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Publication numberUS3419276 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1968
Filing dateJun 27, 1967
Priority dateJun 27, 1967
Publication numberUS 3419276 A, US 3419276A, US-A-3419276, US3419276 A, US3419276A
InventorsSante J Poggioli
Original AssigneeSandspa Corp
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Golfer's arm bend indicator
US 3419276 A
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Dec. 31, 1968 5. J. POGGIOLI 3,419,276

I GOLFER'S ARM BEND INDICATOR Filed June 27, 1967 Sheet 012 IN VENTOR.

Some J. Pogqioli ATTORNEY Sheet Dec. 31. 1968 5. J. POGGIOLI GOLFERS ARM BEND INDICATOR Filed June 27, 1967 INVENTOR. Some J. Poqqioji B) ATTORNEY United States Patent ()fifice 3,419,276 Patented Dec. 31, 1968 3,419,276 GOLFERS ARM BEND INDICATOR Saute J. Poggioli, Little Neck, N.Y., assignor to Sandspa Corporation, a corporation of Delaware Filed June 27, 1967, Ser. No. 649,322 4 Claims. (Cl. 273-183) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A training device for use by a golfer to correct bending of the elbow of his lead arm. A two-piece device is connected across the elbow. Relative motion between the pieces allows bending of the elbow so that the golfers normal swing will neither be confined nor restricted. On relative motion in response to a bending of the elbow, an audible ball and socket sounding device announces to the golfer that this elbow has bent.

Background 09 invention Summary of invention The invention teaches a two-piece device connectable across the elbow of the golfers lead arm. Motion (either elastic deformation, translation, rotation or combinations thereof) is provided to allow free swinging of the arm, even though the elbow may bend. Accordingly, the swing is neither impeded or changed. On relative motion of the pieces in response to bending of the golfers elbow an audible sounding device announces to the golfer that his elbow has bent. This sounding device includes a ball audibly disengageable from a mating socket.

Description of drawings The foregoing and other features will appear from the accompanying drawings wherein:

FIGURE I illustrates a golfer using the device according to this invention and with his lead arm straight.

FIGURE 11 shows the golfer with his elbow bent.

FIGURE III is a side view of the device.

FIGURE IV is taken along line IVIV of FIGURE III.

FIGURE V is a section taken along line VV of FIGURE III.

FIGURE VI is a section taken along line VI-VI of FIGURE III.

FIGURE VII is a broken detail taken along line VIIVII of FIGURE III and indicating a preferred embodiment of the sounding device according to this invention.

Description of preferred embodiment As seen in the drawings element 1 (preferably made of wood or plastic) is connected across the golfers lead elbow 2 and includes upper piece 3 attached to upper arm 4 by means of strap 6 as well as lower piece 7 attached to lower arm 8 by means of straps 9. Each piece is arranged longitudinally relative the arm. Tips 11 formed in an injection molding process on upper piece 3 and lower piece 7 are received snugly in holes 12 of straps 6 and 9 to attach the pieces firmly across the golfers elbow. A plurality of holes 12 can be provided to facilitate size adjustment. Also various other strap arrangements might be employed, such as plastic bands, pull tightening or the like.

In the preferred embodiment upper piece 3 and lower piece 7 are pivotally connected for rotation relative each other by means of pin 13. To keep the device from sliding down golfers arm on repeated swings, upper piece 3 includes fixed part 14 connected to upper arm 4 and movable part 16 which slides down to elongate upper piece 3 whereby a tug on strap 6 is eliminated. Boss 17 and stop 18 prevent separation of movable part 16 from fixed part 14. It should also be understood that this device can be made with an integral upper piece.

It does not require much of a signal to announce to a golfer or to his teaching professional that the golfers lead elbow is bending. Yet this bending is hardly perceptible to the unaided eye. While more elaborate signal devices were reviewed, the rugged apparatus shown in the drawing is deemed to be preferred. Upper piece 3 defines projection 19 which extends down the golfers arm beyond pin 13. Lower piece 7 defines recess 21 which is organized to accept projection 19. Metal socket 22 is arranged to normally receive ball 23 in a snug fit, When the elbow is bent, ball 23 disengages from socket 22 producing the audible signal. Ball 23 and socket 22 are preferably made of brass or the like to take advantage of corrosion resistance and produce a distinctive tone with sufi'icient amplitude for the intended purpose.

It will be understood by those familiar with golfing accessories that wide deviations may be made from this disclosed embodiment without departing from the theme of invention set forth in the following claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A device for use by a golfer to indicate bending of his lead elbow while executing a golf club swing comprising an elongated element adapted to span a golfers elbow, said element including an upper piece connectable to the upper part of a golfers arm above the elbow and a lower piece connectable to said arm below the elbow, a pivot member connecting said upper and lower pieces and permitting free rotatable movement therebetween so that said element may accommodate bending of a golfers elbow, a projection on said upper piece, a socket on said projection, a ball mounted on said lower piece, the relative arrangement of said ball and socket being such that said ball engages said socket when said upper and lower pieces are substantially longitudinally aligned, the characteristics of said ball and socket being such that relative rotation between said upper and lower pieces when substantially longitudinally aligned causes said ball to be disengaged from the socket and produce a sound audible to the user of said device.

2. The device of claim 1 wherein the upper piece includes a fixed part connectable to the golfers upper arm and a moveable part slidable longitudinally relative to the golfers upper arm to allow the elbow to bend without pulling on the fixed part.

3. The device of claim 2 wherein the upper and lower pieces are made of plastic and contoured to correspond to the shape of a golfers upper arm and lower arm respectively.

4 I) 4. The device of claim 3 wherein References Cited the lower piece and the fixed part include small plastic UNITED STATES PATENTS projections,

2,809,042 10/1957 Wasley. stray ifbrozsicncllng the golfers arm above and below 5 3,350,100 10/1967 Carmines.

StYaRS iQcluding holes GEORGE J. MARLO, Primary Examiner. said pro ect1ons being engageable snugly in said holes whereby the straps may be connected to the lower piece and the fixed part respectively. 273-489; 11667

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U.S. Classification473/214, 116/67.00R
International ClassificationA63B69/36
Cooperative ClassificationA63B2071/0627, A63B69/3608, A63B2071/0633
European ClassificationA63B69/36B