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Publication numberUS3388246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1968
Filing dateFeb 20, 1967
Priority dateFeb 20, 1967
Publication numberUS 3388246 A, US 3388246A, US-A-3388246, US3388246 A, US3388246A
InventorsArthur Bailey Frederick
Original AssigneeRotaflex Ltd
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Lighting fixture
US 3388246 A
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June 11, 1968 I Y 3,388,246

LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed Feb. 20, 1967 INVENTOR. FREDERICK A. BAILEY A Home! United States Patent 3,388,246 LIGHTING FIXTURE Frederick Arthur Bailey, Port Credit, Ontario, Canada,

assignor to Rotaflex of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Filed Feb. 20, 1967, Ser. No. 617,221 2 Claims. (Cl. 24044.2)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A lighting fixture formed of a housing within which is a flanged reflector. A bifurcated member has a hooked end secured to the flange, the other end being secured to the housing. The position of a lamp holder in the reflector is adjustable because it is attached to a rod slidably supported in the bifurcated member.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION (1) Field of the invention This invention relates to a lighting fixture and has particular relation to a table lighting fixture in which the position of the lamp is adjustable to provide either a spot light or a diffused glow.

(2) Description 0 the prior art Table lighting fixtures in which the position of the lamp may be adjusted with respect to the reflector are known but to applicants knowledge the arrangements to provide such adjustment present difiiculty in assembly and the cost of the lighting fixture is raised to a point Where the price outweighs the advantage of incorporating this feature as compared with a standard lighting fixture.

It is an object of the invention to provide a lighting fixture having a cheap and easy to assemble arrangement for adjusting the position of the lamp in relation to the reflector.

Summary The lighting fixture of the invention consists of a housing having an enlarged portion open at one end which is connected to a reduced portion. A reflector is located in the enlarged portion of the housing, the reflector having a flange to which is attached the hooked end of a member, the other end of which is secured in the reduced portion of the housing thereby maintaining the reflector against the reducedportion of the housing. It is a further feature of the invention that the member is bifurcated and it carries a slidable rod which rod carries a lamp holder in the reduced portion, a stop being provided on the rod exterior of the housing which limits its travel.

Brief description of the drawing The invention will now be described in relation to the accompanying drawing which is a perspective view of a preferred embodiment, the view having part cut away to more clearly illustrate its operation.

Description of the preferred embodiment The lighting fixture, generally denoted by the numeral is supported on a conventional base 12 which has diametrically opposed holes 14 to permit securement of the fixture 10 to a support such as a table.

The lighting fixture 10 is carried on an angle bracket 16 with respect to the base 12 having an outwardly extending arm 18 and an upwardly extending integral arm 20; to provide for movement of the fixture 10 in a circular plane normal to the base 12, the free end of the arm 18 of the angle bracket 16 is traversed by centrally located hollow screw 22 and threaded in the base 12. A washer 24 spaces the upper surface of the base 12 from the arm 18 and lock nuts, not shown, secure the screw 22 to the underside of the base. 12 A dimple 26 is provided on the underside of the arm 18 and rotation of the bracket 16 on the hollow screw 22 is limited by contact of the dimple 26 with a protuberance 28 provided on the upper surface of the base 12. The hollow screw 22 is traversed by a flex 30 which connects with the lighting fixture 10.

The free end of the upwardly extending arm 20 of the bracket 16 has an upwardly extending threaded stud 32 which is secured to the arm 20 by means such as spot welding.

The lighting fixture 10 is comprised of an outer chassis 34 and an attached inner chassis 36.

The outer chassis 34 has a first hollow cylindrical portion 38 closed at one end by a wall 40. The cylindrical portion 38 is supported on the threaded stud 32 so that the lighting fixture 10 may be rotated in a plane normal to the base 12. The end of the stud 32 extending into the interior of cylindrical portion 38 covers a self locking nut, not shown.

The end wall 40 has a number of apertures 44 which provide for dissipation of heat during use of the lighting fixture 10. The end wall 46 also has an outwardly and inwardly extending open-ended hollow boss 46, the inward part having a thread on its surface. A knurled head screw 48 is carried by the outward part of the hollow boss 46.

The inner chassis 36 has an apertured flange 50 which surrounds the inward threaded part of the boss 46, the flange 50 being secured thereto by a nut 52. The integral remainder of the inner chassis forms a bifurcated member 54 normal to the flange 50, which extends away mm the end wall in spaced substantially parallel relationship to the inner surface of the cylindrical portion 38 of the outer chassis 34. The bifurcated arm 54 is outwardly turned at its free ends to provide hooks 56.

The outer chassis 34 has a second open ended cylindrical portion 58 which is integral with the first portion 38. A reflector 60 is located in the second portion 58. The reflector 60 is formed of a larger diameter bowl shaped section 62 integral with a smaller diameter similarly shaped section 64 which merges into a stern 66 having a diameter slightly smaller than the interior diameter of the first cylindrical portion 38 of the outer chassis 34 being located therein. The stem 66 has an inwardly depending flange 68 which is engaged by the hooks 56 of the bifurcated member 54. The length of the latter is such that when it is secured to the inward part of the boss 46 by means of the nut 52, the interengagement of the hooks 56 on the flange 68 bears the smaller bowl shaped section 64 against the edge formed by the junction of the first cylindrical portion 38 with the second cylindrical portion 58 of the outer chassis 34. As a result the reflector 60 is firmly secured in position.

A standard lamp holder 70 is contained in the first cylindrical portion 38 and inward of the second inner chassis 36. The lamp holder 70 has a metal base 72 with a centrally disposed outwardly extending boss 74 which is internally threaded. An arm '76 is secured normally to the boss 74. One end of a rod 78 is threaded into the boss 74 and the rod 78 slidably extends through the hollow boss 46 in the end wall 40 of the outer chassis 34. The selected position of the rod 78 and thereby the lamp holder 70 is secured by tightening the knurled head screw 48. The arm 76 rides in the channel of the bifurcated member 54.

The forward travel of the lampholder 70 away from the wall 40 to give a diffused glow is limited by a stop provided by a sleeve 80 screwed onto the protruding end of the rod 78. The rearward travel of the lamp holder 70 to give a spot light is limited by contact of the arm 76 with the junction of the bifurcated member 54.

While certain embodiments have been illustrated and described for the purpose of disclosure, it will be understood that the invention is not limited thereto, but contemplates such modifications and other embodiments as may be utilized without departing from the invention.

I claim:

1. A lighting fixture comprising a housing having an enlarged portion open at one end, and connected to a reduced portion; a reflector located in said enlarged portion of said housing; said reflector having a flange removed from said open end of said housing; a bifurcated member secured to the other end of said housing, said member having hooks at its free end engaging said flange to maintain said refiector against the said reduced portion of said housing; the reduced portion of said housing 15 ing with said second bowl section and having a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of said reduced portion of said housing, and having said flange at the end of said stem removed from said first bowl section.

2. The lighting fixture of claim 1 wherein said means for limiting travel of said rod comprises a stop fixed to said rod exterior of said end wall, and an arm on said rod adapted to ride in said bifurcated member and to engage the junction thereof.

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NORTON ANSHER, Primary Examiner.

M. H. HAYES, Assistant Examiner.

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