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Publication numberUS3394703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1968
Filing dateMar 3, 1966
Priority dateMar 3, 1966
Publication numberUS 3394703 A, US 3394703A, US-A-3394703, US3394703 A, US3394703A
InventorsOrgel Leo J
Original AssigneeLeo J. Orgel
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Penis applicator for incontinence purposes
US 3394703 A
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ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,394,703 PENIS APPLICATOR FOR INCONTHNENCE PURPOSES Leo J. Orgel, 724 W. 73rd St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90044 Filed Mar. 3, 1966, Ser. No. 531,479 6 Claims. (Cl. 128-295) This invention relates to and has as its primary object the provision of a practical attachment for application to the head of the male sexual organ for the purpose of directing to a point of discharge liquid uncontrollably leaking from the bladder; the device being serviceable in the case of persons afllicted with disorders of the urinary system involving incontinence or loss of control of the discharge of urine from the bladder, as well as in disorders wherein other liquids are uncontrollably delivered from the mouth of the urinary canal.

This invention as well as others that have been devised for the same purpose involves an applicator comprising a cap or sleeve adapted to be worn on the person in overlying relation to the outlet of the urinary canal so as to direct liquids discharged therefrom into a conduit usually leading to a closed container worn on the person, so as to prevent such liquids from coming in contact with and fouling the person or his clothing. Heretofore, such devices comprise structures that are bulky, uncomfortable to wear, sometimes irritating, occasionally leakable, and therefore objectionable.

An object of the present invention is to provide an applicator which may be readily applied, which may be Worn with little likelihood of causing irritation or inflammation, and which embodies an arrangement of sealing elements designed to insure the delivery of all such liquids as are discharged from the urethra, while the applicator is being worn, directly into a discharge conduit without coming in contact with the person, thus obviating the annoyance and inconvenience of dampness of the person or clothing due to leakage of urine as well as the disagreeable odors resulting therefrom.

Another object is to provide an appliance of the above character which may be worn with comfort and which is not liable to be accidently displaced by movements and positions of the body.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. v1 is a perspective view of the appliance preliminary to its application;

FIG. 2 is a view in section taken approximately on the line 22 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the detached applicator as seen from the front end and upper side thereof;

FIG. 4 is an enlarged view in longitudinal section of the applicator depicting the sealing elements thereof;

FIG. 5 is a rear end view of the applicator as seen in the direction indicated by the arrow 5 in FIG. 4;

FIG. 6 is a view in cross section taken on the line 66 of FIG. 4, showing the applicator as applied; and

FIG. 7 is a detail in elevation as indicated by the arrow 7 in FIG. 4.

In the drawings A indicates generally the applicator which comprises a thin tapered elastic sleeve snugly conformable to the head portion of the penis to which it is to be appiled and embodying at its larger inner end an annular collar 8 conformable to the portion of the neck of the penis adjacent the head thereof.

The applicator also embodies at its reduced outer end a unitary nipple 9 having snug detachable telescopic engagement with an end of a flexible tube 10 leading to any suitable point of discharge such as a closed container B carried on the person in any suitable manner, as by being strapped to the leg of the person or fastened to the persons clothing as is common in applicances of this character. The container B is equipped with a drainage outlet C fitted with a removable closure D whereby it may be emptied when occasion requires.

The nipple 9 affords a separable communication between the tube 10 and the interior of the applicator through an aperture 11 in the outer end of the latter, which aperture is arranged to directly overlie and register with the outlet of the urethra with the end wall of the applicator surrounding the aperture 11 closely abutting the tip of the penis around the urethra outlet. As a means for insuring a tight leak-proof seal between the outer end of the applicator and the adjacent surface of the penis surrounding the urethra outlet, the inner surface of the outer end of the applicator is provided with a yieldable annular rib 12 surrounding and proximating the aperture 11 whereby when the sleeve is in place, such rib will snugly abut the tip of the penis in leak-proof contact therewith around the outlet of the urethra.

The inner end of the applicator comprises a wall 13 which is inturned from the enlarged end of the tapered side wall 14 and intersects with the inner end of the collar 8 which wall 13 is inturned on a curvature conforming the corona constituting the inner marginal portion of the head of the penis against which said end wall 13 is designed to snugly abut. Projecting from the margin formed at the intersection of the end wall 13 and collar 8 and protruding inwardly therefrom is a continuous narrow cushioned rib 15 which projects axially of the applicator to abut the ridge of the penis when the applicator is applied, to afford a seal to prevent the escape from the applicator of such liquid as may leak past the rib 12.

The applicator A is formed throughout of rubber, neoprene or other suitable material, with the walls of the structure quite thin and highly flexible, pliable, resilient and elastic throughout and with the side wall 14 snugly and closely conformable to the contour of the head of the penis to which it is applied, as shown in FIG. 6, so as to minimize and tend to eliminate discomfort or irritation when worn. The walls of the applicator are imperforate and moisture resistant throughout.

As a means for anchoring the applicator against shifting circumferentially when worn, the side wall 14 is formed with an internal longitudinally extending rib 16 comprising the walls of a channel 17 formed in the side wall 14 as particularly shown in FIG. 5; the inner surface of the channel wall being contoured and arranged to extend into and to conform to the frenulum consisting of an open ended recess a extending longitudinally of the underside of the penis b to which the applicator A is applied; the rib 16 having a wall thickness exceeding that of the side wall 14 whereby such rib constitutes a cushioned projection on the interior of the applicator extending longitudinally thereof which will effect key engagement with the penis with intimate yielding seated contact therewith to prevent seepage of liquid from the urinary canal 0 into and along the frenulum into the interior of the applicator.

In some instances the applicator may be applied and worn as above described, being self supporting because of its snug fit, but in cases where a supplemental means of support is deemed advisable, the harness structure A shown in FIG. 1 is preferably employed.

The structure A is here shown as embodying an elastic belt E adapted to be worn around the waist of a person. On the front portion of the belt is mounted a dependent flexible panel F formed of any soft pliable material, such as a fabric, which panel is disposed to overlie the pelvis of the wearer and has an opening G therein arranged opposite the penis and through which the latter may be passed. A pair of elastic leg straps HH are attached to the lower corners of the panel F having their outer ends attached to the rear portion of the belt, which straps are extended through the wearers crotch and serve to hold the panel F snugly against the pelvis in the manner common in jock straps.

A feature of the invention is the provision of a connection J attached to the panel F and leading therefrom to the applicator A and attached to the latter whereby the latter may be supported and held in place. The connection I preferably comprises an elastic cylindrical tube one end of which is fixedly attached to the panel F along the margin thereof surrounding the opening G and the othen end of which encompasses and is affixed to the collar 8 on the applicator A.

For the sake of lightness in weight, flexibility and ventilation, the wall of the connection I is porous, being here shown as comprising a lattice-work arrangement of narrow elastic rubber strands d which are vulcanized in fixed engagement with the collar 8.

In the operation of the invention where the applicator A is mounted on a connection I and carried on a harness A as shown in FIG. 1, the harness is applied to a person with the belt E encircling the waist and with the panel F overlying the pelvis and with the straps H-H extending through the crotch in the manner common to jock straps. The penis is inserted in and through the tubular connection I and the applicator A drawn over the head of the penis, glove fashion, with the rib 16 sliding longitudinally in the frenulum or recess a on the underside of the penis; the applicator being ultimately positioned with the elastic side-wall 14 thereof conforming to the surface of the head of the penis in snug superficial contact therewith, and with the tip of the penis abutting the cushioned rib 12 and with the outlet c of the urethra disposed opposite the discharge aperture 11. The inner end wall 13 of the applicator will then overlie the corona of the penis with the cushioned rib 15 closely abutting the latter and acting in conjunction with the rib 16, with the outer end of which the rib 15 unites, as shown in FIG. 7, to seal the inner end of the applicator against the discharge therefrom of such liquid as might leak past the rib 12. The elastic collar 8 closely contacts the neck of the penis adjacent the ridge thereof and further serves to insure against discharge of liquid from the inner end of the applicator.

In some instances the use of the harness A, or any other holding means, may be dispensed with, since snug fit of the applicator on the head of the penis is ordinarily sufficient to retain the applicator in place.

On the applicator being applied, the discharge tube 9 thereof is telescopically engaged with tube 10 leading to the container B or other suitable point of discharge.

Because of the snug fit of the applied elastic moisture resistant applicator and the arrangement of the sealing elements 1245-16 in close contact with the penis together with the location of the drainage aperture 11 directly opposite the urethra outlet c, all liquid passing from the outlet 0 will be directed to discharge without moistening the surface of the penis or wetting the wearers clothing. The annoyance, inconvenience and offensive odors occasioned by uncontrolled seepage of urine or other liquids from the urethra is obviated by employment of the herein described appliance, and by reason of the construction of the applicator A set forth, it may be worn without discomfort and because of the applicator being held in place against shifting it may be worn without likelihood of causing irriation of the flesh with which it is in contact.

I claim:

1. In a penis applicator, a tapered elastic sleeve closely conformable to the head of a penis in intimate contact therewith throughout, said sleeve having a discharge aperture in its reduced end disposed to overlie the outlet of the urinary canal, an annular resilient sealing element embodied in the inner side of the reduced end of said sleeve encircling said aperture in proximity thereto, an inturned marginal wall on the enlarged end of said sleeve arranged in close abutting relation to the corona constituting the inner end of the head of the penis to which the applicator is applied, and an elastic annular collar projecting outwardly from the inner margin of said inturned wall for encircling the neck of the penis in close contact therewith throughout the perimeter thereof contiguous the corona, the wall of said applicator being imperforate and moisture resistant throughout.

2. The structure called for in claim 1 tog-ether with an annular cushion element on the inner face of said inturned end wall at its juncture with said collar affording sealing contact with the corona.

3. The structure called for in claim 1 together with a cushioned rib extending longitudinally of the interior of said sleeve formed and arranged to extend into and snugly conform to the walls of the frenulum on the underside of the penis head, said rib leading from said inturned end wall.

4. The structure called for in claim 2 together with a cushioned rib extending longitudinally of the interior of said sleeve formed and arranged to extend into and snugly conform to the walls of the frenulum on the underside of the penis head, said rib leading from said inturned end wall.

5. The structure called for in claim 1 together with an elastic penis encompassing element ailixed to said collar and leading therefrom, and a body engaging harness to which said element is attached.

6. The structure called for in claim 5 in which said penis encompassing element comprises a tube the wall of which consists of an open net-work of elastic strands.

References Cited FOREIGN PATENTS 5/1930 Switzerland. 6/1936 Austria.

CHARLES F. ROSENBAUM, Primary Examiner.

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