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Publication numberUS342101 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1886
Publication numberUS 342101 A, US 342101A, US-A-342101, US342101 A, US342101A
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-james t
US 342101 A
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D (No Model.)


"Patented May 18, 1886l INVENTUR 13mm/l .T mt.

\ BY 'Vm Saa/wim) C 2 Q I WITNBSSES:

In Fig. .3 thcopcning .I is made in the lower` part ot' the front of the cabinet, so as to e);

pose the lower part of the package, and the l sheet severingr or cutting rod or blade B, propad is connected to the cabinet by means of a cord or chain, Q, whose length is such as to allow one to rub the face ot" the pad against the outer sheet of the package in the proper direction, and thereby detach theonter sheet by means of the friction thus created.

An expansible .spring may, if desired, be interposed between the back of the cabinet and the lower part ofthe package oi' paper, so as to give a yielding support to the package.

` In my invention it is important that the sheet severing or cutting rod or blade pass through all the sheets comprising the package ol' paper and be supported in the cabinet in s nch manner as to suspend the package therein, as otherwise single sheets of thin paper-such as sanitary paper-cannot be discharged by the pad one at a time. The friez tion of the pad on the sheet draws it downward, and the rod or blade severs or cuts the i upper end ofthe sheet while holding the main i tudinally-n'iovable friction-pad, K, connected body of the package initssuspended position. Heretofore a ticket-holder has been composed ota box having an openingatoneend, ahinged cover, a slotted partition, and a slotI in the side opposite the cover, a slide being arranged to move in the slots of the. partition and side ofthe box, and provided with rubber or other frictional substance at its inner end to act frictionallyon the tickets in the box to discharge them one at a time through the open end thereof. A ticket-case has also been composed ol' a holder for a column of tickets, provided at its bottom with a slotted plate carryinga guiderod on which adapted to move a springslide, to which is pivoted a pull having a handle and a toothed blade, so that when the said pull is lifted and drawn forward the blade is lifted to engage a ticket, and the latter is discharged through a delivery-opening in the' ticket-holder.

l Such constructions, however, do not constitute my invention, and are not claimed by me.

Vhat I claim as new, and desire to secu re by Letters Patent, is-.

l. lhe combination, with the cabinet A for sanitary paper, having a vertical front wall provided with the opening J, ofthe lateral jecting into the cabinet and passing through all the sheets of the package lol' paper, and the friction-pad K, substantially as dcscribed.

2. The combination, with the cabinet A for sanitary paper, having a vertical front wall provided with an opening. .T, and an open bot.- tom for the discharge of the paper, ofthe lateral sheet severing or cutting rod or blade B, extendi ng i nto the cabinetand passing through all the sheets of the package of paper, and the friction-pad consisting ofashank havinga face, Il, of yielding frietional inateraland connected with the cabinet to extend through the opening to discharge the sheets one at a time, substantially as described.

3. The combination, with the cabinet A,

adapted to receive a package of sheets of paper, and having an open bottom for the dis charge ot' the sheets and a front wall provided with the opening J, of'a swinging and longiwith the cabinet and having its shank extending'throngh the opening therein, with its in ner end provided with a face, L, of yielding frietional material, to act frictionally on the sheets, substantially as described.

4. The combination, with the cabinet A for sanitary paper, having its front wall provided. with the opening J, of the vertical guides P7V secured to the cabinet at. opposite sides ofthe opening, a slide, 0, vertically movable' on the guides, and a friction-pad having a 'slotted shank extending through the opening, engaging the said slide and movable 'lengthwisethereon, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of two sub-4 scribi ng witnesses. y

Janus 't'. nov'r'.v [n S] Witnesses:

W. Haunt", E. F. KAs'rENHUnia.

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