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Publication numberUS3403674 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 1968
Filing dateMay 10, 1965
Priority dateMay 10, 1965
Publication numberUS 3403674 A, US 3403674A, US-A-3403674, US3403674 A, US3403674A
InventorsConstantin Alimanestiano
Original AssigneeConstantin Alimanestiano
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Massaging apparatus with simulated hands
US 3403674 A
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5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed May 10, 1965 INVENTOR.

Oct. 1, 1968 C. ALIMANESTIANO MASSAGING APPARATUS WITH SIMULATED HANDS 5 Sheets-Sheet 5 Filed May 10, 1965 United States Patent 3,403,674 MASSAGING APPARATUS WITH SIMULATED HANDS Constantin Alimanestiano, 905 Winona St., Chicago, Ill. 60640 Filed May 10, 1965, Ser. No. 454,411 3 Claims. (Cl. 128-61) ABSTRACT OF THE'DISCLOSURE A massaging device for massaging the human body wherein the user is supported on or within a framework which has a massaging unit mounted over the user and which can be actuated by the user to automatically traverse the users body longitudinally While simultaneously massaging the body with a pair of simulated human hands.

This invention relates generally to massaging apparatus. More specifically it relates to massaging apparatus for use upon the human body.

It is generally well'known to those skilled in the art that numerous massaging machines have been developed for massaging the human body in attempt to stimulate circulation, tone the muscles, and improve the general health, wherein the machines roll against the body, oscillate rotationally or simply vibrate, however, none of these movements can equal the massaging qualities obtainable by the human hands of a masseur wherein the movements of the fingers are different from any of the mechanical movements of the above machines. Accordingly an ideal massage has yet to be obtained.

Accordingly it is a principal object of the present invention to provide a massaging apparatus for massaging the human body wherein the apparatus has self contained means to produce a massaging action which is equivalent to the massaging movements of a masseurs hands and fingers.

Another object is to provide'a massaging apparatus which is fully adjustable to massage various parts of the human anatomy.

Still another object is to provide a massaging apparatus which is easily collapsible for storage Within a minimum space when not in operative use.

Yet another object is to provide a massaging device which is electrically powered thus being conveniently usable within any part of a house wherever a wall outlet receptacle is available.

Yet another further object is to provide a massaging device wherein the massaging operation can be progressively moved from one area on the human body to another area thereon.

Other objects are to provide a massaging apparatus whichis relatively simple in design,-inexpensive to manufacture, rugged in construction, easy to use and efiicient in operation.

These and other objects will be readily apparent upon a study of the following specification and the accompanying drawings wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a top perspective view of the invention shown in operative position.

FIGURE 2 is a cross sectional view taken on lines 2-2 of FIGURE 1.-

FIGURE 3 is an enlarged detail view of a portion of the structure shown in FIGURE 2.

FIGURE 4 is a cross sectional view taken on the lines 44 of FIGURE 3.

FIGURE 5 is a cross sectional view taken on the lines 55 of FIGURE 1.

3,403,674 Patented Oct. 1, 1968 FIGURE 6 is a cross sectional view taken on the line 66 of FIGURE 5.

FIGURE 7 is a perspective view of a portion of the operating mechanism shown in FIGURE 5, and

FIGURE 8 is a cross sectional view taken on the lines 88 of FIGURE 7.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, the numeral 10 represents a Manisage massaging apparatus according to the present invention wherein there is a framework as sembly 11 comprised of a U-shaped left hand frame 12 and a right hand frame 13. Each of the frames includes a longitudinal leg 14 of generally longer length and a transverse arm 15 of generally shorter length. The ends 16 of arms 15 are pivotally secured together by means of a hinge 17, the axis of which is parallel to the legs 14, whereby the leg and arm of one frame is brOught adjacent the respective leg and arm of the other frame when the framework assembly is in collapsed non-operative position.

In an operative extended position the framework encloses upon three sides a central area 18 across which a transverse extending canvas panel 19 extends. The opposite side edges of the panel are secured to a portion of the legs 14 on each frame, the canvas panel serving as a support upon which a person 20 may rest various parts of his or her body which are intended to be massaged by the present device.

Each of the frames comprises a hollow member having a top wall 21, bottom wall 22, outer side wall 23 and inner side wall 24 enclosing a central compartment 25. A pair of bearing blocks 26 is secured within each leg and another pair of bearing blocks 27 is secured within each arm. The bearing blocks in the left hand frame leg support a plurality of shafts Whereas the right hand frame leg bearing blocks support a singular shaft. Accordingly the bearing blocks on the left hand frame leg are designated with the reference numeral 26a.

At the terminal end of the left hand frame leg there is a gear box 28 to which an electric motor 29 is secured. An electric cord 30 provides means for conveying electrical power from any household electric receptacle to the motor.

A motor shaft 31 carried by the motor is joumalled in the bearing blocks 26a; shaft 31 being splined across a major portion of its length as shown at 32. A bevel gear 33 is correspondingly carried longitudinally slidably free on shaft 31. A pinion 34 is rigidly secured to shaft 31 and is in toothed engagement with a gear 35 rigidly secured on a screw shaft 36.

Shaft 36 is freely rotatable Within clearance openings 37 in bearing blocks 26a. A threaded sleeve 38 is mounted rotatably free upon the threaded portion of shaft 36. The sleeve has an extension 39 which is secured rotatably free around bevel gear 33.

At one end of shaft 36 a bevel gear 40 is mounted longitudinally slidable free but in fixed rotational relationship thereto. The bevel gear 40 includes a peripheral groove 41 within which one end of a lever 42 is received. The lever is pivotable at its intermediate part about a pin 43 mounted in bracket 44 aflixed to the frame. The opposite end of the lever has a handle 45 extending out of the compartment 25.

The bevel gear 40 is in position for selective engagement and disengagement with a bevel gear 46 afiixed to one end of a cross shaft 47 supported on bearing blocks 27. At the opposite end of shaft 47 there is a universal joint 48 secured to a universal joint 49 at the end of a cross shaft 50 supported rotatably free on bearing blocks 27 within the right hand frame. At the opposite end of shaft 50 a bevel gear 51 is affixed which is in engagement with a bevel gear 52 afiixed to one end of a shaft 53 supported rotatably free on bearing blocks 26. Shaft 53 is screw threaded across a major length thereof and a threaded sleeve 54 is carried rotatably free thereupon.

At the terminal end of the right hand frame leg, a cap 55 encloses the compartment 25.

Each of the frames has a slot 56 on its top wall. The sleeve 38 has a diagonally upward extension 57 extending out of compartment 25 through slot 56. At its upper end a bracket 57 is secured pivotally free by means of a pin 58.

One end of a cross rod 59 is affixed in bracket 57 Another cross rod 60 is supported rotationally free with one end in bracket 57. A flexible shaft 61 is affixed to the end of rod 60 and the flexible shaft is connected to a stub shaft 62 supported rotatably free on a projection 63 of extension 57. A bevel gear 64 in toothed engagement with bevel gear 33 is affixed to stub shaft 62 thereby transmitting rotational movement from motor shaft 31 to cross rod 60. At its intermediate portion the cross rod 60 is of oval cross configuration as shown in FIGURE 7. A rotatable sleeve 65 is fitted over cross rod 59 and hand elements 66 are secured to the sleeve 65.

Each hand element 66 comprises a palm member 67 and a finger member 68 secured to each other pivotally free by means of a cross pin 69. A depression 70 within member 67 contains a compression spring 71 normally urging at each end against one of the hand members. As shown in FIGURE 6 the tips of the fingers 72 of the finger element are formed from a singular rubber part 73, a rubber part 74 to form a palm 75. The rubber parts in operative use engage the surface 76 of a persons body during massage.

The opposite end of cross rod 59 is rigidly fixed within a bracket 77. The opposite end of cross rod 60 is mounted rotatably free within bracket '77. There is also provided a tab 79 on each hand element 66 and likewise a tab 80 on bracket 57 and a tab 81 on projection 63. All of the tabs have openings 82 therein and a cord 83 passes in circuit through each, being secured only to tabs 79. Thus the hand elements may be slid along the cross rods by pulling on the cord.

The bracket 77 has an open slot 84 to receive therein a post 85 on a diagonally upward extension 86 on sleeve 54, the extension protruding out of the slot 56 of the right hand frame. A wing screw 87 threadedly engaged on the post serves to clamp the bracket 77 and extension 86 in any adjusted position.

In operative use a person lays on the canvas panel or mat in any position desired. A pillow 90 may be used. The cross rods are then brought down over the person and the bracket 77 is attached to extension 86. The hand elements 66 are adjusted for location along the cross rods. The motor being turned on, the person now need only to manipulate handle 45 to engage the entire mechanism with the motor shaft. Thus gear 35 is brought into engagement with pinion 34. Now the entire carriage 88 over the person is movable along the length of the framework moving over various parts of the body. At the same time the cross rod 60 rotates causing the fingers to rotate about pins 69 thus imparting a motion against the persons body described in the direction arrows shown in FIGURE 6. The fingers pivot relative to the palm and cause a stretching and contracting of the space therebetween as indicated, thus producing a massaging action.

It is to be understood that the motor M can be of the conventional reversing type wherein the direction of rotation is reversible to cause the brackets 38, 54 and the attached assembly carrying the hands to move in the opposite direction.

While various changes may be made in the detail construction, it is understood that such changes will be in the spirit and scope of the present invention as is defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. In a massaging apparatus the combination of a framework, a carriage carried upon said framework and said carriage carrying a massaging structure wherein said carriage is movable longitudinally relative to the framework, including a support for a human body attached to the framework, said carriage having a transverse member on which the massaging structure is mounted spaced from the said support, said framework having means for moving the carriage longitudinally and for simultaneously manipulating the massaging structure against the users body, wherein the massaging structure is a pair of simulated human hands.

2. An apparatus as in claim 1, wherein said hands comprise a lower palm portion and an upper finger portion pivotally secured together wherein the gap between the finger and palm portions can be varied by relative pivoting action.

3. An apparatus as in claim 1 wherein the sole means for manipulating the massaging structure comprises a rotatable transverse rod of oval cross-section in abutment with the finger and palm portions between the pivot and the gap.

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