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Publication numberUS341142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1886
Filing dateSep 19, 1885
Publication numberUS 341142 A, US 341142A, US-A-341142, US341142 A, US341142A
InventorsJonathan Eobinson Hamilton
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Jonathan eobinson hamilton
US 341142 A
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(No Model.)



Patented May 4, 1886.

E w? E... a m .y .F. M m I t w m z flf J I L N, PETERS, Phowum h w, Washingtnn. 1Q




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 341,142, dated May 4, 1886.

Application filed September 19, 1885. Serial No. 177,543.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, JONATHAN ROBINSON HAMILTON, now or late of Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepiu, of the State of Minnesota, and W'ILLIAM Rosco SMITH, of Brentwood, in the county of Rockingham, of the State of New Hampshire, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Apparatus for Cleansing the Rectum; and we do hereby declare the same to be described in the following specification and represented in the accompanying drawings, of which- Figure l is a side view, and Fig. 2 a longitudinal section, of an apparatus containing our invention, the nature of which is defined in the claimshereinafter presented. Fig. 3 is a transverse section taken through one of the spiders for supporting the jet-tube to be described.

The article, as represented in the said drawings, can be employed not only for washing the rectum, but for discharging fecal or other matter therefrom.

In the said drawings, A denotes a tube, open at its front and closed at its rear end, except that at the center of the closure a there is a round hole for ajet-tnbe, B, to extend through. This jet-tube is supported concentrically in the tube A by means of two spiders, b c, fixed within the latter. The tube A slides freely on the jet-tube B lengthwise thereof, and is provided at its front end with hollow bulbous expansion 0, from which a screw, (Z, is extended. On the outer end or base of this bulbous expansion there is arranged a thin disk, 6, of vulcanized india-rubber, it being held in place by a washer, /',and asenii-ovoidalshaped head, 5 arranged as represented, the said head being screwed upon the screw.

The jet-tube has numerous perforations in its sides and extension, such being to discharge laterally from the bore of the tube water after being forced into the tube by a force-pu1np or syringe suitably adapted to the jet-tube at its rear or lower end.

From the tube A a discharge-duct, D, provided with a stopcock, E, is extended, as shown, near the closed end of such tube A. This duct may be connected with a hose or flexile tube, F, of suitable length. These additions to the tube are to allow of the escape of water and fecal matters from it while it is within the rectum of a person, and after such (No model.)

water may have been discharged into and against'its walls by means of the jet'tnbe and the force-pump or syringe.

To use the instrument or apparatus, the tube A is first to be advanced on the jet-tube until the forward or open end of such tube A may be in contact with the flexile disk e. In this condition of the parts the tube A, the disk e, and the head 9 are to be introduced into the anus and forced into the rectum a sufiicient distance, after which the jet-tube is to be further advanced to carry the head and the fleXile disk up or near to the sigmoid flexu re. This having been done, water is to be driven or forced into the jet-tube, from whence it will escape laterally, and afterward, with the fecal or other matters removed by it, will be discharged through the tube A audits eduet.

The object of the flexile disk is to prevent water from being driven beyond the rectum and into the sigmoid flexure or intestines to disturb their contents or cause evacuation of them to take place.

\Ve claim- 1. The combination, with a rectal syringe, of a yielding or flexile disk arranged outside of and beyond the exit-holes, and projecting from the head of the jet-tube of such syringe, all being substantially as set forth.

2. The combination oftheintroduction-tube. having the guides or spiders within its bore, with the jet-tube arranged within such guides or spiders to slide lengthwise of it therein, and provided with the rounded head, and with the fiexile disk extending from the tube and beyond the exit-holes thereof, all being substantially as set forth.

3. The combination of the introduction'tube, having the guides or spiders within its bore and closed at its rear and open at its front end, and provided with the lateral educt and its stop-cock, as shown, with the jet-tube ar ranged to slide lengthwise of itin such guides or spiders, and 1)l0\ld6d at its outer end and beyond its exit-holes with the rounded head, and the fleXile disk extending laterally from and beyond the tube, as represented.



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Cooperative ClassificationA61M3/0283