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Publication numberUS3414133 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1968
Filing dateAug 30, 1966
Priority dateSep 23, 1965
Also published asDE1950303U
Publication numberUS 3414133 A, US 3414133A, US-A-3414133, US3414133 A, US3414133A
InventorsGuerri Rosa Innocenti, Abbiati Lucio
Original AssigneeAbbiati Lucio, Guerri Rosa Innocenti
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Small hanging basket for beach umbrellas
US 3414133 A
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Dec. 3, 1968 R. GUERRI ET 3,414,133

SMALL HANGING BASKET FOR BEACH UMBRELLAS Filed Aug. 30, 1966 F/ C. 2 INVENTORS 14 0i! MIA/005V GUEQE/ aw! mu 1" ATTORNEY? United States Patent 3,414,133 SMALL HANGING BASKET FOR BEACH UMBRELLAS Rosa Innocenti Guerri, Via Arrigo Boito 23, Florence, Italy, and Lucio Abbiati, Via A. Alciati 5, Milan, Italy Filed Aug. 30, 1966, Ser. No. 576,107 Claims priority, applicagigg Italy, Sept. 23, 1965,

3 Claims. (or. 211-133) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The present invention relates to a small hanging basket attachable to the shaft or handle of large umbrellas of any kind, beach umbrellas, garden or terrace umbrellas, and umbrellas for bars and the like.

The small basket intended to be covered with Letters Patent has the following features: it has one or more concavities for containing usual objects, or appropriate seatings for containing bottles, glasses and the like; a support means for restraining the basket to the umbrella handle, means which may be incorporated within the basket or separated therefrom, and in either case provided with members for stopping it at desired positions; the whole basket or portions thereof are formed of rigid materials, so that it can be completely or partially rigid and hence also refoldable; the basket can be fitted by threading on, or by closing about the handle, or may be supported by tionable at any height; as apparent, it will be very advanan alien member.

The object of the invention is to provide a multipurpose container, which is practical, very advantageous, and positageous especially on beaches, as well as nursing establishments, resorts and the like.

Of course, since use requirements can be varied according to locations of use, the general shape of the basket and the ararngement of its internal divisions and compartments can be modified for these particular requirements.

In the following detailed description reference will be made to the appended drawing which schematically shows some embodiments for the invention, however not by way of limitation. More precisely:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a basket according to a first embodiment;

FIGURE 2 shows a basket of a modified shape;

FIGURE 3 shows the basket of FIGURE I mounted by a screw grip fastening;

FIGURE 4 shows the basket of FIGURE 2 provided with another fastening means and cover;

FIGURE 5 shows a basket having a different cover and a further different fastening means;

FIGURE 6 shows a basket of a deformable umbrella sha F l GURE 7 shows a basket attachable by closing about its support;

FIGURE 8 is a detail of FIGURE 7 on an enlarged scale;

Patented Dec. 3, 1968 FIGURE 9 is a different embodiment of the support means; and

FIGS. 10, 11 and 12 show a supporting sleeve of a modified type.

The appended drawings show some possible embodiments; in these examples, the shape, proportions, number of compartments, coupling or not of a cover, or the type of means being used for support and fastening thereof are to be understood as not restrictive.

Referring to FIGURES 1 and 3, there is shown a small basket in the shape of a frustum of a pyramid having a hexagonal plan; its inner cavity is divided into vertical partitions 10, corresponding to the periphery corners 10 and centrally converging against the sleeve 11 which is the core of the small basket and within which the shaft or handle 12 of the umbrella is inserted. Sleeve 11 has a section 11 projecting past the basket, preferably downwardly; but it is not excluded that it may also project upwardly. A zone of this projecting section is threaded and has vertical cut outs 13 allowing a reduction of the lower diameter when bush 14 is screwed on the above thread, thus obtaining a first clamping means for the basket on the handle 12. The inner cavities resulting from partitions .10 can be restricted in order to make use of a space to be covered with a rigid shelf 15 wherein circular seats 16 can be formed for partially receiving, inserted bottles, glasses, cups and the like.

FIGURE 2 shows a round modified form of the basket, and FIGURE 4 shows the basket provided with the cover 17 formed as a cap and arranged to slide on the handle 12; in this figure then, the tail piece 11 of the sleeve carries a cam clamping means (of known type) controllable by the lever 18. A different type of cover 19 is shown in FIG. 5: as a matter of fact, in addition to acting as a cover for the basket beneath, it may constitute a container for light articles, and with this end in view it has an upwardly facing concavity 20. In this same FIG- URE 5, an example is given of a further fastening means, which is very simple and represented by a bolt 21 passing in appropriate holes through the tail piece 11' and handle 12.

FIGURE 6 shows an inverted umbrella-shapedbasket, formed of nonrigid material, the ribs 22 of which can be brought near the central sleeve 11 like an ordinary umbrella when the basket is not being used.

FIGURE 7 illustrates a basket which is perhaps more practical even if of a more complicated construction; said basket is directly attached by folding it about the handle 12. Therefore, it is formed of two symmetric portions preferably opening as a hinge atone corner 24, whilst the sleeve 23, also divided into two semicylinders, is integral with its two halves formed as two pairs 25 of partitions forming the two walls mating in the vertical division plane of the basket. In embodiments of this type, a very simple clamping system, as seen in FIGURE 8, may be valid, in which vertical strips 26 of resilient and highly adherent material are fixed inside the sleeve 23, which will thus accommodate differences in diameter of the handle and simultaneously effect clamping of the basket.

Finally, FIGURE 9 shows a basket 27 which is independent of the handle 12 of the umbrella, but is connected thereto by a rod 28 which may be restrained to said handle in any manner, such as by a sleeve 29. Rod 28 may also be made rotatable relative to the sleeve 29, if desired.

. A hooking element may be made for the basket with a modified stick, as shown in FIGURES 10, 11, 12. Said element consists of a vertically split sleeve 30 of a considerably resilient plastic material, so that it can readily adhere to handles 12 of different diameters, which sleeve is provided with vertical peripheral ribs 31, tapered so that as a whole it assumes a frusto-conical shape: the inner cylindrical periphery of the element has projecting points 32 in order that its adherence to Wood be increased, which adherence is locked in place by the outer ring 33 of a diameter suitable to be effective both at the minimum and at the maximum openings of the sleeve, and for supporting the basket which will rest on the upper surface thereof, contributing with its weight to maintain a constant pressure on the sleeve and thus a stability during use.

Other forms or variants concerning the formal line of the basket, blocking type or other details not modifying substantially the inventive features, are intended to be within the protective scope of this application.

We claim:

1. A basket for positioning on the shaft of a beach umbrella and supporting small articles comprising a rigid container including a central sleeve constructed and arranged for slidable engagement with the shaft of the beach umbrella, Wall portions symmetrically disposed about said central sleeve; partition members extending between said central sleeve and said Wall portions in planes substantially parallel to the axis of the said central sleeve, and arranged to conform to and support the small articles; and a supporting tubular means for selectively positioning said container along the shaft of the beach umbrella, said supporting tubular means constructed and arranged to slide along the shaft of the beach umbrella and including means for reducing the diameter of said tubular means to selectively fix said tubular means with respect to the shaft of said beach umbrella.

2. The basket of claim 1 wherein said supporting tubular means comprises a vertically split sleeve of a resilient plastic material, said sleeve including outer vertical peripheral ribs, inwardly projecting points extending from the inside periphery of said split sleeve; and a fastening ring constructed and arranged to fit over said outer vertical peripheral ribs and selectively reduce the inside diameter of said split sleeve to fix said supporting tubular means with respect to the shaft of the beach umbrella.

3. The basket of claim 2 wherein said supporing tubular means has a frusto-conical shape and said fastening ring has an inside diameter corresponding approximately to the mean outside diameter of said frusto-conical tubular means.

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CHANCELLOR E. HARRIS, Primary Examiner.

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U.S. Classification211/107, 135/66, 248/132
International ClassificationA45B3/00, A45B23/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45B23/00, A45B3/00, A45B2200/1054
European ClassificationA45B3/00, A45B23/00