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Publication numberUS3392844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1968
Filing dateAug 11, 1965
Priority dateAug 11, 1965
Publication numberUS 3392844 A, US 3392844A, US-A-3392844, US3392844 A, US3392844A
InventorsDecarie Alexander N
Original AssigneeAlexander N. Decarie
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Adjustable roof drain guard
US 3392844 A
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July 16, 1968 A. N. DECARIE 3,392,844

ADJUSTABLE ROOF DRAIN GUARD Filed Aug. 11, 1965 llllllllllllllllll -0 /0 /0 FIG. 4 FIG. 5 H6 6 INVENTOR Alexander N. DECARIE ATTORNEY? United States Patent Oflice 3,392,844 Patented July 16, 1968 3,392,844 ADJUSTABLE ROOF DRAIN GUARD Alexander N. Decarie, 576 Walpole Ave.,

Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada Filed Aug. 11, 1965, Ser. No. 478,909 Claims. (Cl. 210-463) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A drain guard normally used on roof drains to prevent grit from entering the drain. The drain guard has an adjustable attachment means to fit drain openings of various sizes.

The present invention relates to drain guards and particularly to drain guards for use in combination with root drain pipes and the like.

In common practice conventional drain guards are purchased in predetermined sizes, and, since roof drain pipes are of varying sizes and shapes, it sometimes occurs that a drain pipe guard does not fit properly on a given drain ipe.

P An aim of the present invention is to provide a drain guard having means for adjustably engaging roof drain guards of varying dimensions which are likely to be encountered. It is a further object of the present invention to provide a drain guard which is adapted to engage both drain pipes having vertical inner walls and drain pipes having tapered walls.

A drain guard construction in accordance with the present invention suitable for engagement with a drain pipe comprises a porous cover portion and a peripheral base portion; guide means extending between opposed points on the base portion; drain pipe attachment means comprising at least two drain pipe abutting members mounted on the guide means for abutting and securing substan tially opposed wall portions of the drain pipe; and at least one of said abutting means being adjustably mounted for sliding movement on said guide means, whereby the abutting member can be adjusted to the dimensions of different drain pipes.

Having thus generally described the nature of the invention, it will now be referred to in greater detail by reference to the accompanying drawings illustrating preferred embodiments of the invention, and in which:

FIGURE 1 is a vertical cross section taken diametrically across the drain guard and illustrating two different types of abutting means;

FIGURE 2 is a top plan view of the base portion of the drain guard shown in FIGURE 1;

FIGURE 3 is a vertical cross section taken along line 3--3 in FIGURE 2;

FIGURE 4 is a side view of a detail of FIGURE 3;

FIGURE 5 is a side view of another detail of FIG- URE 3; and

FIGURE 6 is an end view of the detail shown in FIGURE 5.

Referring now to the drawings, and specifically to FIG- URES 1 and 2, the drain guard is shown including a dome-shaped, slotted cover 1 secured to a base 2. In FIG- URE l, the drain pipe wall is generally designated by the numeral 19.

The cover 1 includes lugs 11 extending outwardly from the edge thereof. The base 2 includes similar lugs 11 coincident with the lugs 11 on the cover land are secured together by bolts 21.

The base 2 includes an annular ring member 16 with a series of axially extending teeth 15. Three radially extending guide arms 3 extend from the center of, and in the sameplane as, the annular ring 16 and divide the base into three equal sectors. Each arm 3 defines a radially extending slot 12 as seen in FIGURE 2.

A downwardly extending L-shaped leg 4 can be provided in each slot 12 and can be adjusted radially. A securing screw 20 is provided to secure the leg 4 to the arm 3, once a radial position has been selected.

Another embodiment of the abutting means which can be used is shown in FIGURES l, 3 and 4. The shank portion of leg 5 is angled as shown in FIGURE 4. The leg 5 also includes a head portion 7 which defines an aperture 14 and an arcuate slot 8 spaced from aperture 14. The center of curvature of the arcuate slot 8 coincides with the aperture 14. A clamp 6 is also provided, which cooperates with the leg 5. The clamp 6 comprises a portion having an angular channel with one wall of the channel extending at right angles to form a flange of semi-circular outline. The flange also defines a concentric slot 9. A pivot lug 10 extends centrally from the other wall of the channel.

In operation, the channel portion of the clamp 6 fits on one side of the guide arm 3. The leg 5 extends downwardly through the slot 12 and an adjusting nut and bolt 22 extend through the aperture 14 of leg 5 and the slot 9 of the clamp 6. The clamp 6 extends through the arcuate slot 8 in the leg 5. Pivot lug 7 on the leg 5 bears on the guide arm 3.

Operation When it is required to use the drain guard on a drain pipe having straight vertical side walls 19, for instance, the abutting legs 4 can be used. In this case, the cover 1 and base 2 which are secured together are placed over the drain pipe until the teeth 15 bear on the roof 18.

The three legs 4 in slots 12 are then slid outwardly until they abut the walls 19. Then the screws 20 are tightened.

In the case of a drain pipe where the walls are bevelled (not shown), the legs 5 are more suitable. These legs 5 are first pivotally adjusted in a vertical plane until the angled shank of the leg 5 is at the same angle as the bevelled wall. Then the nut and bolt 22 are slightly tightened to secure the leg 5 in that angled relation to the clamp 6. Then the three clamps 6 are slit on the arms 3 to the desired diameter and the nut and bolt 22 are finally tightened so that the members bear securely on the arm 3.

I claim:

1. An adjustable roof drain guard suitable for connection to a roof drain hopper, the drain guard comprising a porous cover portion and a peripheral base portion extending along the edge of the cover portion; guide means extending between opposed points on the base portion and adapted to sit on the hopper; hopper attachment means comprising at least two hopper abutting members mounted on the guide means for securely engaging substantially opposed wall portions of the hopper, at least one of said abutting means being adjustably mounted for sliding movement on said guide means whereby the abutting member can be adjusted to varying hopper dimensions.

2. An adjustable drain guard as defined in claim 1 wherein the cover portion is dome shaped and the base portion is annular and the guide means include elongated members extending radially inwardly from said annular base member.

3. An adjustable drain guard as defined in claim 2 wherein the guide members define elongated radially extending slots, and the adjustable hopper abutting member is mounted for adjustable sliding movement in one of the guide slots.

4. An adjustable drain guard as defined in claim 3 wherein the hopper abutting member includes an angled drop leg, a clamp member adapted to slide adjustably on the guide member, the drop leg being adjustably pivoted to the clamp member through said guide slot.

5. An adjustable drain guard as defined in claim 3 wherein there are three radially extending guide members each defining a guide slot, and there is an adjustable hopper abutting member slidingly mounted in each guide slot for abutting the inner wall of the drain hopper, thereby retaining the porous drain guard to the hopper.

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U.S. Classification210/463, 4/292
International ClassificationE04D13/04
Cooperative ClassificationE04D2013/0413, E04D13/0409
European ClassificationE04D13/04B20
Legal Events
Dec 2, 1980AS02Assignment of assignor's interest
Effective date: 19801125