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Publication numberUS3428967 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1969
Filing dateSep 29, 1965
Priority dateNov 5, 1964
Also published asDE6602665U
Publication numberUS 3428967 A, US 3428967A, US-A-3428967, US3428967 A, US3428967A
InventorsHughes Terence O
Original AssigneeHughes Terence O
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Child's chamber pot
US 3428967 A
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Feb. 25, N58 o. HUGHES 3,4283%? cuxw's CHAMBER POT Filed Sept. 29. 1965 FIG. 1


United States Patent 3,428,967 CHILDS CHAMBER POT Terence 0. Hughes, 40 Summerhill Close, Haywards Heath, Sussex, England Filed Sept. 29, 1965, Ser. No. 491,290 Claims priority, application Great Britain, Nov. 5, 1964,

45,109/64 US. (:1. 4-142 Int. Cl. A47k 11/06 6 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to chambers for small children.

It is well known that there are many difficulties associated with the question of small childrens toilet requirements whilst on journeys since many children refuse to be associated with chambers or the like that are not of the form to which they are accustomed at home. A further difliculty arises from the fact that the conventional chambers as at present manufactured for small children are not suitable for use when travelling since they occupy a large amount of space, will cause embarrassment if carried about in public, and are difficult to maintain in a clean and hygienic condition during such travelling.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a childs chamber pot that will not be soiled by the child when in use.

Acording to the present invention a childs chamber pot comprises a base member, a seat displaceable relatively to said base member and mountable thereon, and a disposable liquid resistant bag, the chamber pot being adapted to clamp a peripheral part of the bag between the seat and the base member.

Preferably the bag is provided with a draw cord extending around a neck portion of the bag whereby, after after the pot has been used, the draw cord can be tightened to seal the neck of the bag. To facilitate handling of the draw cord the base member is formed With one or more slots in its side through which the draw cord ends can extend and so permit the draw cord to be tightened before the bag is removed from the base member.

In order that the invention may be clearly understood, reference will now be made to the accompanying drawing showing, by way of example only, one embodiment of the present invention and in which:

FIGURE 1 is a general view of the childs chamber pot; and

FIG. 2 is a cross section along the line XX through FIG. 1 and showing the seat about to be lowered so as to clamp a peripheral part of the bag between the seat and the base member.

As illustrated the base member 1 is of generally inverted frusto-conical form, there is being an outwardly directed flange 2 extending radially from its upper periphery Extending downwardly into the base member 1 is a disposable liquid resistant bag 3, the bag 3 being so arranged in the base member 1 that a peripheral part 4 of the bag extends over the outwardly directed flange 2.

The bag 3 is of such a size that with the peripheral part 4 arranged as stated above, the bottom of the bag rests on the bottom 5 of the base member 1 in order that the peripheral part 4 of the bag shall not be subjected to any load when the pot is being used.

3,428,967 Patented Feb. 25, 1969 The seat 6 is formed in such a manner that it presents a recess 7 in its underface, the recess 7 being so shaped that the outwardly directed flange 2, of the base member 1, is engageable within said recess 7.

Associated with the bag 3 are a pair of draw cords 8, there being one draw cord 8 extending around one half of the bag and a second draw cord 8 extending around the other half of the bag. The ends of the draw cords 8 extend outwardly through slots 9 formed in the side walls of the base member 1. As shown these slots 9 are diametrically opposed and extend upwardly to a point where the outwardly directed flange 2 commences. The draw cords are slidably secured to the bag by means of loop members 10 secured to the outer surface of the bag by any suitable means, for example by spot welding or adhesive.

After the pot has been used the seat 6 may be removed and the draw cords 8 tightened to provide an initial closing of the bag. Thereafter the bag is removed and the draw cords 8 are used to tie up the resulting neck in the bag and so seal the contents therein.

The bag may be of liquid resistant paper or of plastic material.

Having now described one particular embodiment of the present invention it will be appreciated that many modifications may be made thereto as may fall within the scope of the appended claims.

Thus, for example, there may be but a single draw cord 8 extending around the bag 3 and the two ends of this draw cord 8 may extend out through a single slot 9 formed in the side wall of the base member 1. In addition, if desired, the slot 9 may extend to the outer edge of the flange 2 instead of terminating at the inner edge of the flange 2 as is the case in the particularly described embodiment. Such a modification may also apply to the two slots 9 of the particular embodiment.

In a further embodiment the base member 1 has an upwardly directed rib that meets With a corresponding groove formed in the under surface of the seat 6, the peripheral part 4 of the bag 3 being clamped between said rib and groove.

In a further construction the base member 1 has a plurality of upstanding pegs that are eng-agable in blind bores formed in the under face of the seat 6, the upstanding pegs being adapted to either press spaced parts of the peripheral edge 4 of the bag 3 into said blind bores or to extend through punched out parts of the bag 3 before extending into said blind bores. Alternatively the seat is formed with a number of depending pegs and these pegs are insertable into bores formed in a flange 2 on the base member 1. In this latter embodiment the periphery of the disposable bag 3 is again intended to be gripped by lapping the periphery of the bag over said pegs so that when the seat is lowered onto the base member the periphery of the bag will be securely held by the interaction of the pegs with the corresponding holes therefor.

The seat 6 may be completely detachable from the base member 1 or it may be pivotally secured to the base member to prevent it from becoming inadvertently lost.

The chamber pot may also be provided with a lid that is itself pivotally connected to or detachable from the seat of the chamber pot in order that the chamber pot when being carried about in public can have the appearance of a simple container.

Although in the particular embodiment the base member 1 is of frusto conical form it may also, if desired, be of a simple cylindrical form.

It will be appreciated that a chamber pot of this nature will be used by a child at home in order that the child can become accustomed to this particular style of pot and, thereafter, when the child is being taken on a journey the pot can be taken along as well and should it be used during such a journey the bag can either be removed from the pot and deposited in a conventional toilet or the draw cord or draw cords can be used to seal the neck of the bag and the bag can then be allowed to remain in the pot until such time as it can be disposed of.

I claim:

1. A childs chamber pot comprising a base member in the form of a liquid-tight pot that is closed at its bottom, a seat displaceably mounted on the upper periphery of the base member, and a disposable liquid resistant bag inserted in said pot, the bag being of such dimensions that with the bottom of the bag resting on the bottom of the pot, the upper peripheral part of the bag extends over and around the upper edge of the pot and is clamped between said edge and the seat.

2. A pot as claimed in claim 1 and wherein the bag is provided with a draw cord extending around a neck portion of the bag.

3. A pot as claimed in claim 2 and wherein the base member is formed with a slot in its side and through which at least one of said draw cords ends extends.

4. A pot as claimed in claim 3 and wherein the slot extends downwardly from the upper edge of the base member and is open at its upper end.

5. A pot as claimed in claim 2 and wherein the base member is formed with two diametrically opposed slots extending downwardly from its upper edge and the bag 4 is provided with a pair of draw cords that extend through said slots.

6, In the childs chamber pot of claim 1, there being interengageable surfaces on the seat and base member preventing lateral displacement of the seat, the peripheral portion of said bag being of such size as to be clamped between said interengageable surfaces.

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LAVERNE D. GEIGER, Primary Examiner.

25 D. MASSENBERG, Assistant Examiner.

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