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Publication numberUS342484 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1886
Publication numberUS 342484 A, US 342484A, US-A-342484, US342484 A, US342484A
InventorsJames Wade
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Stri ping-instrument
US 342484 A
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J. VWM-1.l



XAppli'ttmn 'elementary zinsen.- s'eruu ivo. iesQao-l. modem To all whom it may .'ooy'wern: Berit known that I, JAMES WADE,.a`citizen .f the United States of America, residing at Dana,l in the county of Vermillionand State 5 v(pf-Indiana, have invented certain -new and' -nseful-Improvementsin Painters Devices'for Striping Painted Surfaces, of which the followin'gis a specification, reference' being had thereinto the accolnpanyingdrawings.' "'-My .invention relates to painters striping devicesfand it consists of a wheel m o'unted on a suitable bearing in a frame to revolve betvjeen friction-plates, -which `are held lby a yielding pressure closely tothe' faces of the- 15 wheel, the frame being provided with .a hol# ..-l'ow. s`tem', constructed to receive and hold.` firmly a hollow handle, adapted to receive i.. and: convey .the paint. tarnishemarketing .-'pas'sageto the periphery of the revolving' 2O wheel provided with an annularbearingclaimed. l

Inthe aceompanyingjdrawings', Figure Il is striper in use inv the paite'rs hand. =.`Fig. 2 is a reverse sidevie'w ofthe frame, showing the compressorgplateand the setlscrews. 3,*is a bottom view of the tool,y Fig .4 is aion'.- gitudinal section .on linen: a; of Figs'. 2 and 3. Fig. 5` is aside view of the franje 'without the compressorplate, showing vthe elastic packing in place'.- Eig.- 6- isa side view without the. compressor-.plate and-elastic packing, show-V 'ing the'adjustable friction-plate1 in position' -upon the wheel. Fig. 7 is a 'perspectiveview showing the position o'f the, wheel in the frame. Fig. 8 is a side view showing the grooved face of the fixed friction-plate. Fig. 9'is a planof the grooved face of the adj ustablefrictionplate detached. Fig. 10 l A designates the frame, c onstructedof brass' or any other suitable materiah1 '-j'This frameis l provided with a hollow stem, B',cons tructed 45 any required length to fit within thelowe'r end of va'hollo'whandle,'(1, made of -vulcajnl tongue,gall as hereinafter fully described and@ I f' 'within .the cavityofthe-frame.

apersp'eetive view showing the position of the'- is a side' elevati-on of f the tool-.provided witha curvedrlian'dle.

inches, and its upper end is .provided with 'a solid top, C', 'the lower portion of which is made to 'fitclosely in the up`per end ofthe 55 handle, andis provided 'with a. slot, b, -to adl nit airinto the cavityof the. handle during the use of -the tool, to regulate and facilitate the flow lofgthe paint-tothe wheel. This slot gradually increasesin size from its topv to its tity of air to Ibe admitted into the handle -as' may be. required to be varied bythe d-iiferent sizes of wheels used, .the quantities and conditions ofgthelpaint inthe chambers of 65 the stern and handle, it being-evident that thefarther the top'iss withdrawn out ofthe-4 handle the more airwill be admitted and the -greater'thellow o f painttothe wheel, and vice ...versa-A- 7o D'A designate, re`s1` e' :ti vely tired and adjustable` frictionplates, which are "made of chilled steel and arel constructed-teilt closely The inner faces of these-friction-plates are trued to form' true bearings upon the faces of thestriping-y wheel, and these faces", of the friction-plates are provided wthgrooves .b, opposite to each other and of the same size, for the purpose of .taking up the paint. from the Wheel, as here-' 80 inafter explained. r .E -designates the striping-wheehhiade of chilled steel with smootlptrued faces.v Thev wheelis provided witha central hole theirs-wv -quiredsizeto `lit neatly and re'volve freely on 85.4

rits bearng-pin c, made o f steel or other suitable material. The end c of the pin is threaded to i't ingda threadedholein the. sideplateof they frame,` and the 'end c'l of the pin is provided with a threaded socket to receivethe threaded' 9o Lend offene of the. set-screws` d. f g

' The-adjustable frictionplate D" is' provided with a hole to receive the end`c"o the pin c.

Aru-bber packing, f,of the required thickness, i j

.is placed upon'the oute'rface ofthe plate D', and 95 is secured in placehy 'a' plate,'d, of brass 'or oth er vsuitable material, riveted ''r screwed to the fplate D' over .the rubber packing. The ,edges of this rubber packin'gare extendedyas shown' so as-.toform `closeipacking between-the edges .of the plates'and the wallsjof the frame.'

' F'- designates 'an elastic packing, .ofcoik or otherstable material, placed. between the 60 l bottom, for the purpose of regulating the quanin thedrawings, beyond the dgesof. the plates," zool cbmpressor-plalteG and the adjustable-fric tionplate,for the purpose of producingyield' ing pressureof the friction'plates upon the faces of the wheel.y The compressor-platel is .provided with holes-to receive the-set's'crews,one of which has'itsbearing'inthe socket ende2 of the pin c,as above descrilied,.and the other set-screws havetheirvbearings in thethreadcd holes h in the frame. These set-screws are for the purposeofadjusting and holding in place the Ycomplessor-plate, so as to causethe faces of the friction-plates to press closely'against the faces of the wheel,4 to prevent .the paint frompassing between the wheel and the plates. The set-screws and their threaded holes 'are made the requisite lengths to allow the plate D to be adjusted to the wheels, of' all the diff 'erentfthicknessesused with the frame. The ce tralfportion'of theperiphe'ry of the wheel is 'rov'ided with an annular tongue, a', vthe bearing-surface o ffwhich ismilled or corv'ivugate'd to prevent the wheel from'slippingl l over the surface. being striped'. This 'annularA Atongue'is made the requisite size only to fornia bearing for the wheel, leaving sufficient pe v f to r'eceive and deposit on thel surface most of the paint. In using the tool the peripheral surfaces on ;vo" each side of the tongue, coated with the paint conveyed vto, the wheel from ihestem audj handle, arefheld by the tongue from pressure upon the' surface being striped, preventing 'thus the-spreading of the paint and enabling theltol to produce stripes, theI thicknessof the-wheel i'nuse,l having true smooth regular edgesf4 number ofjwlieels of the same diameter and construction,but of different thick nesses 4 Say f inc to correspond with the diil'e'reut widths of stripesjobe painted, are constructed to a ccompany each-lapel.4

` To insert orv remove awhe'el, the set-screws,

-4 5\ compressor-plate, and adjustable friction In use the tool is moved "v toward; not from, l' 5 5 the painter, and it maybe usedfwitha'straight or smooth or without a 'guide, similar tothemannerof nsing afpainterspen The set screws should beadjusted-'so as to cause suicientpressure betwe'll. @he Sidof' the wheel and-inner faces of the'frictionplates ff 'to prevent the' paint' from passing-'betweenthe wheeland plates.'v 'lli'ispressure ef the plates against the wheeltends toretard the free rotary movement -of the wheel -and :requires- "pai ter suifleientto` rotate the wheel. This 'surfaces far enough; to vallow the'periph'eral ripheral surfaces on leach side ofthe tongue v the principle of lmy irnvfention.

yby Letters Patent, isvfromone-sixty-fourth tefoiiefhalf of an in the position-shown in'Fig. 1 o

pressure ofy the tool upon soft s'uiaces.- will* press the bearing-tongue of the wheel into'the o. surfaces by the sides ofthe tongue to approach near enough to the surfaces which are being" striped to press/portions of the paint beyond and cause some of vit to adhere to the sides ofi the WheeLah'd without the grooves in the plates the paint'would accumulate and spread over the sides of that portion of the wheel Iwhich vextends beyond vtheframe, which would ref quire the painter tostop his work frequentlyfor the purpose-of cleaning the paint Iofi' the wheel/jf' 'ln 'my i-mprovedtool the paint adhering to the :sides of the'wheel is carried,upward through the mouths of the groovesand re-` moved from the wheeland deposited iuthe interior portions of the grooves.' 'The grooves being .extended to the back edges of the plates and constructed so that when the tool is in position for use y'they incline backward and downward, the `paint taken off the vwheel andlgg deposited yin the grooves ilowsto andv isagain deposited upon the periphery ofthewhjeel. This tool' is adapted for u se' upon curved surfaces 'as' well as flat surface'snl In usingfthe tooluponverticalsu-rfaces, a straight handle -w'onld be placed teo nearly in a horizontal position toallow the paint to flow freely to the wheel,' and' therefore forsuch use the, tool may be-provided with acurved, handle, as shown. in- Fig.y l0 of the drawings,l it being evident that -the\ handle may be made straight or curved, as'shown, orl of any other required curvature Without departingfrom @What I claim asile v, and .desire to secure :o5

1. A painters striping-wheel, E,' provided" with a central annulartongue, a', and having peripheralv paintcarrying surfaces onf each- "side o'fthetongue,in combination with a frameadapted to carry 'the' wheel, and 'means for 'supplyingthe periphery' of4 therevolving wheel with.paint,' substantially as Vand for thep'urposesdescribe'd.

2.1 The combination ofthe frame A, provided with the hnowstem B, the' cavity n',

between friction-plates in the .cavity ofA the wheel with paint, substantiallyas and furthe 3. The combnation of the frame'A, provided. with the' hollow stem' B, cavity B', and connecting-passage a, the grooved friction-plates -D D", the wheel E, mounted on the pinlc, to


revolve between the friction-p-la't'esinthe-cavityof the frame, the setscrews-d, compressorplate G, the elastic'packing F', 'ai1 d-means for supplying the revolving 'wheelwithpaint,

. ISO -substantiallyas and for the purposes described.

4; The combination of the frame A, having the hollow stem B,. cavity B', andc onn'ectiu'gfP passage' a, the wheel E,'mounted on as'uitable' IOO.

'Irov andthe connecting-passage a, and the'` wheel E, mounted- 'upon a suitable bearing to revolve bearing to revolve between friction-'plates in `In testimony whereof I affix lmy signature in the cavity of the frame, the hollow handle C, presence of two witnesses. constructedto fit closely over the upper p0ry tion of the stern, and the solid top C', having' Y JAMES WADE.

5 its lower portion constructed to t closely in the upper end of the handle, and provided Witnesses:-

with a tapered s1ot,b, substantially as and for ISAAC BOGAR'P, t-he purposes described. JULIUs C. GRovEs.

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