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Publication numberUS34109 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1862
Publication numberUS 34109 A, US 34109A, US-A-34109, US34109 A, US34109A
InventorsJohn A. Fanshawe
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Improved brush
US 34109 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 34,109, dated January *7, 1862.

To all whom t 11i/ay concern;

Be it knbwn that we, JOHN AMERICUS FAN- SHAWE, engineer, of Tottenham, in the county of Middlesex, in that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland known as England, and JAMES ARCHIBALD JAQUES, chemist, of the same place, have invented Improvements in Brushes and other Scrubbing and Rubbin g Surfaces; and we do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description of our said invention.

In the accompanying drawings We have shown views of different forms of rubbingsurfaces.

Figure l represents the projecting rubbingedges arranged in the form of concentric circles. Fig. 2 is a section of the same. VThe brush is provided With concentric proj ecting rubbing-edges on both sides, and it is intended to be used With soap instead of flannel for Washing the hands or for other lavatory purposes. The projecting rubbing-surfaces in these brushes may be produced by pressing the soft rubber into molds of suitable form, and for some purposes it will be found desirable to provide the brush With a rigid back, Which may be made of hard-rubber compound or other suitable material. The parts composed of the hard and soft compounds having been secured together, the article may be submitted to the vulcanizing process. The projecting edges of the rubbing-surface may also be cut out of the solid rubber; butthe molding` process Will be found the most convenient and easy to manage in practice.

Upon referring to the sectional View, Fig. 2, it Will be seen that the projecting edges are undercut and are placed at an angle to the axis of the brush. This mode of forming the edges will be found preferable for many purposes to making them vertical.

Fig. 3 is an edge View, and Fig. 4 a plan view, of a iesh-brush constructed according to our invention, with concentric rings of projecting rubbing-edges, as represented in Fig. l. It is provided on one side only With rubbing-edges, and at the back there is an elastic strap,under which the hand is passed for the convenience of holding the brush when in use.

It Will be obvious that a flesh-brush of this kind may be constructed with rubbing-surfaces on both sides, and with a handle arranged to be easilydetached or made so that it maybe turned over on either side, as may be required. It will also be obvious that brushes may be made of an oval, oblong, or other convenient form, and that instead of making the rubbing-surfaces of concentric rings they may be made in the form of a convolute commencing from the center of the brush. The rubbing-surfaces may also be made harder or softer, as may be desired, by altering or modifying the proportions of the ingredients of the india-rubber compound of which the brush is composed, or by the introduction of a greater or smaller proportion of gutta-percha or other ingredient.

Having thus described our invention, We claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent as an improved article of manufacture- A brush or scrubber having continuous concentric or convolute rubbing-edges, made as herein shown and described.



FRED WALKDEN, T. MoLAN, Clerks to Newton dc Son, GG Chancery Lome,


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