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Publication numberUS341269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1886
Publication numberUS 341269 A, US 341269A, US-A-341269, US341269 A, US341269A
InventorsJacob Ohlweiler
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Weighing apparatus for beer
US 341269 A
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No. 341,269. Patented May 4, 1886.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Paten t No. 341,269, dated May 4, 1886.

Application filed October 29, 1885. Serial No. 181,911. (No Infidel.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, JACOB OHLwEILnn and EDWARD S'rRUPrn, of Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee, and in the State of Viscousin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in \Vcighing Apparatus for Beer, do; and we do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof.

Our invention relates to apparatuses for weighing fluids, being particularly designed for the use of retail beer-sellers; and it consists of certain peculiarities of construction, as will be hereinafter described with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l ,reprcsents an end elevation of a beer-cooler, showing the application of our invention; Fig. 2, a similar view showing our invention applied to the faucet of a beer-fountain; Fig. 3, a top plan view of the spring-bat ance and a portion of its supporting-arm; and Fig. 4, a detail sectional view on line w m, Fig. 2, with a portion of the supporting-arm in ele vation.

2 A represents a spring-balance of any suitable construction, having upon its rear side flanges B 13, so arranged as to form a groove or socket to engage the upper end, a, of an angular supporting-bar, C, said flanges being 0 preferably beveled upon theirinner faces, and

the edges of said upper end of the supportingbarcorrespondingly beveled, so that the parts when united form a dovetailed joint, as shown by Fig. 3. The upper end, a, of the support- 5 ing-bar O is provided with a set-screw, b,

which is designed to bear against the rear side of the spring-balance A and hold the latter at any point to which it may be vertically adjusted with relation to said supportingarm.

Vherc it is intended to attach the weighing apparatus to a beer-cooler, I), or similar fixture we form the lower end of the angular supporting-bar O with a plate, 0, and provide the latter with perforations for screws or bolts, 5 forming the fastening means for uniting said parts, this construction and attachment being illustrated by Fig. 1.

Forbeer-fountains which have their exposed parts usually constructed of marble, and are therefore not readily adapted to have the angular supporting-arm O secured thereto in the manner above described, we provide the lower end of said arm with depending ears 11, forming ashackle adapted to fit over the fountain-faucet E. These depending ears (I are provided with a clamp-screw, f, by which they are brought tightly against the faucet F, to firmly retain the supportingarm U in operative position, and as an additional means for retaining said arm in this position we prefer tohave its lower portion, g, above the shackle bent at such an angle as to have a bearing on the bushing y of the faucet, as shown by Fi 2. From the hook h of the spring-balance A. is suspended a rod or bail, F, carrying a tray, G, on which to set a pitcher or other receptacle to receive the fluid. This tray is so arranged that the receptacle when placed thereon will be directly under the mouth of the faucet l l. Each of the hangers i of the tray G is preferably terminated in a sleeve, Ir, adapted to fit upon the ends] of the bail E, and said bail ends are screw-threaded and provided with a set-nut, in, so that the tray can be vertically adjusted.

In the operation of our invention, the weighing apparatus being in position with relation to a beer cooler or fountain, when a pitcher or other receptacle is placed upon the tray G, the indicator n ofthe spring-balance A will register its weight. This receptacle being directly under the mouth of the faucet E, the fluid is let on until the indicator n of the spring-balance registers the amount desired to be drawn, the whole operation requiring but little time, and by the employment of such an apparatus as we have described we are enabled to do away with the usual measuririg-vessels, which latter being not only inconvenient are also apt to accumulate dirt, and thereby render the fluid drawn therein unpalatable.

Another advantage of our invention is, that the consumer gets a full amount of liquid for the money paid, this being impossiblcin measuring liquids of a frothy nature by the ordinary methods, as the froth tends to fill and overflow the measure before a proper amount of substance can be drawn.

Having now fully described our invention, what we claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. A weighing apparatus for fluids, consisting of a spring-balance provided with a vertieally-ad j List-able tray, and having its exterior designed to form a groove or socket, in combination with an angularsupporting-bar adapted to engage the groove orsoeket on said balance and be secured to a beer-cooler or other similar fixture, as set forth.

2. The cmnbination, with a beer-cooler or analogous fixture, of an angular supporlingarni having its lower end adapted to be socured to said fixture, a spring-balance constructed to be ZIfllXOd on the upper end of the angular arm, a rod or bail designed to be suspended from said spring-balance, and having a screw-threaded end or ends provided with a I l l flanges upon set-nut, and a tray having a hanger or hangers terminatingin a sleeve adapted to engage the rod or bail, all arranged to operate substantially as set forth.

In testimony that we claim the foregoing we have hereunto set our hands,at llfilwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and State oHViseonsin in the presence of two witnesses.


\Vi t nesses:


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