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Publication numberUS3401687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1968
Filing dateJul 27, 1964
Priority dateJul 27, 1964
Publication numberUS 3401687 A, US 3401687A, US-A-3401687, US3401687 A, US3401687A
InventorsHood Lewis D
Original AssigneeBlue Ridge Enterprise Inc
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Sexual aid
US 3401687 A
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Sept. 17, 1968 0, 0013 3,401,687

SEXUAL AID Filed July 27, 1964 I NVEN TOR. M a

United States Patent 3,401,687 SEXUAL AID Lewis D. Hood, Baltimore, Md., assignor to Blue Ridge Enterprise, Inc., Baltimore, Md. Filed July 27, 1964, Ser. No. 385,342 4 Claims. (Cl. 128-79) This invention relates to a penis supporter and stimulator adapted to support and sufiiciently rigidity a male penis to insure effective intromission and conduce a most satisfactory sexual intercourse.

One of the objects of this invention is to provide a male penis supporter that is easily applied, safe, effective and enhances the mutual pleasure of the sexual partners.

Other objects will become apparent from the following description and accompanying drawing.

The novel sexual aid device of the present invention essentially comprises a band or longitudinally split tube made of flexible material such as plastic, leather, or rubber, with a light spring action which is adapted to encircle the shaft or corpus cavernosum to permit expansion and contraction of the penis, as will -be seen, the contiguous portions of the tube adjacent the longitudinal split when applied to the male organ overlap to provide a substantially continuous cylindrical surface and due to its inherent resiliency thus exerts a spring action to apply a light pressure on the corpus cavernosum at all times, this light pressure can also be supplemented by an elastic rubber cover adapted to encase the supporter. Such light pressure applied substantially uniformly over the surface of the area of the corpus 'cavernosum tends to retard the flow of blood from the penis, thus inducing turgescence in the penile organ and conducing to erogenic reactions. The band extends from the root or base of the penis to approximately inch back of the glans penis. With the band in place the loose or foreskin of the penis is rolled back over the band. Such foreskin of the .penis is held in place by a light elastic cover open on both ends and designed to roll on both ends, made of rubber or other elastomeric materials such as used in making prophylactic. The supporter can also be used by men that need only a little help to initiate intercourse as the supporter can be removed without completely disengaging the penis. The largest diameter roll up end of the elastic cover is placed behind the glans penis and unrolled over the corpus cavernosum, the foreskin, and to the root of the penis, and the remainder or unconvoluted portion of the roll is pressed firmly against the users body, and when released it will roll back up a few rounds rolling with it some hairs, therefore locking the device to the users body. The other end of the cover is rolled over the head of the penis until this roll drops behind the glans penis. The supporter and cover attachment will keep the head of the penis in a forward position and the fore-skin over the supporter making it possible to have sexual intercourse, even though the penis may be in a somewhat limber condition; this will eliminate the fear of failure that some men have, and therefore they will quickly obtain an erection.

In the drawing.

FIGURE 1 is a view of the supporter of this invention;

FIGURE 2 is a view of the cover roll up before app y FIGURE 3 is a view of the cover unrolled.

Referring to the drawing in detail, FIGURE 1 depicts a longitudinal tube or band, approximately 1 /2 inch diameter and 4 inches long, as will be understood such dimensions may be modified to accommodate the individual user. The supporter comprises a unitary resilient mem- 3,401,687 Patented Sept. 17, 1968 her having a head end or portion 1 which is preferably tapered to A inch smaller diameter indicated at 7 than at the main or body portion 6. The distance from the cylindrical or untapered portion 6 to 7 is approximately inch, all edges are thin and rounded. The supporter is molded or otherwise formed of rubber, plastic, leather, or other materials, the thickness of which is determined by the material used. The spring action is maintained by rolling the supporter to a smaller diameter than its normal size, and kept so with a rubber band around it when not in use. As is shown in FIG. 1, the supporter is longitudinally or axially split throughout its length to provide overlapping longitudinal edges or portions 2 and 3 to permit expansion and contraction of the penis. As shown in FIG. 2 the sexual aid device of the invention includes an elastic member which is adapted to fit over and cover the 'body of the supporter and retain the latter firmly in position on the male organ. This comprises a cylindrical body made of rubber or other suitable materials such as used in prophylactics. The elastic supporter cover 8 is of cylindrical form and is adapted to be rolled or convoluted as indicated at 9 to provide a compact unit formed with an open end 10 of somewhat reduced diameter 9. The convoluted portion 9 is adapted to be passed over the glans penis and unrolled over the folded back foreskin and over the complete length of the body 5 of the emplaced supporter so that the open reduced end 12 of the cover fits behind the glans penis.

FIG. 2 illustrates the cover 8 in the convoluted compact form prior to association with the supporter 5 and FIG. 3 illustrates the cover in its extended condition when in cooperative contact with the supporter.

The head end 12 of the cover can conveniently be reduced in diameter by means of a light rubber band of smaller diameter than the root end 11. -It will be understood that the cover may be made in suitable sizes to fit the individual user. The cover is inexpensive to make,

7 therefore a new one can be used for each intercourse, in-

suring cleanness, and sanitation.

In operation the loose fore-skin is rolled over the head of the penis, the supporter is wrapped around the corpus cavernosum, the loose fore-skin is rolled back over the supporter. The largest diameter rolledup end 9 of the cover is placed against the head of the penis and unrolled over the head, fore-skin, and to the root of the penis, the other end of the cover is unrolled up over the head of the penis until this roll drops behind the penis head. The described sexual aid appliance can also be used without rolling the foreskin back over the supporter.

It will be understood that I do not wish to be limited to the particular construction set forth, since various changes in the form, material, proportions and, in details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim as my invention:

1. A sexual aid appliance adapted to encompass and support a male penile organ comprising an elongated tubular member of inherent stiffness and of a length substantially coextensive with the corpus cavernosum of the organ, said tubular member being axially split throughout its length, the portions of the tube adjacent said split lying in contacting overlapping relationship and adapted to resiliently diametrically expand under pressure of the organ to grip and hold fast to the organ.

2. A sexual aid appliance adapted to encompass and support a male penile organ comprising an elongated tubular member of inherent stiffness and of a length substantially coextensive with the corpus cavernosum of the sure of the organ, and means to apply a light resilient o compression to the tubular member.

3. A sexual aid device in accordance with claim 7 in which said means comprises a tubular thin rubber member adapted for application over the said tubular member.

4. A sexual aid device according to claim 3 in which 10 the forward ends of the tubular member and tubular rubber member are adapted to lie posteriorly of the glans pems.

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