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Publication numberUS3414311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1968
Filing dateApr 5, 1967
Priority dateApr 5, 1967
Publication numberUS 3414311 A, US 3414311A, US-A-3414311, US3414311 A, US3414311A
InventorsTrimboli Frank Anthony
Original AssigneeTrimboli Frank Anthony
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Holder for paint cans
US 3414311 A
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1968 F. A. TRIMBOLI 3,414,311

HOLDER FOR PAINT CANS Filed April 5, 1967 INVENTOR. FRQNK A TIQIMBOLI BY I I TTOENE v United States Patent 3,414,311 HOLDER FOR PAINT CANS Frank Anthony Trimboli, 137 Mechanic St., Red Bank, NJ. 07701 Filed Apr. 5, 1967, Ser. No. 628,649 3 Claims. (Cl. 29434) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Base for supporting a paint can having a screw socket at one side with which is engaged a screw rod having a handle at the upper end for suspending and rotating the same and over which rod a can engaging clamp arm is loosely sleeved and held in adjusted position by an overstanding nut on the upper portion of the rod.

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of one of the can holders, with a large size can indicated in broken lines.

FIG. 2 is a similar view showing the holder supporting a smaller size can.

The base of the holder is shown as a fiat circular plate or ring 5, having an upstanding annular peripheral flange 6, of a size to accommodate the largest can the holder is intended to supportusually one gallon.

This base has an open top screw socket 7, at one side to take the lower end of a correspondingly screw threaded rod 8, of a length greater than the height of such a can and provided at the upper end with a handle 9 for turning the rod and for suspending the holder.

This handle is shown as elongated or streamlined and as apertured so as to be engageable over any convenient stationary support.

A radially extended can engaging clamping hook or arm 10 is sleeved over the rod, loosely enough for free up and down adjustment to fit different height cans and this arm is firmly secured and held in adjusted relation by an overstanding nut 11, on the rod above the clamp.

This nut preferably is free enough for finger turning so as to require no wrench or other tool and may be specially shaped for finger gripping engagement.

For smaller size, such as quart cans, there is provided an insert, in the form of a circular plate 12, to fit, in supported relation, within the flange 6, carrying an upstanding flange 13, of lesser diameter, to fit the can of lesser diameter.

This quart size or other can confining flange is shown as eccentrically disposed, offset toward the rod side of the holder, thus to locate the clamping arm over the near edge of the supported can.

The holder is thus adapted to different height and different diameter size cans and such adjustments are quickly and easily made.

The holder may be quickly and easily put together or taken apart by hand, without tools.

Particularly it is of simple, inexpensive construction, free of projecting parts; takes up but small space and is readily engageable with any convenient support, such as a ladder or the like.

The holder may be taken apart as for shipment or 3,414,311 Patented Dec. 3, 1968 "ice storage by simply unscrewing the rod from the base and when so separated the rod and base may be laid flat one over the other in compact relation.

To prevent loosening or accidental separation, a lock nut 14, is provided on the lower end of the rod engageable with the top of the screw socket.

The handle enables the rod to be turned at any time as to tighten the connection with the base or to face the handle at the most convenient angle for carrying or supporting the holder. The few, simple parts give advantages of light weight, with ample strength.

The plate 12 with upstanding flange 13 may be of the same size as the can which is to be held, resting on the base plate 5, as indicated in FIG. 2, or insert plate 12 may be of the full diameter to fit loosely in the confining flange 6, with the smaller size flange 13 in eccentric position thereon to locate the smaller can close to the screw rod, as indicated in the broken lines.

What is claimed is:

1. A holder for paint cans, comprising:

a baseplate for supporting a paint can,

said baseplate having an upstanding rim for confining a paint can in centered position on the same and an upwardly open screw socket off to one side of said can positioning rim,

a screw threaded rod engaged at its lower end in said screw seat and provided at its upper end with an apertured handle by which it may be turned into or out of said screw seat or faced in different directions to hang the holder on different supports.

a laterally extending can engaging clamp arm loosely sleeved over said screw rod for engagement over a can supported on said baseplate, and

a nut threaded on the screw rod above said clamp arm for securing said clamp arm in holding engagement with cans of different height seated on the baseplate.

2. The invention according to claim 1 with a lock nut threaded on the screw rod above and engageable with the top of the baseplate for securing the rod in fixed position with the handle faced in different directions.

3. The invention according to claim 1 with a supplementary plate removably seated on the baseplate and shaped to fit within the can confining flange of the baseplate,

said removable supplementary plate having an upstanding can confining flange for cans of smaller size whereby to confine smaller size cans in cooperative relation with said can engaging clamp arm on the screw rod.

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