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Publication numberUS3439341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1969
Filing dateAug 9, 1965
Priority dateAug 9, 1965
Publication numberUS 3439341 A, US 3439341A, US-A-3439341, US3439341 A, US3439341A
InventorsDolby James L, Resnikoff Howard L
Original AssigneeLockheed Aircraft Corp
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Hyphenation machine
US 3439341 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 15, 1969 DOLBY ET AL HYPHENATION MACHINE Sheet Filed Aug. 9, 1965 oNdI INVENTORS. JAMES L. DOLBY g$WARD L. RESNIKOFF Agent April 15, 1969 3.1.. DOLBY ET AL 3,439,341

HYPHENATION MACHINE Filed Aug. 9, 1965 Sheet 7 of 2s lNPUTS FRDM CELLS OF 205 SHIFT 2 REGISTER a k VOWG O 6 a vowel 1 I-- a; vowel a; a 1!; B 3 Vowel 6) B VOWEL og 8: VOWGI B2 (V) 3 vowel V B; 5 B B vowel B. a vowel 2A 207M :1, weak consonant 0 l3 B weak consononl a SEQ-I2 B week consonant ggsammfls AK l consommv CELLS B ng B #weok consononl In B. #VIBOKCOIISODOM B, oll consononls 208 Fig '3 mcludlnq G and G l B CONSDNANT 6 LOGIC Fon l 2 {3 CELL a, ol| consononls Fig mcludmg G ond G 6 la cousounn'r G5 LOGIC FOR G:



JAMES L. DOLBY HOWARD L. RESNIKOFF BY 2 igenl April 15, 1969 J, DOLBY ETAL 3,439,341

HYPHENATION MACHINE Filed Aug. 9. 1965 Sheet 8 of 2s Z LIZ -40. FIG.4A

OWE v L 402 (D is" Fig. ISA

@ B, a VOWEL B: #U B: is

@ B. at IIAK OOIISOIANT B a voweu. Fives Bl B. I v (lemr v) I I I I I I I I I I I I r I I I I I I 414 I 5 4|? MS I O a I I VOWEL 3. run COIISOOIAIIT 4| 6 INVI 'NTORS. S x cs I JAMES L. DOLE! HOWARD L. RESNIKOFF B Y Y W Agent April 15, 1969 Filed Aug. 9. 1965 B VOWEL J. L. DOLBY ETAL HYPHENAT ION MACHINE (lg VOWEL E. CONST.


nvrunm'non MACHINE Filed Aug. 9. 1965 Sheet 10 of 26 8 3 CONSONINT Kg LE 8 #H B I vowu. Qi l Fig.898 Q v;

I: n vowu. -439 B. conaounn FIG.4C

INVENTORS. JAMES L. DOLBY EIgWARD L.RESN|KOFF btg ent April 15, 1969 DOLBY ET AL 3,439,341

HYPHENATION MACHINE Filed Aug. 9, 1965 Sheet /5 of 26 INVENTORS 22l JAMES L. DOLBY HOWARD L. RESNIKOFF By i Z A April 15, 1969 J, DOLBY ET AL 3,439,341

HYPHENATION MACHINE Filed Aug. 9. 1965 Sheet /7 of 26 83-1: BB E FIG..7


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