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Publication numberUS3394795 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1968
Filing dateJun 22, 1967
Priority dateJun 22, 1967
Publication numberUS 3394795 A, US 3394795A, US-A-3394795, US3394795 A, US3394795A
InventorsBernard Thomas Robert
Original AssigneeBernard Thomas Robert
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Detachable card for folders of the match-book type
US 3394795 A
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y 30, 1968 R. B. THOMAS 3,394,795

DETACHABLE CARD FOR FOLDERS OF THE MATCH-BOOK TYPE Filed June 22, 1967 JOHN DOE '23 IWI'NUE 5T. ae-sum snsx. 555-1117 I JOHN D05 18'' Q, 5, REemn snsk. 555-7777 lwtflwk ROBERT ERNAR) THOMAS ni dstaw 9 ,79 DETACHABLE 1) FOR FQL 7 1 H- O KIYPE 5 Regina,- Saskatchewan, C nada Filedalune' 22,1961,- 'Ser. No.'648,107"-'= ABSTRACT-0F, DISCLOSURE The device is basically for match-book folders or similar folders for'article's such as golf tees anddhelikef "It comprises a card secured by a lineof weakness-,tqthe base of the folder and overlying the cover. Said card is easily detached for retention purposes thus leaving the folder for use with an intact cover.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in cards for folder-type dispensers.

Although the detachable card is designed primarily for use with folders of book matches, nevertheless it will be appreciated that it can be used for similar :folders which include for dispensing purposes, such items as golf tees or the like, and should be clearly understood that the claims of this patent are not limited to use with book matches.

Match books are used as nominal gifts for repeatedly exposed advertising purposes :and it is usual to give information on such book matches relative to the person or company advertising the wares.

Unfortunately, the average user disposes of the book match cover as soon as it is exhausted so that the persons name or advertising message is not retained beyond the using of the contents.

The present invention contemplates a detachable card overlying the cover of the match book, said card being readily detached along a line of weakness for retention by the user thus leaving the book matches or similar articles for use by the user without the card interfering with the operation of opening and closing the cover and dispensing of the articles therein.

This invention overcomes the disadvantages inherent with the advertising message being on the cover of the matches as this cover is often detached before the matches are used thus exposing a hazard as it is well known that the cover should be closed before the matches are used.

The present device combines the desirable features of the two component parts, namely the match book or other article dispensing folder and the business card or advertising card which can be personalized and which is retainable for future reference.

The invention is adaptable to a standard size fortystick match book so that production would require relatively little modification of existing machinery.

The preferred embodiment is of one-piece construction thus facilitating the printing and of course it will be appreciated that the card portion can be utilized for purposes other than personal business card identification.

Examples of other uses are business reply cards requesting information, lists of products, services, addresses, telephone numbers and the like, product specifications, sports, transportation or entertainment schedules, and any other useful information.

The removal of the card leaves a complete match book or article dispensing book with cover intact and the placement of the card is such that it encourages its being detached thus reducing the possibility of it being discarded v with the empty folder.

With the foregoing in view, and such other objects,

" .bodiment.

.Fatented July 30, 19.68

purposes'oradvantages as. may become apparent from consideration of this disclosure and specification, the present invention consists of the inventive concept in whatsoever way the same may be embodied having regard to the particular exemplification or exemplifications of same herein, with dueregard in this connection being had to the .accompanying figures in which:

FIGURE. Us a front elevation of a folder of the match book .type with my inventionthereon. FIGURE 2 is a side elevation of FIGUREl. 3 is a front elevation of an alternative em- FIGURE FIGURE 4 is a side mention of FIGURE '3. I,

FIGURE 5 is an isometric viewof a still further embodiment of the device.

FIGURE 6 is an isometric view of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 7 is an enlarged side elevation of the lower end of a still further embodiment of the device.

In the drawings like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different figures.

Proceeding therefore to describe the invention in detail, reference should first be made to FIGURES 1, 2 and 6 which show the preferred embodiment.

In the drawings, a match book folder is illustrated but of course, this folder can contain golf tees or other small articles as desired.

The holder consists basically of a substantially rectangular rear panel 10, folded over along the upper portion 11 and then downwardly to form a cover panel 12.

The bottom edge 13 of the rear panel is folded upwardly around the bases 14 of the match sticks 15 and this folded-over portion is secured to the rear panel through the match stick bases by means of staple 16 in the conventional manner.

The cover panel slips downwardly between the folded up portion 17 and the bases 14 of the matches.

A rectangular card 18 forms an extension of the base portion 17 of the rear panel and extends upwardly to substantially overlie the entire cover panel 12 as clearly shown in FIGURES 1, 2 and 6.

A line of weakness 19 is formed along the card parallel and spaced from the base 13, said line of weakness either being a perforated line or a scored line partially through the thickness of the cardboard stock. This enables the card 18 to be detached readily from the base and retained for future purposes, thus leaving a substantially conventional match booklet.

FIGURE 4 shows a similar construction in which the card 18 extends upwardly beyond the upper edge or foldover portion 11 of the match book. This is particularly useful for the small type match books which enables sufficient information to be placed on the car-d and the projecting portion also incites the user to detach same.

FIGURE 7 shows a similar arrangement to FIGURES l and 4 with the exception that the card 18 is formed separately from the cover and rear panel and the lower edge strip 18' is inserted between the fold-over portion 17 and the match stick base 14 and its staple into position with the staple 16.

The principal advantage of this form of construction is that the card and the match book cover can be made of different types of paper stock which may be desirable under certain circumstances.

FIGURE 5 shows a further embodiment which includes two match book folders 20 in side by side relationship and connected together by a card 18" spanning both of the match book folders and being secured by means of staples 16. Here again a line of weakness 19 is provided enabling the card to be detached thus to be retained and separating the two match book folders one from the other.

Various modifications can be made within the 'of"theinventive conceptdisclosed. -Accordingly; it" is of limiting protection to any particular embodiment thereof, but that only such limitations should be placed upon the scope of protection to which the inventor hereof is entitled, as justice dictates.

What I claim to be the present invention is: 1

1. A book-type folder for paper matches'or the like comprising in combination a back panel, a fold-over cover panel and a detachable card extending upwardly from the base and overlying said cover panel, said card having a line of weakness spaced from and parallel to said base.

2. The device according to claim 1 in which said detachable card forms an extension of the base of said rear panel.

"*secured'thereto adjacent the'basethereof-k 4. The device according to claim 1 in which said card extends beyond the upper fold of said folder.

5. The device according to claim 2 in which said card extends beyond the upper fold of said folder.

-62 A pair "of book-typ'efolders for paper matches or the like, each comprising a cover anda backpanel for each'fol'der, said cover panel folding over the contents of said folder, and; a detachable .card spanning both of said cover panels and overlying same vand being detachably secured adjacent the base of said folders, and a line of weakness parallel to and spaced from said base.

"No references JOSEPH RQLECLAIR, Primary Examiner. I. M. CASKIE, Assistant Examiner.

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