and adapted for positioning at substantially the center of 3d the lid support wall having slots formed therein at at least four locations to receive the support extensions of the side elements; and

flexible connectors extending between the cross pieces and ring of the swivel to connect the lift frame to the bar for rectilinear, vertical movement therewith.

2. The combination, with an object to be moved vertically in a straight path of travel, the object having lift engagement means, of a lift assembly comprising:

elongated bar means, the 'bar means having opposite ends and being of a length from end-to-end at least greater than the distance from side-to-side of the object to be moved;

lift means engaging the ends of the bar means and disposed on opposite sides of the object;

a frame comprising spaced, substantially parallel side elements and connecting cross pieces, the side elements having engagement extensions thereon engaged with the engagement means of the object to be moved; and

connection means securing the frame to the bar means in a symmetrical relation thereto.

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CHARLES G. MUELLER, Assistant Examiner.

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