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Publication numberUS3415570 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1968
Filing dateApr 10, 1967
Priority dateApr 10, 1967
Publication numberUS 3415570 A, US 3415570A, US-A-3415570, US3415570 A, US3415570A
InventorsHosea Jackson, Jacob Walls, Mitchell Jr Archie, Sterling Mosley
Original AssigneeArchie Mitchell Jr., Hosea Jackson, Jacob Walls, Sterling Mosley
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Chair with portable arm
US 3415570 A
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Dec. 10, 1968 s. MOSLEY ETAL. 3,415,570

CHAIR WITH PORTABLE ARM Filed April 10. 1967 United States Patent 3,415,570 CHAIR WITH PORTABLE ARM 1 Sterling Mosley, Hosea Jackson, Archie Mitchell, Jr., an

Jacob Walls, all of 1408 Magnolia St., North Little Rock, Ark. 72114 Filed Apr. 10, 1967, Ser. No. 629,692 1 Claim. (Cl. 297-160) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A ballroom chair with a portable arm detachably securable thereto in horizontal position.

Summary of the invention A ballroom chair is provided with two generally vertical spaced apart back support rods. A flat portable arm is adapted to be suspended horizontally on one side of the chair by means secured to the bottom surface of the arm and detachably securable to one of the rods. The top surface of the arm can have secured thereto a battery powered lamp.

Brief description 0 the drawings In the drawings:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the invention;

FIGURE 2 is a cut away perspective view of a wheeled cabinet carrying trays, silverware and the like in stored position; and

FIGURE 3 is a view through 3-3 in FIGURE 1.

Detailed description of prefered embodiment Referring now to FIGURES 1-3, there is shown a ballroom chair having first and second generally vertical rods 12 supporting the chair back support 14. One of rods 12 isprovided with upper and lower vertically spaced horizontally outward projecting prongs 16 and 18. A flat suitably contoured arm 20 is adapted to be horizontally suspended detachably along one side of the chair. To this end, horizontal elongated member 22 is secured at one end 24 to the bottom surface of the arm, the other end 26 having a bore engaging prong 16. A vertically inclined elongated support 28 is pivotally secured at its upper end to member 22 by having a bore engaging prong 30 on member 22 adjacent end 24. The lower end 34 of support 28 has a bore engaging prong 18.

A housing 36 secured to the top surface of the arm has a transparent vertical plate 38 with a lamp 40 disposed adjacent thereto connected to battery 42 and operated by on 01? switch 44 whereby any user of the chair has light available for use in reading, writing and the like. The top surface also carries an ash tray 46.

A wheeled storage cart 48 can be stacked with a plural- 3,415,570 Patented Dec. 10, 1968 ity of trays 50, each carrying plates, silverware, napkins and the like and even supplied with food. The cart can be wheeled to each chair in turn to permit an individual tray to be removed therefrom and loaded into an arm. Conversely the used trays can be removed and reinserted into the cart which can be again wheeled from chair to chair, thus reducing time of service and simplifying cleaning and other labor consuming costly operations as well as reducing storage space requirements.

The novel features and the operation of this device will be apparent from the foregoing; description. While the device has been shown and the structure described in detail, it is obvious that this is not to be considered limited to the exact form disclosed, and that changes may be made therein within the scope and the spirit of the invention.

Having thus set forth and disclosed the nature of this invention, what is claimed is:

1. In a chair with portable arm, the combination of a chai-r having two back legs supporting a rear end of a Seat and a back rest, a pair of front legs supporting a front end of said seat, a pair of vertically spaced apart sideward extending pins in one of said back legs, an upper of said pins supporting one end of a horizontal bar, a lower of said pins supporting one end of an inclined bar, the opposite ends of said bars being enjoined by a common cross-pin, a flat contoured arm supported upon said horizontal bar, a side edge of said arm being in edge alignment with a side edge of said horizontal bar so that Said arm does not interfere With another similar chair placed in contact engagement alongside thereto, a lamp unit and an ash tray secured near a front edge of said arm said lamp unit comprising a housing with a window, said housing enclosing a lamp upon a. lamp holder and a dry cell battery, and a manually operative switch extending outwardly of said housing for closing a circuit between said lamp and battery.

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JAMES T. MCCALL, Primary Examiner.

U.S. Cl. X.R. 297-194; 108-23

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U.S. Classification297/160, 108/23
International ClassificationA47C7/62, A47C7/68
Cooperative ClassificationA47C7/68
European ClassificationA47C7/68