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Publication numberUS3424158 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 28, 1969
Filing dateJun 21, 1966
Priority dateJun 21, 1966
Publication numberUS 3424158 A, US 3424158A, US-A-3424158, US3424158 A, US3424158A
InventorsSilver Jules
Original AssigneeSilver Jules
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Combination plastic mold,suppository package,dispenser and method for providing and using the same
US 3424158 A
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AND METHOD OF PROVIDING AND USING THE SAME Filed June 21, 1966 v j INVENTOR M0455 5/14 19? M W v ATTORNEY} United States Patent 9 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A sanitary method of providing a medicament in which it is completely concealed in a disposable tube in a solid form which will liquify at normal body temperatures and in which tube a disposable plunger is provided to dispense the medicament into a body opening directly from the tube without the necessity of contact of the medicament by human hands or with any foreign material at anytime during handling and administration of the medicament.

The present invention relates to a new means and method for the handling of imedicaments, in suppository form. This suppository is primarily for the treatment of diseases in humans and animals in which the medicament can be efficiently and economically handled free of contact by human hand or any other source of contamination prior to or at the time of administration.

A further object of this invention is the provision of a means and a method for the treatment of uterine diseases of domestic animals in which a plastic dispenser is used as a mold for receiving the medicament and supporting the same in solid form, the dispenser acting as a sealed package for the support of a suppository and including means to conveniently dispense the suppository in a sanitary manner without the necessity of human hands touching it at any time during the act of administration.

In the conventional method of treating uterine disease in domestic animals a bolus is employed. A bolus is a dry powder preparation compressed into a tablet form which does not disperse medicament evenly and may even induce irritation. It is frequently administered by hand to insure proper disposition. A suppository dosage form has the advantage of promoting even distribution of medicaments released from a nonirritating, soothing carrier which melts at body temperature. It is a purpose of the presentinvention to provide a dispenser which is disposable and requires no cleansing or maintenance, which enables the convenient application of a medicament in liquid or solid suppository form without touching or otherwise contaminating the medicaments.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent during the course of the following detailed description of the invention, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, forming portions of this specification, and in which drawing:

FIG. 1 is a side elevation of the dispenser.

FIG. 2 is a vertical cross sectional view taken through the dispenser.

FIGS 3 and 4 are cross sectional views taken substantially on the respective lines shown in FIG. 2 of the drawings.

FIG. 5 shows how the dispenser is used for the ejection of a suppository during the act of administering the same to the animal.

FIG. 6 is a cap which may be used with the dispenser. It has a cannula thereon in normally sealed condition and which can be snipped to open the same when it is desired to use the medicament in liquid form.

In the drawing, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown two embodiments of the invention and wherein similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, the letter A may generally designate the dispenser which is preferably formed of rigid plastic synthetic material adapted to support an elongated suppository B therein.

The dispenser A preferably comprises a cylindrical main body portion 10 which may be elongated and is provided with a passageway 11 therein of uniform diameter from end to end. At its upper end the dispenser is provided with a cap 12 of plastic material which includes a body portion and a handling flange 13 at the lower end thereof. It may be provided with serrations 14 internally thereof at the upper end of its cavity 15 for the purpose of gripping the external upper end of the body 10 when the cap is applied thereto. Thisseals the suppository receiving chamber 11. At its lower end, the body 10 is provided with outwardly extending diametrically opposed finger engaging flanges 20 and the lower end of the chamber 11 is provided with a full opening.

The dispenser A includes a plunger or piston 21, formed of rigid synthetic plastic, which may be constructed of right-angled ribs 22 extending substantially the length thereof, connected axially together and at their lower ends having a hand or thumb engaging disc 24 secured at right angles to the lengths of the flanges. Spaced from its upper end the plunger 21 has a disc 25 integral with the flanges 22 and the plunger above the disc 25 is provided with ribs or flanges 27 similar to the flanges 22 which are not as wide as the flanges 22 and which at the upper ends thereof support a piston head 30 of inverted disc-shaped formation which is sufficiently pliable at its periphery to slidably engage the inner walls defining the chamber 11 in a sealed relation thereagainst.

The dispenser plays an important part in the formation of the suppository, for the medicament B is molded directly in the chamber 11. To that end the plunger is withdrawn to the position shown approximately in FIG. 2 with the flange 25 of course located within the body 10. The cap 12 is removed and the medicament in liquid form is poured into the chamber 11 and allowed to cool into solid form in the form of a suppository. The cap 12 is then replaced and the article is thus in the forms of a suppository-containing package ready for the sanitary dispensing of the suppository B.

The materials of the suppository may vary, but for the purpose of a specific medicament for the uterine treatment of such domestic animals as cows, the composition may comprise the following ingredients and their respective proportions.

Each 15 gram contains:

The above active ingredients mixed in a special base of emulsifiers common to the art.

EXAMPLE H Neomycin sulfate equivalent to a neomycin base mg 500 Sulfathiazole g 780 Water g 500 Glycerin 12.780 Gelatin I mg 440 EXAMPLE HI Sulfanilamide mg 800 Dihydrostreptomycin equivalent to dihydrostreptomycin base mg 500 Polyethylene glycol 4000 gm 13 Polyethylene glycol 1000 mg 700 EXAMPLE IV Neomycin sulfate equivalent to neomycin 'base mg 500 Cocoa butter gm 14.5

The medicament used is an aid in preventing and controlling infections of sections of the vagina and uterus such as vaginitis, metritis, retained placenta, etc. The materials readily melt at body temperature and mix wit-h mucus and uterine exudates. I

In the use of the dispenser gloves are generally worn by the veterinarian. The gloved hand, of course, is cleansed with disinfectant. The animal is washed thoroughly with soap and water and a suitable disinfectant is applied at the entrance of the vagina. In connection with uterine treatment the plastic dispenser is usually dipped into a disinfectant solution and the cap removed. The dispenser in the palm of the gloved hand is inserted, after removal of the cap, through the cervix into the uterus. The plunger of the dispenser is pressed forward ejecting the suppository into the horn of the uterus. The plastic dispenser is then withdrawn and destroyed.

In the event the dispenser is to be used for ejection of the medicament in liquid form, a cap 50 similar to the cap 12 is used. It includes a top wall 51 provided with a reduced tubular top extension 52 and a cannula 53 sealed at the end 54 thereof.

In using the dispenser for ejection of a liquid the dispenser, in closed condition, is inserted into water at a suflicient temperature to melt the medicament B until it is in liquid form. Before the application the veterinarian snips the cannula 53 prior to insertion into the cavity to be treated.

Various changes in the shape, size and arrangement of parts of the dispenser may be made to the forms shown, and different medicaments in suppository form may be used in it without departing from the spirit of the invention or scope of the claims.

I claim:

1 In a dispenser for the application of medicaments, the combination of a tubular body, having a chamber therein which is of the same cross sectional size throughout the length thereof and which at both ends of the body is opened at said size, a removable cap sealing one end of said body, said body at the end opposite said cap having a slidably sealed plunger operating in the of the cannula, and in which the suppository is composed of materials which are liquid or will liquify at body heat.

3. The method of preparing a suppository which comprises selecting a tubular body having a passageway therethrough of lengthwise uniform diameter opening at said diameter on an outer end thereof with a slidable plunger type member mounted in the body and extending from the end thereof opposite said outer end, said body having a sealing cap at the outer end, removing the cap and pouring in liquid form a medicament which will turn into solid form upon being cooled and fills the entire passageway from sealing cap to plunger, allowing the medicament to cool and solidify, and placing the sealing cap on the outer end of the body.

4. The method of inserting a suppository into a body orifice which consists in providing a dispenser of tubular form having a chamber therein of a definite cross section from end to end which opens at both ends of the body, the body opening at one end having a plunger and at the opposite end thereof having a removable sealing cap, and the chamber having a solid medicament completely concealed therein which will melt at body temperature,

7 removing the cap, inserting the body into the orifice and extruding the solid suppository into the orifice by movement of said plunger relative to said body.

5. A dispenser for the treatment of uterine diseases as defined in claim 1 in which the suppository is formed of a medicament containing cod liver oil.

6. A dispenser as defined in claim 1 in which the suppository comprises a medicament consisting of a neomycin sulfate equivalent to a neomycin base; allantoin; sulfanilamide; bithionol; sulfathi'azole and cod liver oil, the above active ingredients mixed in a special base of emulsifiers common to the art.

7. A dispenser as defined in claim 1 in which the suppository comprises a medicament consisting of neomycin sulfate equivalent to a neomycin base; sulfathiazole; water; glycerine; and gelatin.

8. A dispenser as defined in claim 1 in which the suppository comprises a medicament consisting of sulfanilamide; dihydrostrepotmycin equivalent to dihydrostreptomycin base; polyethylene glycol 4000; polyethylene glycol 1000, the above active ingredients mixed in a special base of emulsifiers common to the art.

9. A dispenser as defined in claim 1 in which the suppository comprises a medicament consisting of neomycin sulfate equivalent to neomycin base and cocoa butter.

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