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Publication numberUS3421458 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1969
Filing dateJul 17, 1967
Priority dateJul 17, 1967
Publication numberUS 3421458 A, US 3421458A, US-A-3421458, US3421458 A, US3421458A
InventorsNusbaum Elmer R, Salkoff Goodwin
Original AssigneeAtlas Metal Ind Inc
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Combined hinge mounting and shelf
US 3421458 A
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Jan. 14, 1969 SALKOFF ET AL 3,421,458

COMBINED HINGE MOUNTING AND SHELF Filed July 17, 1967 llV VE N TORS GOODWIN SALKOFF ELIVIER R.NUSBAUIV1 jm/kgzk m United States Patent 4 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention comprises a combined hinge mounting shelf having a pair of hinge mountings that are attachable to any supporting structure, the hinge mountings having an elongated slot extending through the sides of the hinge mountings and an open ended slot at the top portion, and a shelf pivotally mounted at one end to the hinge mountings, the shelf having a pair of U-shaped arms each having a pair of pins mounted at one end of the arms and received by the elongated and open ended slots when said shelf is in its extended position.

This invention relates to hinges and is more particularly directed to a combined hinge mounting support and shelf.

A principal object of the present invention is to provide a combined hinge mounting and shelf which is readily removable and can be made to swing from an extended position to its retracted position with ease.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a hinge mounting for a retractable shelf that may be mounted on a wall, desk, cart, counter or table to which a shelf is readily hinged for swinging to and from a retracted and extended position.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a combined hinge mounting and shelf which is simple in construction, sturdy, compact and one which cannot be inadvertently swung to its retracted position.

Still further object of the present invention is to provide a combined hinge mounting and shelf which is capable of sustaining heavy weights and which tends to remain in its extended position until the shelf is lifted bodily when the shelf is permitted to swing to its retracted or non-use po' sition.

With these and other objects in view, the invention will be best understood from a consideration of the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification, with the understanding, however, that the invention is not confined to any strict conformity with the showing of the drawing but may be changed or modified so long as such changes or modifications mark no material departure from the salient features of the invention as expressed in the appended claims.

In the drawing:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a cart having a combined hinge mounting and shelf constructed in accordance with my invention.

FIGURE 2 is an enlarged fragmentary side elevational view with the shelf arm partially broken away.

FIGURE 3 is a similar view showing the shelf arm swung to its retracted position.

FIGURE 4 is a cross sectional view taken along the line 4--4 of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 5 is an exploded view of the hinge mounting.

Referring to the drawing wherein like numerals are used to designate similar parts throughout the several views, the numeral refers to the combined hinge mounting and shelf constructed in accordance with our invention shown mounted on a serving table or cart 11. The serving table 11 which supports our combined hinge mounting and 3,421,458 Patented Jan. 14, 1969 ice shelf 10 is shown by way of illustration only inasmuch as it is obvious that my shelf S and hinge mounting H constituting the shelf device 10 may be mounted on any supporting structure as a wall, table, counter or any article of furniture, wherein a hinged shelf is desired.

The cart or serving table 11 is of conventional construction explained in detail in Patent No. 3,261,307, issued on July 19, 1966, to Goodwin Salkoif for Locking Device for Serving Tables. The serving table 11 consists of legs 12 joined by cross members 17 and panels 13, 14 forming the sides of the tables 11 and including a table top 15. At the bottom end of the legs 12, floor engaging casters 16 are mounted for readily moving the serving tables 11 about where desired. The table top 15 may be flat as shown providing work space or it may contain a plurality of cavities for receiving pans of food kept heated or chilled as explained in the aforementioned Salkofi patent.

Mounted on the front panel 13 is hinged shelf 10 comprised of the shelf S and a hinge mounting H, the shelf S extending across the full length of the serving table 11 at approximately the same level as the table top 15 when extended and the hinge mounting H being secured to the top portion of the legs 12.

The hinge mounting H is an extruded member consisting of a substantially rectangular body portion 19 in which there is an oval shaped slot 20 formed in the center portion thereof. The slot 20 communicates at its upper portion with a slot 21 formed on the front wall of the body portion 19 forming a lower front wall 22 and an upper front wall 23. The upper portion of the slot 21 is approximately half the thickness of that of the lower front wall 22 at the position of the slot 20. The top edge 34 of the lower front wall 22 is formed into a ridge for receiving a V-shaped slot 24 on the bottom edge of a closure plate 25 when the closure plate 25 is placed in the slot 21 and secured therein by a bolt 26 extending through a bore 27 in the closure plate 25 and into a threaded bore 28 in the body member 19. The body member 19 is provided with further threaded bores 29 for receiving bolts 30 that fasten the hinge mountings H to the cart 11 at the upper portion of the legs 12. At the top portion of body member 19 there is a slot 31 that extends to the sides and top edge thereof, the slot 31 being of greater width at the top edge of the body member 19 than at its bottom portion.

The shelf 5 which is pivotally supported at one end by the hinge support H consists of a pair of arms A extending in alignment with the hinge support members H that are fastened to the legs 12 of the cart. The arms A are U-shaped in cross section consisting of leg portions 34 joined at their top edges by a web portion 35. For strength the arms A are increasing in height in the direction of the hinge support members H where a pair of pins 32 and 33 are positioned. The pins 32 and 33 extend between the leg portions 34 having their ends welded thereto, the pin 32 being received by the oval slot 20 while the pin 33 is removably received by the slot 31 in the hinge mounting H. Extending between the arms A and fastened thereon are bars 36 which constitute the shelf for sup porting lunch trays and the like. It is obvious that a plate member or sheet metal may be used in lieu of the bars 36 for supporting small articles thereon.

After the pair of hinge mountings H have been fastened to the cart 11 by means of the bolts 30 extending through the legs 12, the closure plate 25 is removed by unthreading the bolt 26. The shelf S is then placed alongside the cart 11 and the pins 32 are inserted into the oval slots 20. The shelf S is permitted to pivot downwardly to its retracted position as shown by FIGURE 3 to expose the hinge mountings H. The closure plates 25 are then placed into its position in the slot 21 with the slot 24 of the closure plate 25 receiving the ridge 34. The bolts 26 are then threaded into the bores 28 to secure the closure plates 25 and prevent the pins 32 from'leaving the oval slot 20. Now by swinging the shelf S upwardly about the pivot pin 32, the pivot pins 32 will slide upwardly within the oval slot 20 and permit the pins 33 to be received by the slots 31. Any downward force or pressure placed on the shelf S will cause the pins 33 to slide downwardly in the slot 31 and become firmly wedged thereby, whereby it will require the bodily lifting of the shelf S to compel the pins 33 from leaving the slots 31. The shelf S is now secured in its extended position as shown by FIG- URES 1 and 2 and can be used as a shelf or counter. When it is no longer desired to use the shelf S or when transporting or moving the cart 11 from one place to another, the shelf S may be retracted. This is done by lifting the shelf S vertically a short distance to compel the pins 32 to slide upwardly in the oval slot 20 and the pins 32 to slide above the slot 31. The latter movement frees the pins 33 from the hinge mountings H and permits the shelf S to be swung downwardly about the pins 32 as center of rotation to the position alongside the front wall 13 of the cart 11.

What we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:

1. A combined hinge mounting and shelf comprising a body member having a top, front, rear and side walls, an elongated slot intermediate said front and rear walls and extending to said side walls, a second slot, said second slot extending along said front wall and communicating with said elongated slot, a closure plate, means securing said closure plate in said second slot, a third slot spaced from said front wall and extending from said top, side and rear walls, and shelf means having a pair of pins, one of said pins being received by said elongated slot and said other pin adapted to be received by said third slot when said shelf means is in an extended position.

2. The combination as recited by claim 1 wherein said shelf means comprises an arm member having a U-shaped cross sectiom 's'aid' pair of pins being secured at their ends to said arm member.

3. The combination as recited by claim 2 in addition to a second body member being identical in construction as said first named body member, means securing said body members to a support means, and a second arm member having a U-shaped cross section, each of said arm members having a U-shaped cross section and a pair of pins with end portions secured to said side walls of said arm members and means joining said arm means to form a shelf.

4. The combination as recited by claim 1 wherein said closure plate is provided with a lower edge portion and a groove in said lower edge portion, a ridge portion mounted on said body member at said front wall at the juncture of said elongated slot and said second slot, said groove receiving said ridge portion when said closure plate is in position in said second slot on said body member.

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FRANCIS K. ZUGEL, Primary Examiner.

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