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Publication numberUS3405587 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1968
Filing dateMay 15, 1967
Priority dateMay 15, 1967
Publication numberUS 3405587 A, US 3405587A, US-A-3405587, US3405587 A, US3405587A
InventorsOlivieri Attilio, Caldironi Franco, Meazzi Remo
Original AssigneeOlivieri Attilio, Caldironi Franco, Meazzi Remo
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Supports, particularly for drums and the like, with arrangements admitting the swing motion of the instrument over a wide angulation range and its quick locking and release, and related improved supports
US 3405587 A
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1968 R. MEAZZ! ETAL SUPPORTS, PARTICULARLY FOR DRUMS AND THE LIKE, WITH ARRANGEMENTS ADMITTING. THE SWING MOTION OF THE INSTRUMENT OVER A WIDE ANGULATION RANGE AND ITS QUICK LOCKING AND RELEASE, AND RELATED IMPROVED SUPPORTS 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed May 15, 1967 INVENTORA FEE-mo 0521 Fl Ice crfdrl'o n' 1' '0 Off [/1 (7 all/due J1 M ,4-il'arney 1968 R. MEAZZI ETAL SUPPORTS, PARTICULARLY FOR DRUMS AND THE LIKE, WITH ARRANGEMENTS ADMITTING THE SWING MOTION OF THE INSTRUMENT OVER A WIDE ANGULATION RANGE AND ITS QUICK LOCKING AND RELEASE, AND RELATED IMPROVED SUPPORTS 2 Sheets-Sfieet 2 Filed May 15, 1967 Ra a United States Patent SUPPORTS, PARTICULARLY FOR DRUMS AND THE LIKE, WITH ARRANGEMENTS ADMITTING THE SWING MOTION OF THE INSTRUMENT OVER A WIDE ANGULATION RANGE AND ITS QUICK LOCKING AND RELEASE, AND RE- LATED IMPROVED SUPPORTS Remo Meazzi, Via Piatti 6; Franco Caldironi, Via Bolzano 24; and Attilio Olivieri, Via A. Sforza 81, all of Milan, Italy Filed May 15, 1967, Ser. No. 638,514 1 Claim. (Cl. 84421) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A support for drums and the like, comprising a central column maintained in vertical position by three folding feet, an upper rod having arms adapted to clamp the drum, and connecting means comprising a ball and adjustable clamp means to connect said column to said rod for adjusting the position of the drum in respect with said column.

This invention relates to an improvement introduced in the supports particularly used for sustaining drums and the like, and more specifically an improvement in supports of the indicated type, and such as to make the support itself adapted to ensure the swing motion of the drum fitted thereto over a Wide angulation range, depending upon the application requirements involved, as well as a quick and rational locking and release of the support.

Such advantageous industrial results are attained according to the present invention, substantially in that the subject improvement consists in providing the central tubular column of the support, maintained in a vertical position by at least three radial folding feet, with a calibrated ball, consisting preferably of plastic or equivalent material, on which a band clamps, which may be locked in the desired position via a threaded means, with which a rod is made integral, which may axially slide and be locked through threaded means, to which at least three hook arms are in turn pivoted, adapted to radially embrace the drum, the aforementioned three hook arms are also pivoted in turn on a ring sliding over the rod with interposition of a spring-loaded thrust means, and one of said arms shows the articulation formed on two parts one of which is constituted by a short arm, and the other one by a lever pivoted thereto by the actuation of which it is possible to divaricate the arm itself or to arrange for its return to a gripping position, when it is desired to take the drum off or, respectively, to secure it to the support. These and other more specific features of the improvement according to this invention, together with one of the technical solutions which is considered to be particularly advantageous for the putting into effect of the invention, will be better understood in the course of the following detailed description of a possible embodiment form thereof, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 represents the support in a drum gripping position, viewed perspectviely; and

FIG. 2 shows the same support in a perspective view and in a drum release position.

Referring now to the figures on the accompanying drawings, the support improved according to this invention comprises in its assembly, as particularly visible from the cited figures, a central tubular column 10, vertically sustained by at least three radial feet 11, 12, 13 pivoted thereto via the ring 14 and pivoted in turn to the ring 15 sliding over the column by means of related arms 16, 17, 18 in such a way as to be folded over in non-use condition of the support: with the aforesaid column is made integral a calibrated ball 19, consisting preferably of plastic or equivalent material, such as nylon or the like, around which a band 20 clamps, which may be locked by means of the handle '21 threaded to build a hinge, inasmuch as a ring 22 is made integral therewith, which may be in turn locked via the threaded means 23 over a tubular rod 24 axially sliding, and which in this manner, besides being regulated over the height, may also be brought to any desired angulation whatever relative to the central rod 10. At the end of the tubular rod 24 at least three radial arms 26, 27, 28, square-overturned at the ends are pivoted via the ring 25, said ends being covered with a casing of relatively yielding material: the arms are in turn pivoted to a ring 29 sliding over the rod 24 between said ring and a boat 30, which slides and may be locked over the rod itself, a spring-loaded thrust means 31 being placed therebetween in order to allow the gripping arms to adapt within certain limits to the diameter of the drum T to be applied: whilst two of said gripping arms are directly pivoted to the ring 20 via the respective levers 32 and 33, the third arm is pivoted to the lever 34, journaled to the handle 35, which is in turn pivoted to the ring 29: this ensures the quick and simple locking and release of the drum from the support consequent upon the actuation of the handle which is being brought to the high and low positions shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, respectively. The assembly is in this manner rationally and quickly demounta'ble and folda'ble; it is lightweight, of moderate cost and ensures to bring the drum plane to a height and an angulation preselected by the operator, who can in this way adapt it easily to his own requirements by arranging it in the most favourable position. The improved support according to this invention has been described and represented only by way of non limiting example, and in order to show its main features: it is understood that several changes and modifications as well as further improvements could be introduced without departing from the scope of the invention, all depending upon the different application requirements and production and service conveniences, inasmuch as it should be equally understood that to the industrial protection applied for pertain any equivalent applications of the subject improvement as well as any improved arrangement of the indicated type as defined in the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

1. A stand, particularly a drum stand, comprising in combination, a base including an upright cylindrical element; support means, including a plurality of drum-engaging elements and an elongated cylindrical member projecting downwardly from said drum-engaging elements; and an adjustable connecting assembly connecting said cylindrical member to said cylindrical element with freedom of tilting movement relative to the latter, and being displacea-ble axially of both said element and said member for enabling axial shifting of each relative to the other.

RICHARD B. WILKINSON, Primary Examiner. G. M. POLUMBUS, Assistant Examiner.

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International ClassificationG10G5/00, F16M11/22, F16M11/20
Cooperative ClassificationG10D13/026, F16M11/22
European ClassificationF16M11/22, G10D13/02G