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Publication numberUS3434633 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1969
Filing dateOct 23, 1967
Priority dateOct 23, 1967
Also published asDE1804446A1
Publication numberUS 3434633 A, US 3434633A, US-A-3434633, US3434633 A, US3434633A
InventorsGreen Derek Bernard
Original AssigneeScovill Manufacturing Co
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Dispensing actuator for aerosol containers
US 3434633 A
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D. B. GREEN *March 25, 1969 DISPENSING ACTUATOR FOR AEROSOL CONTAINERS Filed Oct. 23, 1967 INVENTOR De rek if-ree n BY m ATTORNEY United States Patent US. Cl. ZZZ-402.13 3 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE One-piece molded actuator fits over the top of aerosol container and provides tiltable spout to actuate tilt-type aerosol valve.

This invention relates to a dispensing actuator for aerosol containers. More specifically, this invention relates to a dispensing actuator adapted for use with a conventional aerosol container and which will nearly conceal the metal parts of the container valve mount from view and, in some versions, prevent the contact of the aerosol product with such metal parts.

The prior patent art is replete with all sorts of aerosol valve actuators. However, none are designed for use with a tilt-type aerosol valve and, at the same time, are simple and inexpensive to produce. The present invention has for an object to provide such an actuator.

Other objects of the invention will be apparent from a reading of the following specification, including drawings wherein:

FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing an actuator embodying the invention applied to an ordinary aerosol container;

FIG. 2 is a sectional view, similar to FIG. 1, but showing the actuator spout being tipped to actuate the valve;

FIG. 3 is a sectional view of a modified version of the actuator of FIG. 1; and

FIG. 4 is a slightly enlarged fragmentary sectional view of another modified version.

Referring more specifically to the drawings, an assembly including the dispensing actuator is generally designated in FIG. 1. It comprises the aerosol valve mounting cup 12 having the conventional semicircular annular flange or head 14 adapted to seal onto the bead on a container, an annular well 16 and a central upstanding valve pedestal 18. The valve as is conventional and shown, for instance in the Briechle Patent 3,158,298, includes the housing 20' having a flared upper flange 22 with castellated sides, dip tube 23, a top gasket 24, a valve element 26 with upright stem 27 and a biasing spring 28. As shown, the pedestal 118 is staked in below the castellated flange 22. The valve body extends up through aligned openings in the gasket and the pedestal, and includes the sealing rim 30, passage 32. The valve stem 27 permits passage of aerosol products when the valve, biased in seated position by spring 28, is tipped.

The dispensing actuator is generally designated 40. It is an integral molded plastic piece and has a central upward tubular spout 42 which may be tapered as shown. The spout central opening may be enlarged as at 44 in the area of the stem 27 and may present a relatively thick base 46. As shown, the lower surface of the base 46 is spaced slightly above the top of the pedestal 24 to provide clearance for the tilt movement of the spout.

Connected to the periphery of the base and extending downward therefrom to well below the top of the pedestal is the relatively thin annular downward web 48. A similarly thin annular radiused Web 50 is connected to the lower end of the web 48 and has its outer end directed outwardly. To this outer end is connected an annular upward web 52.

3,434,633. Patented Mar. 25, 1969 An outward and downwardly rounded annular peripheral rim 54 is connected to the outer end of the upward web. This rim, relatively thick, compared with the webs 48, 50 and 52, and hence more rigid, has an inward annular rib 56 at its outer margin. As shown, the rim 54 engages over the rolled peripheral bead] or flange 14, and the rib 56 is disposed under part of the bead 14 to h ld the actuator on the container.

As a result of the above described and shown structure, when a lateral pressure is applied to the top of the spout, the spout, being relatively thick and rigid, will tilt as the webs 48, 50 and 52 change shape. In effect, as shown in FIG. 2, the curvature of the radiused web 50 flows to the adjacent webs. The tilting movement causes the inside of the spout to engage and tip the stem 27, actuating the valve. At the same time, the mounting cup 12 and its parts are concealed from view.

In the version of FIG. 3, the primed form of the same referenced numeral is used to indicate corresponding parts of the version of FIGS. 1 and 2. lln the FIG. 3 version the spout, rather than being tapered, is stepped inwardly as at 60 and provided with an annular rib 62. The rib fits into a mating groove 64 in a head 66 to hold the head in place on the spout 42. As shown, the end 68 of the head may be shaped to direct the aerosol product laterally through its opening 70.

Obviously, many other versions of the head 66 can be used in cooperation with the actuator of the invention, and the great variety of heads which may be selected indicates the versatility of the simple and inexpensive actuator of the invention. It should be understood, however, that the present actuator is perfectly presentable without such a head since it effectively conceals the less attractive parts of the aerosol container from view.

As shown in the modified version of FIG. 4, the di ameter of the spout in the enlarged section '44" in base 46" can be the same or slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the stem 27' whereby a seal is created between the two parts preventing the flow of aerosol products down into the mounting cup 12". The seal can be enhanced by forming the enlarged section 44" with alternate ribs 72 and grooves. The ribs engage the stem in a line seal contact.

The spout 42 may include restriction or other means to break up and disperse the aerosol product. For instance, a vortex chamber as provided in the Briechle et a1. Patent 3,226,040, or equivalent, may be incorporated in the path of the aerosol product as it emerges from the upper end of the spout. The word tubular as used in the following claims is meant to encompass such modified constructions.

It should be understood that while the invention has been shown in but a limited number of forms, it is not limited and should be interpreted in terms of the appended claim language including equ'ivalents thereof.

I claim:

1. A dispensing actuator for aerosol containers having a valve mounting cup with a rolled peripheral bead connecting it to the container, an annular well, and a central upstanding valve pedestal with a tilt-type valve and an upward valve stem, the actuator being of one-piece elastomeric construction and comprising:

(a) a central upward tubular spout having a base, the base adapted, when the actuator is mounted, to have its central opening receive the stem and its lower surface spaced a'bove the pedestal,

(b) a relatively thin annular web connected to and extending downwardly from the periphery of the base and adapted when the actuator is mounted to extend well below the top of such pedestal,

'(c) a relatively thin annular radiused web connected 3 4 to and surrounding the lower end of the downward in the central opening of the base sealingly engages the web and having its outer end directed outwardly, stern.

(d) a relatively thin annular upward web connected 3. A dispensing actuator as described in claim 2 Whereto and surrounding the outer end of the radiused in the central opening presents a series of spaced grooves web, and 5 to enhance the seal.

(e) a relatively thick outward and downwardly rounded annular peripheral :rim connected to and sur- References Cited rounding the outer end of the upward web and hav- UNITED STATES PATENTS v v th Inward annular at outer margm e 2,697,635 12/1954 Ivins et al. 222-40213 rim adapted to engage snugly over the rolled bead 10 2,779,514 1/1957 Kebel 222-40223 with the rib disposed under part of the head to hold 6 4 22 the actuator on the container, whereby a lateral 2,831 17 1958 Sofie- 222402 2,932,434 4/1960 Abplanalp 222--402.22

pressure at the top of the spout will tilt the spout as the curvature of the radiused web flows to the adjacent Webs and will cause the inside of the spout 15 ROBERT REEVES Exammer to engage and tip the stem, actuating the valve, and H. S. LANE, Assistant Examiner. whereby the mounting cup and its parts are neatly concealed from view. US. Cl. X.'R.

2. A dispensing actuator as described in claim 1 where- 222-402-221

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