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Publication numberUS3401865 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1968
Filing dateDec 5, 1966
Priority dateJan 17, 1966
Also published asDE6939128U
Publication numberUS 3401865 A, US 3401865A, US-A-3401865, US3401865 A, US3401865A
InventorsIngvar Holstrom Kjell
Original AssigneeAkerlund & Rausing Ab
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Package blank for a double-walled carton
US 3401865 A
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Sept. 1968 K. HOLSTROM 3,401,865

PACKAGE BLANK FOR A DOUBLE-WALLED CARTON Filed Dec. 5, 19 66 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 P 17, 5 .K. I. HOLSTROM 3,401,865

PACKAGE BLANK FOR A DOUBLE-WALLED CARTON Filed Dec. 5, 1966 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 United States Patent 3,401,865 PACKAGE BLANK FOR A DOUBLE-WALLED CARTON Kjell Ingvar Holstrom, Lund, Sweden, assignor to AB Akerlund & Rausing, Lund, Sweden, a Swedish jointstock company Filed Dec. 5, 1966, Ser. No. 599,275 Claims priority, applicatioy Sweden, Jan. 17, 1966, 554 66 3 Claims. (Cl. 229-34) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A package blank is provided for forming a rectangular carton having a single-wall bottom and double-wall sides, the walls forming the four sides being spaced from each other.

The innermost walls of double-wall sides are established by providing a main field in the blank which, when the blank is partly erected, lies parallel to and spaced from the bottom wall of the carton. This main field is provided with a lay-out of cut and fold lines which enable parts thereof to be folded so as to establish the innermost of the side walls and also establish a border wall parallel to the bottom wall and which forms a frame for the interior of the carton. The outermost walls of the doublewall sides of the carton are established by other fields adjoining this main field as well as the field which forms the bottom wall of the carton. a

The present invention refers to a package blank which is subdivided by means of folding lines into various fields, four of which are adapted to be foldable so as to form a closed package bearing a parallelepipedic configuration in which these four fields form four parallel side walls.

That which characterizes the invention is that one of these fields is cut up by means of cutting lines in such a way that portions thereof after the capsule-forming operation can be folded in against the opposite wall, whereby the walls situated between these two opposite walls will be wholly or partly double-walled.

The package blank according to the invention is thus intended to be used for producing a carton which in addition to a single-wall bottom will have four double-walled side walls, i.e. a carton with a trough-like appearance in which the double walls along each side of the carton are spaced apart. If desired, the carton may be provided with a lid.

Preferably, both the carton and its lid are made from a single flat blank which conveniently consists of seven main fields and certain further locking flaps. The seven main fields consist, in addition to the four abovementioned fields, preferably of a pasting or heat sealing field integral with one of these four fields and two fields foldable against each other and forming a lid.

The invention will be described more closely in the following wing with reference to the accompanying drawings which show, by way of example, a preferred embodiment of the package blank according to the invention, and the erection of this blank in three stages to form a finished carton.

FIGURE 1 shows the blank according to the invention.

FIGURE 2 shows the same blank after pasting and folding together and again partly erected.

FIGURE 3 shows a second stage in the erection of the package.

FIGURE 4 finally shows the package wholly erected and ready for filling.

As is best seen from FIGURE 1 the blank according to the invention, in the example shown, includes seven "ice main fields, namely four fields 1, 2, 3 and 4, which are adapted to be foldable so as to form a closed package having a parallelepipedic configuration. This part of the package is locked by fixing a joining flap 5 to the side field 4 by pasting, heat sealing or in any other suitable Way. The joining flap 5 forms the fifth of said seven main fields in the blank. The main fields 6 and 7 consist of two fields foldable against each other which thus folded form a dual thickness lid,

After the joining flap 5 being fixed to the inside of the side wall field 4 and the lid fields 6 and 7 folded together and sealed to each other and folded down against the main field 1 one has the blank shown in FIG. 2.

This blank is erected, when it is to be filled, into the position shown in FIG. 3, in which parts of the main field 1 are pressed down against the bottom 3 of the carton to form wholly or partly double-walled side walls in which the double Walls forming each of the four sides of the carton are spaced from each other. This folding-down is possible thanks to the fact that the main field 1 is cut up by means of cutting lines, namely a central longitudinal cutting line 8, two cutting lines 9 and 10 at right angles to the former and diagonal cutting lines 11, 12, 13 and 14, and further is provided with folding and/ or perforation lines, namely lines 15, 16, 17 and 18 forming a frame line and two partly discontinuous lines 19 and 20. The folding lines 19 and 20 are interrupted by U-shaped cutting lines 21, in which the mouth of the U is fixed to the central cutting line 8 and is aligned with the associated folding line and the depth a of the U is equal to the spacing of said frame line from the outer edge of the fields 1. Furthermore, at its ends the field 1 has U-shaped cuts 22 which conform to the cuts 21 and the free leg ends of which are connected by folding lines 23 with the diagonal cuts 13. Thereby, the part fields nearest the central cutting line 8 and designated by 24, 24 may be folded down, together with the corresponding part fields 25 and 26 at the ends, against the bottom fields 3 of the carton. Then the part fields designated by 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34 form inner side walls which are held at a distance a from the outer side walls of the carton by the inner parts of the U-shaped cuts 21 and 22, on the one hand, and the continuous frame 35 running around the mouth of the carton.

When the various part fields 24-34 have been folded down, the bottom end flaps 36 are folded upwards and the side end flaps 37 are folded inwards, whereupon the outer end flaps 38 are finally folded down and fixed in any desired way. This being done, one has the finished carton shown in FIG. 4, which is desired may be provided with an inner trough, for example formed by vacuum, having intermediate walls for confectionery or the like. The frame line of this inner trough is then preferably caused to coincide with the frame line 15-18, whereby it will be surrounded by an entirely continuous frame 35.

Obviously, the invention is not limited to the example described above only but may be varied Within the scope of the following claims. Thus, for example, the endclosure flaps 36-38 may be formed in quite different ways than that shown. Similarly, of course, the various cutting and folding lines of the fields 1 may be modified in many different ways without exceeding the scope of the inventiOn.

I claim:

1. A blank erectable to form a package having a parallelepipedic configuration, said blank comprising four elongated parallel rectangular main fields united along their longitudinal edges and foldable along said edges, two of said main fields being relatively narrow and forming the side walls of the erected package and the other two main fields being relatively wide and alternating with said narrow fields to form the bottom and top walls of the package, end flaps projecting from the ends of said main fields and which are foldable along crease lines to close and form the end walls of the package, an elongated rectangular flap joined by a crease line along an edge of that main field serving as the top wall of the package and which is adhered in overlapping relation to one of said relatively narrow fields to secure the blank in its erected state, and an elongated rectangular field having a width equal to that of said relatively wide field which forms the top wall of the package and being united by a crease line to one of said narrow fields so as to be foldable over and serve as a lid for said top wall, said relatively wide field which constitutes the top of the package being divided up by a cut line extending centrally and longitudinally of said field, two other cut lines extending transversely to said centrally located cut line at the opposite ends thereof and further cut lines extending respectively from the ends of said transverse cut lines towards but terminating short of the four corners of said field, said cut lines establishing a panel along each of the four sides of said cut-up field, and each said panel being provided with two parallel spaced fold lines parallel to their respective cut lines by means of which said panels are foldable so that one part of each panel adjacent the cut line contacts the bottom wall of the erected package while the other part of each panel is perpendicular to the plane of said cut-up field and spaced parallel from the adjacent field which forms a side or end wall respectively of the package.

2. A blank as defined in claim 1 and which includes an additional relatively wide field united by a crease line to that field which serves as the lid for the top wall, said additional field being foldable fiat upon the lid field to establish a double thickness therefor.

3. A blank as defined in claim 1 wherein that fold line adjacent the cut line of at least some of said foldable panels are discontinued by U-shaped cut lines, the mouth of the U being turned towards the cut line establishing the panel and the depth of the U being equal to the distance between the panel wall and the side or end wall of the package parallel thereto so as to contact said side or end wall respectively and serve as a spacer therebetween.

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