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Publication numberUS3417468 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 24, 1968
Filing dateDec 21, 1965
Priority dateJul 27, 1965
Publication numberUS 3417468 A, US 3417468A, US-A-3417468, US3417468 A, US3417468A
InventorsHideo Miyauchi
Original AssigneeHideo Miyauchi
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US 3417468 A
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United States Patent "ice 3,417,468 RAZOR Hideo Miyauchi, 9491 Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano-ken, Japan Filed Dec. 21, 1965, Ser. No. 515,379 Claims priority, application Japan, July 27, 1965, 40/61,245; Dec. 27, 1964, 39/100,884, 39/100,885 3 Claims. (Cl. 3041) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A shaver, including a handle which defines a refillable chamber. A shaving head includes a razor blade and is formed with an elongated passage extending along a cutting edge portion of the razor blade so as to discharge shaving fluid thereunto. Control means is detachably secured to the shaving head and to the handle and is operative for selectively connecting the passage with the chamber.

The present invention relates to an improvement in razors which enables the user to shave with shaving liquid in a most effective and simple manner.

The first object of the present invention is to enable the user to apply the shaving, liquid to the part to be shaved, in a foamy state and in a very simple manner, and also to evenly spread the shaving liquid upon discharging same with a spreader arranged at the discharge outlet.

It has been generally considered that a razor with its grip containing foaming or non-foaming shaving liquid is very effective since discharge of the liquid from immediately adjacent or below the blade of the razor enables the user to continue shaving as the liquid is discharged. Actually, however, application only of foaming or nonfoaming shaving liquids commonly on sale does not soften the hair and relieve the pain upon shaving. Thus, no matter what effect may be given to the skin or the hair by the shaving liquid, application of same does not immediately produce the desirable effect of relieving pain. According to the present invention, such drawback can be removed.

If the shaving liquid is discharged directly past the blade supporting part, the blade surface and the blade supporting metal portion must be cleaned after shaving. Otherwise, because of the narrowness and complicated configuration of the liquid passage, the liquid remaining there will corrode or rust the blade while the razor is not used, or will solidify and adhere in such narrow and complicated passage, thus considerably lowering the sharpness of the blade and preventing smooth discharge of the liquid upon the next use of the razor. The second object of the present invention is to remove such drawback.

The third object of the present invention is to facilitate supplying the razor grip container with shaving liquid and also to form the grip into slenderer configuration so that the user may handle the razor in such a delicate manner as to produce an excellent shaving result. In actual shaving, if the thickness of the razor grip is over a certain extent, the user feels that he firmly grasps, rather than lightly holds, the grip. Then it is hard for him to handle the razor in a delicate manner and he is apt to exert an unduly strong force on the razor, the shaving becoming thus very diflicult.

Patented Dec. 24, 1968 Accordingly, it is not desirable to make the grip thickness exceed a certain extent. This limitation will present another question of unfitness for containing the shaving liquid, the amount of the liquid for only few times of shaving being unable to be stored.

With respect to this point the present invention provides a valve to make possible the supply of the shaving liquid.

The fourth object of the present invention is, when the grip container is to be filled with fresh shaving liquid, to enable the user to readily discharge the remainder of shaving liquid and exhaust the useless air so that the liquid supplying operation may be readily carried out.

The other objects of the present invention will become apparent from a reading of the following detailed description with respect to desirable embodiments of the present invention as shown in the attached drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a front elevation view of the razor according to the present invention;

FIG. 2 is a sectional side elevation view of the razor taken along the line IIII of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a top plan view of the razor;

FIG. 4 is an elevational view of the razor and the shaving liquid container, showing the liquid supply operation, with the essential part of the razor in section; and

FIG. 5 is a sectional elevational view of a razor which is another embodiment of the present invention.

Referring now to FIGS. l4 of the drawings, the razor of the present invention comprises a blade securing part 1 which also serves as a shaving liquid discharging part, a discharge control part 2 of the shaving liquid 4, and a grip 3 which also serves as a container for storing the shaving liquid 4. The structure of the discharge control part 4 and the grip 3 is not limited to that which is shown in the drawing. It is essential that the blade securing part 1 comprises a securing plate 5 and a securing screw 7 projecting from said plate 5 and passing through a supporting member 6. The blade B is firmly held between the securing plate 5 and the supporting member 6 by the screw 7 which screws into the grip 3 or into an intermediate member 8 adjacent thereto. The screw 7 is hollow as seen and thus provided with a passage 9, which hollow passage 9 communicates at its lowermost part with the liquid passage 10 of the discharge control part 2. and at its uppermost part with a liquid passage 11 of the securing plate 5. The outermost aperture portion of the liquid passage 11 is provided with a 'brushor sponge-like spreader 12.

The discharge control part 2 comprises a securing portion 13 of the intermediate member 8 having a threaded hole into which said securing screw 7 is screwed, a cylinder-shaped adjusting ring 14 and a rotating member 16 retained by a pin 15 secured to the ring 14 and rotating and axially moving within the intermediate member 8. The rotating member 16 is provided with the central liquid passage 10, and the pin 15 passes through a helical slot 17 of the intermediate member 8 so that it can move therealong. The threaded portion 18 of the lowermost inner portion of the intermediate member 8 engages the grip 3 serving as a container of the shaving liquid 4. This grip-container portion 3 is provided at its uppermost and lowermost parts with valves 19 and 21 respectively. The valve 19 is provided with a pipe 20 with respect to which the valve operates and which is situated below the rotating member 16. In each of these valves 19 and 21 there auze. :2 1. 41

3 are provided a valve casing, a spring and a valve element outwardly urged by said spring, and in the case of valve 19 these elements are identified with numerals 22, 23, and 24, whereas in valve 21 they are identified as 22a, 23a and 24a.

A passage 25 is provided axially of the pipe adjacent to the valve element 24, and a small hole provided transversely of the passage 25 is normally opposed to the seat member 26. This is also true of valve 21, where the appropriate numerals are 25a, 24a, 25" and 26a. The valve structure is not restricted to such one as shown but may be one such that the valve element 24 and the seat member 26 engages with each other through a conical plane or a ball valve structure with a ball. A discharge pipe 27 is provided for discharging the shaving liquid 4 with the valve 19. There is also provided a shaving liquid supplying pipe 28 for filling the grip container 3 with the shaving liquid from a shaving liquid supplying container 29 through the valve 21.

In the embodiment as shown in FIG. 5, a valve 30 is arranged at the bottom portion 31 of the grip-container 3 for discharging the shaving liquid 4 and also for exhausting the air. A valve element 32 normally keeps the valve open by the urge of a spring 33. A packing 34 is also provided.

The operation of this razor is as follows: When the adjusting ring 14 is turned so that the rotating member 16 is pushed down, the pipe 20 is also pushed down by said member 16 so that the small hole 25 provided across the axial passage 25 of the pipe 20 is moved out of engagement with the seat member 26. Thus, the valve 19 is opened so that the shaving liquid 4 pressurizedly contained within the grip-container 3 rises in the discharge pipe 27 and passes through valve casing 22, the small hole 25, the passage 25, the passage 10 of the rotating member 16, and the hollow portion 9 of the screw 7, and finally reaches the passage 11. Then, the liquid 4 is discharged in a foamy state from thatportion of the razor which is provided with the spreader 12.

Accordingly, in actual use the user can apply the foaming shaving liquid 4 to the skin portion to be shaved, holding the grip-container 3 of slender configuration and operating the adjusting ring 14 with a finger tip. The discharged shaving liquid 4 can be evenly spread over the skin portion. After this, with the skin portion prepared for shaving, the shaving can be carried out with the blade B which is held between the securing plate 5 and the supporting member 6.

Thus, in the present invention, the shaving liquid 4 is not discharged from that portion of the razor which holds the blade B. Accordingly, upon application of the shaving liquid there is no danger of injuring the skin and corrosion or rust of the blade B can be prevented. Further, since the liquid passage is not of complicated and narrow configuration, it is sufficiently broad so that the shaving liquid can be freely discharged. Since the spreador 12 is arranged at the discharge outlet, the user can apply and spread the shaving liquid as it is discharged, without changing the manner of holding and without turning over the razor.

When fresh shaving liquid is to be supplied to the grip-container 3, the valve 21 is urged against the mouth portion of the shaving liquid supply container 29, as seen in FIG. 4, so that the valve element 24a of the valve 21 is pushed up against the influence of the spring 23a and the liquid from said supply container 29 rises in the pipe 28 and fills the grip-container 3. Alternatively, after separating the grip-container 3 by bringing same out of engagement with the discharge control part 2 through the threaded portion :18, the liquid may be supplied through the pipe 20.

Although the grip-container 3 is of slender form that is effective for shaving, supply of the liquid can be readily effected so that the razor can be used for a long time. Taking advantage of its slenderness, the user can enjoy 4 the usefulness of this razor during a tour or the like by carrying several spare grip-containers and replacing the used up one by simple screwing operation.

In the embodiment shown in FIG. 5, the shaving liquid supply operation is as follows: The grip-container 3 is separated from the intermediate member 8 of the discharge control part 2 by screwing operation of the threaded part 18. Then, upon pushing up the valve 30 against the influence of the spring 33, this valve is opened and the remaining pressurized air and the remaining liquid within said grip-container 3 are readily discharged. After this, the fresh liquid is pressurizedly supplied from the supply container 29 to the grip-container 3 through the passage 25 of the pipe 20 constituting the valve 19. Thus, by simple operation of the valve 30, the remaining pressurized air and the remaining liquid are quickly discharged and fresh liquid can be supplied in a ready manner. Further, because of the simple structure of the valve 30, this razor can be mass-produced with lower cost than conventional ones.

Thus, the razor of the present invention has such advantage that it functions in such a manner as well adapted to the essential function of the shaving liquid, that it is very ready to handle with effective utilization of the chemical action of the shaving liquid, and that blade change can be readily carried out just as in the case of conventional razors.

While there have been described and illustrated preferred embodiments of the present invention, it must be understood that numerous other embodiments may be made without departing from the spirit of the present invention.

What is claimed is:

1. A shaver comprising, in combination, a handle defining a refillable interior chamber adapted to contain a shaving liquid under pressure; a shaving head connectable to said handle and including two detachably connected sections one of which is closer to and the other of which is farther from said handle when said shaving head is connected to the same, and a razor blade clamped between said sections and having a side facing said other section and a cutting edge, said other section being formed with an elongated passage extending along said one side proximal to but inwardly of said cutting edge and being adapted for discharging shaving liquid onto the same; spreader means secured to and carried by said shaving head extending along said passage for spreading shaving liquid which is discharged from said passage onto said one side of said razor blade; and control means detachably connecting said shaving head with said handle, said control means communicating with said chamber and said passage and being operative for selectively connecting one with the other for discharge of fluid into said passage and therefrom onto said one side of said razor blade proximal to said cutting edge and for subsequent spreading of the discharged fluid by said spreader means.

2. A shaver comprising, in combination, a handle defining a refillable interior chamber adapted to contain a shaving liquid under pressure; a shaving head comprising a razor blade having a cutting edge portion, and being provided with an elongated passage extending along said cutting edge portion and adapted for discharging liquid thereonto; control means detachably secured to said shaving head and said handle in communication with said passage for selectively connecting one with the other for discharge of shaving fluid onto said cutting edge portion, said control means comprising a first portion defining a channel, a second portion surrounding said first portion and rotatable with reference thereto, follower means carried by one of said portions and operative for axially shifting said first portion with reference to said second portion in response to rotation of the latter; and normally closed valve means arranged in the path of said first portion and adapted to open in response to engagement With said first portion resulting from axial shifting of the same.

3. A shaver as defined in claim 2, wherein said first portion includes a first section provided with said channel and including a transverse bore communicating with said channel, and a solid second section having a shoulder; and wherein said valve means comprises an annular valve seat defining an aperture, said second section of said first portion normally extending through said aperture with said shoulder sealingly engaging said valve seat on one axial side of said valve seat and with said bore located on the opposite axial side of said valve seat, and said valve means further comprising biasing means urging said shoulder into engagement with said valve seat.

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