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Publication numberUS3419909 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1969
Filing dateAug 16, 1966
Priority dateAug 16, 1966
Publication numberUS 3419909 A, US 3419909A, US-A-3419909, US3419909 A, US3419909A
InventorsSpain Ethel P
Original AssigneeEthel P. Spain
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Eyeshield for use in hair-tinting and the like
US 3419909 A
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Jan. 7", 1969 E. P. SPAIN 3,419,909


BY I' ATTORNEY f United States Patent O 3,419,909 EYESHIELD FOR USE IN HAIR-TINTING AND THE LIKE Ethel I. Spain, 2000 2nd St., Delanco, NJ. 08075 Filed Aug. 16, 1966, Ser. No. 572,838 U.S. Cl. 2-174 4 Claims Int. Cl. A41d 3l 00 ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE users person.

This invention relates generally to beauty-treatment accessories, and is especially concerned with a shield for protecting the eyes of a user during hair-tinting and like beauty treatments.

As is well known to those versed in the art, hair-tinting and other hair treatments require the use of various chemicals having irritating and possibly deleterious effects upon the eyes, so that it is constantly necessary to soak up material dripping from the hair toward the eyes, which is a tedious and annoying task, which consumes much time and is uncomfortable to the person being treated.

Accordingly, it is an important object of the present invention to provide an eyeshield device for use in hairtinting and like hair treatments, which is extremely simple in construction, capable of quick and easy application to the users face, and which reliably and effectively prevents the dripping or splashing of treating chemicals near the users eyes.

It is still another object of the present invention to provide an eyeshield of the type described which is neat and attractive in appearance to avoid esthetic objections, remains away from the users hair to present no obstacle to the operator, and which is staunch and durable throughout a long useful life.

Other objects of the present invention will become apparent upon reading the following specication and referring to the accompanying drawings, which form a material part of this disclosure.

The invention accordingly consists in the features of construction, combination of elements, and arrangements of parts, which will be exemplified in the construction hereinafter described, and of which the scope will be indicated by the appended claims.

In the drawings:

FIGURE l is a front perspective view illustrating a protective eyeshield constructed in accordance with the teachings of the present invention in position on a wearers face;

FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view showing the eyeshield of FIGURE 1 on a wearer;

FIGURE 3 is a top front perspective view of the eyeshield of the instant invention apart from the user;

FIGURE 4 is a top plan view of the instant eyeshield illustrated in position on a wearers face;

FIGURE 5 is a rear elevational view of the instant eyeshield; and

FIGURE 6 is a sectional elevational view taken generally along the line 6-6 of FIGURE 5.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, and specifically to FIGURES l and 2 thereof, an eyeshield of the present invention is there generally designated 10, and illustrated in position on the face of a wearer. The eyeshield 10 includes an elongate brow member 11 adapted to extend laterally across the wearers face along the brow, substantially coextensive therewith, in the manner of a spectacle frame. Medially between the ends of the brow member 11 there is formed on the underside thereof a downwardly facing cutout or recess 12 dening a notch for conforming resting engagement on the wearers nose. On opposite sides of the nose rest 12, depending from the brow member 11, there are a pair of lenses 13 adapted to extend across the wearers eyes.

At opposite ends of the brow member 11 there are a pair of sidepieces 15 extending rearwardly from the brow member in general parallelism with each other. In practice, the sidepieces 15 may be formed integrally with the brow member 11, say of stilf, resilient plastic. In any event, the sidepieces 15 are resiliently dellectable laterally away from each other and configured for bearing engagement with respective temples of the wearers face. Also, it will be observed in FIGURES 1 and 2 that the sidepieces 15 terminate at the rearward ends 16 short of the wearers ears and hair-line, so as to provide no obstruction to the procedure of the beauty operator.

Thus, with the brow member extending across the wearers face in front of the wearers brow, and having its rest formation 12 seated on the wearers nose, the bearing engagement of the rearward portions of sidepieces 15 against adjacent temples of the wearer serve to retain the device in position on the wearers face.

Further, on the rearward side of the brow member 11, there is provided an elongate configuration of compressible sealing material 17. The compressible material 17 is thus interposed between the brow member 11 and the wearers brow, being compressed therebetween to conformably engage with the wearers brow, thereby sealing the space between the brow member and brow against the gravitational passage of liquid, and effectively shielding the eyes from drippage.

The compressible material 17 may advantageously be a soft plastic foam, or other suitable material, and is preferably removably adhesively secured to the rear surface of a brow member 11. Thus, upon reuse by successive customers of the beauty operator, the used compressible material 17 may be removed by the stripping, and a fresh, unused length of compressible material may be adhesively secured to the brow member by hand pressure.

Optionally, the inner faces of the sidepieces 15, adjacent to the rear ends thereof, may be provided with pads 18 of frictional material, such as rubber or the like, for enhanced frictional engagement with the wearers temples.

Placement of the shield 10 on a user requires only slight spreading of the sidepieces 15, and release thereof for bearing engagement with the adjacent temples; and, removal of the shield may be achieved by mere reversal of this procedure. Of course, the lenses 13 serve to further protect the users eyes, as from accidental splashing; and, the sidepieces 15 may be relatively wide, in the vertical direction, for increased side protection, if desired.

In addition, the eyeshield of the present invention may advantageously be employed by those engaged in strenuous physical activity to prevent the running of perspiration into the wearers eyes.

From the foregoing, it is seen that the device of the present invention provides an eyeshield for use in hairtinting and the like, which fully accomplishes its intended objects and is well adapted to meet practical conditions of manufacture and use.

Although the present invention has been described in some detail by way of illustration and example for purposes of clarity of understanding, it is understood that certain changes and modifications may be made within the spirit of the invention and scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. An eyeshield for use in hair-tinting and the like, comprising a brow member adapted to extend along a users brow, a nose rest depending medially from said brow member for seating on the users nose, a pair of sidepieces extending rearwardly from opposite ends of said brow member, and having a combined length which is shorter than the length of said brow member for termination short of the users hairline, said brow men1- ber, nose rest, and sidepieces being an integral one piece frame of stiff resilient material with said sidepieces being resiliently deflectable outward away from each other for bearing engagement with the temples of the user, a length of compressible material on the rear side of said brow member substantially coextensive therewith for conforming bearing engagement with the users brow, and pads of friction material on the inner sides of said sidepieces, whereby said sidepieces serve to retain said brow member in position with said compressible material shielding the users eyes.

2. An eyeshield according to claim 1, in combination with lenses depending from said brow member to fu1- ther shield the users eyes.

3. An eyeshield according to claim 1, said compressible material comprising plastic foam.

4. An eyeshield according to claim 1, said compressible material being removably adhesively secured to said brow member.

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PATRICK D. LAWSON, Primary Examiner.

G. H. KRIZMANICH, Assistant Examiner.

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