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Publication numberUS340358 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1886
Publication numberUS 340358 A, US 340358A, US-A-340358, US340358 A, US340358A
InventorsFreeborn F. Raymond
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Boot or shoe sole
US 340358 A
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(No Model.)

I'. I'. RAYMOND, 2d.

BOOT 0R SHOE SOLE. n No. 840,858. V Patented Apr. 20,1888.


STATES trice.

"Boor on suoi-1 sots.

SPECIFICATION forming part df Letters Patent No. 340,358, dated April 20, 1886.

Application tiled January 14. 1856. Serial No. 188,538. (No model.)

T 0 all whom it may conc-erre:

Be it known that I, FREEBORN F. RAYMOND. 2d, of Newton, in the county of Middlesex and State of Massachusetts, a citizen of the United States, have invented a new and useful Iniprovement in the Manufacture of Boots and Shoes, of which the following is a l'ull, clear. and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in explaining its nature.

Y lhe invention relates especially to the inanufacture of spring-heel boots and slices; and it consistsin takingaspring-heel blank of proper shape and uniting it to the outsole before the outsole is secured to the insole, in order that the work or labor of attaching the spring-heel and outsole to the insole may be lessened, expedited, and cheapened.

Referring to the drawings, Figure l represents in perspectiveaspring-heel blank. Fig. 2 represents an outsole formed by molding in suitable forming-dies to receive the springheel blank. Fig. 3 showsthespring heel blank secured thereto. Fig?. 4 is a section of a shoe representing the outsole with the attached spring-heel secured to the upper and insole.

A represents the spring-heel blank. lt is made, preferably, o'f two lil'ts, aa', shaped and secured together as described in my application for Letters Patent of even date herewith. rlhis spring-heel blank, instead of being secured to the upper and insole a3 the same time that the heel end of the outsole is so secured, is first attached to the outsole, and in the drawings B represents the outsole. lt is molded to the shape represented in Fig. 2 in suitable dies or sole-molding devices, and it is thus provided with a shank section, b, from which extends the front section, b', and the rear or heel section, b2, which is made somewhat rounded both in cross and longitudinal section. I secure to the upper surface, b, of the heel end of the sole as thus formed the spring-heel blank A by means of cement, glue, 0r metal i'astenings, which do not extend through the sole, and the heel-blank and the heel end of the outsole may be submitted tt the action of compressing-dies to consolidatt the blank and sole together,ifdesired,althongh I consider that this is notessential.

The sole as thus fitted will have the formed shank b, forward sections, b', and rear sectionE b2, provided with the spring-licei attachee thereto, and this provides a ready means of se curinglhespring-heel and outsole to the uppei and insole without the fitting and trimming which are now necessary in springheelin where the springhcel is built upon the insoh and upper andthe outsole.subsequently ap 'plied thereto; and the outsole, with the spring heel blank preriousl y attached thereto, can bt secured to the upper and insoleas readily an( as quickly as if ihespring-heel were not used I am aware ofthe patent to Bradshaw, No 242.872, describing and claiming a heel-guar( for springheel shot-s; but l do not claim tln invention therein shown and described, as do not employ a heel-guartll, and asthespring heel which I use is not fastened to the uppe: partof the sole by a heel-guard, but by inde pendent or separate fastenings or sewing.

Having thus fully described my invention I claim and desire to secure by Letters Paten of the United States- As au improved article of manufacture, ai outsole, l, having a spriuglicei blank, A comprising the lifts u a', shaped substantiallj as described, and attached to the upper seetioi of theheel-section b'l by metal l'astenings, cem ent, or other means, and before the outsoll is attached to the insole, substantially as de scribed.



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