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Publication numberUS3435723 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1969
Filing dateDec 23, 1965
Priority dateDec 23, 1965
Publication numberUS 3435723 A, US 3435723A, US-A-3435723, US3435723 A, US3435723A
InventorsCorder James T
Original AssigneeCorder James T
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Musical drum
US 3435723 A
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April 1, 1969 J. T. CORDER MUSICAL DRUM Filed Dec.

m GT N OE CV W. 5 m 3 0 J H O 4 2 3 8 2 2 2 O 2 20 6 .w h A M \m 4 l. vdv a v Um N 2.. V si 5 m 7 M 43 M m FIG. 2


United States Patent 3,435,723 MUSICAL DRUM James T. Corder, 2403 Gladstone Drive NE., Huntsville, Ala. 35811 Filed Dec. 23, 1965, Ser. No. 516,066 Int. Cl. Gltld 13/02 US. Cl. 84-411 4 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A musical drum wherein the shell consists of an outer structural member of clear plastic such as Plexiglas and an inner member of decorative material wherein the inner member can be changed to provide different decorative patterns and tonal responses Without need of changing the entire drum shell.

This invention relates to musical instruments and particularly to musical drums.

Musical drums have been constructed in basically the same manner for decades. In general one consists of a pair of drum heads, a rim or shell assembly and clamping means for clamping the heads to the rim assembly.

The rim assemblies of drums are generally constructed of 'wood although some are constructed of metal. Wood is regarded as the preferred material probably because of its tonal characteristics which vary somewhat from drums in which metal rim assemblies are employed. This difference is due at least in part to the interior surface of the wood rim which is relatively porous when compared to a metal rim. Thus while the metal shell is obviously more durable and rugged this type of shell has not gained wide acceptance apparently because of the tonal factor mentioned above.

A greater disadvantage of both types, wood rims as well as metal rims, is that they tend to go out of style, or at least out of favor, before the drum as a whole has reached the end of its useful life. This is particularly the case inasmuch as a great many if not the majority of drums are sold with brightly colored or ornamented rim or shell assemblies. Often the color or color format of the drum ensemble employed by a particular drummer with a particular band becomes identifiable with that band and any change to play with another group represents the obvious complications. Further, one simply gets tired of seeing the same bright color or color scheme after a period of time but with the unfortunate choice of retaining what he has or purchasing a new set of drums or, at best, a new set of rim assemblies. Either of course, is expensive and obviously wasteful.

It is the object of the present invention to provide a drum assembly which offers all of the desirable characteristics of wood or metal rim assemblies and at the same time permits drum appearance to be substantially changed without a substantial expense. This is accomplished by a two layer rim assembly wherein the outer layer is transparent and the inner layer has a decorative outer surface for providing a viewable finish and the inner surface of the inner layer provides any desired tonal reinforcement or absorption characteristics. Other objects, features and advantages of my invention will become apparent from the following description when considered together with the accompanying drawing in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a drum constructed in accordance with the invention;

FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a portion of FIG. 1 along lines 2-2; and

FIG. 3 is a sectional view of an alternate form of construction for a portion of a drum shell assembly.

As shown in the drawings a drum 10, in accordance with the principles of this invention, comprises a cylindrical drum shell or rim assembly 12 supporting, through locking hoop rings .13 and 14, drum heads 15 and 16. Two end rings 18 and 20' are arranged to be clamped to dum shell assembly 12 by means of suitable ring clamping lugs 22 and 24 in combination with adjusting bolts 26 and 28 and anchoring lugs 30, lugs 30 being integrally secured to drum shell assembly 12 for receiving and anchoring adjusting bolts 26 and '28. These bolts tighten the drum heads in position. Drum shell assembly 12 differs from conventional structures as will be hereinafter described.

In accordance with the invention disclosed herein, instead of employing a drum head assembly consisting of a solid rim of wood or metal, rim assembly 12 consists of two cylindrical members. An outer cylindrical member 32 is constructed of transparent Plexiglas, polycarbonate or other rigid, transparent material, and can be of any transparent color-tinted such material. Adjacent to outer cylindrical member 32 and interior of it is an inner cylindrical member 34 of an opaque material. This can also be a colored translucent material. Inner cylindrical member 34 covers the inner surface of outer cylindrical member 32 and provides an inner surface for the drum in accordance with any desired sound reflecting or sound absorbent characteristic. It also provides the outer appearance for shell assembly 12 viewable through transparent member 32. Accordingly, inner cylindrical member 34 is made as a removable element, liner or insert, and it is exchangeable to achieve any desired combination of sound absorbent or reflective qualities and as well as external appearances.

For example Where different size and type drums are used in combination as a set, as they most frequently are, the same external appearance insert would be employed for all drums but different interior surfaces for the insertion would be employed in accordance with the effects to be produced. For example, with a snare drum, it is often desirable to create a sharper and more reflective sound whereas in the case of a bass drum it is often more desirable to have a softer and less resounding sound. These differences can be readily achieved by varying surface density or hardness as by a two ply construction for an inner member 35 (FIG. 3) wherein inner ply 36 would be of a material to provide the desired tonal requirements, and outer ply 38 would be of a material to provide the desired decorative finish. As an example for a bass drum, inner ply 36 would be a soft cloth material and ply 38 a thin, hard, highly light reflective, decorative sheet of plastic type material. For a snare drum inner cylindrical member 34 is ideally constructed of a single layer or sheet of thin decorative plastic having a hard nonporous surface on both sides.

Typically outer rim member 32 is constructed of Plexiglas of A; to A inch thickness which has been heated and bent in a circular shape to form to the diameter desired. The ends (not shown) of outer rim member 32 are partially overlapped and sealed, as by means of ultrasonic sealing or by cementing the edges together, or by a clear jointer extruded to fit the edges to be joined. Insert members 34 may vary, typically having a vinyl exterior surface 40 and metal, wood, plastic, vinyl or cloth interior surface 42 depending, as indicated above on the desired characteristic. They are made sufficiently rigid to form fit snugly against outer rim member 32 and are held to outer rim member 32 by means of bolts 44 connecting through washers 45 and holes 46 to anchoring lugs 30 on the outside of rim asesmbly 32.

The balance of the construction of drum 10 would 3 4 depend upon its function whether it is to be a snare drum, outer surface of said inner cylindrical member is a highbass drum or other type drum. As a snare drum, of course ly light reflective surface. it would have the normal snares (not shown) on the 3. The musical drum set forth in claim 1 wherein said side of rim member 32 to adjust tension of the snares. outer cylindrical member is /s to Mt inch Plexiglas.

I claim: 4. The musical drum set forth in claim 1 wherein said (A) a cylindrical shell assembly comprising: 0 inner cylindrical decorative member comprises:

(1) an outer cylindrical structural member which (A) a first and inner ply layer of material having a is substantiall rigid and transparent, surface hardness adapted to provide a desired tonal (2) an inner cylindrical decorative member being r p thinner than said outer cylindrical structural 10 (B) a second and outer ply layer of a material having member and substantially covering the inner a Surface p y g a decorative finish; surface of said outer cylindrical structural memmeans for clamping Said inner cylindrical decoraber, tive member to said outer cylindrical structural (B) a pair of drum heads mounted on opposite ends of said outer cylindrical structural member and being 15 References Cited solely supported by said outer cylindrical structural UNITED STATES PATENTS member; 3 (C) clamping means for clamping said heads to said 3,1 6,201 6/1964 Lang 84-411 outer cylindrical structural member; FOREIGN PATENTS (D) clamping means for clamping said inner cylin- 20 239,209 960 Australia.

drical decorative member to said outer c lindrical structural member y RICHARD B. WILKINSON, Primary Examiner.

2. The musical drum set forth in claim 1 wherein the G. M. POLUMBUS, Assistant Examiner.

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