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Publication numberUS3413609 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1968
Filing dateApr 15, 1965
Priority dateApr 15, 1965
Publication numberUS 3413609 A, US 3413609A, US-A-3413609, US3413609 A, US3413609A
InventorsFrank J Boyle, John E Wilhite
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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Indirect addressing apparatus for a data processing system
US 3413609 A
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U.S. Classification711/220, 712/E09.24, 712/E09.42
International ClassificationG06F9/355, G06F15/78, G06F9/30
Cooperative ClassificationG06F15/78, G06F9/30101, G06F9/355
European ClassificationG06F9/355, G06F15/78, G06F9/30R2