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Publication numberUS3442378 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1969
Filing dateJul 17, 1967
Priority dateJul 17, 1967
Publication numberUS 3442378 A, US 3442378A, US-A-3442378, US3442378 A, US3442378A
InventorsWolfe Russell J
Original AssigneeWolfe Russell J
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Hospital tray for medicament cups and associated cards
US 3442378 A
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May 6, 1969 l R. J. WOLFE 3,442,378

HOSPITAL TRAY FOR .MEDICAMENT CUPS AND ASSOCIATED CARDS Filed July 17, 1967 v I f INVENTO. RUSSELL J. woLFE BY ATTORNEYS United gStates Patent O U.S. Cl. 20G-72 5 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The one piece thin-walled plastic tr-ay has rows of upwardly opening cup-shaped recesses to hold medicament cups. Each recess opens at one side to the center of Ian upwardly opening card receiving slot, these slots having alining end portions and protuberances at their centers with standing faces projecting toward the recesses, the slant being upwardly Iand rearwardly. The top edge of each protuberance is in line with the corresponding rear edges of the end portions of the slot, so that when a card or pack of cards, with the patients name and pertinent instructions, is forced, bottom edge first, down into the slot it is bowed or flexed to fit into its slot around the protuberance, andby virtue of the slanting face of the latter, is both held under the pressure induced by the ilexure of the card, so as not to blow or fall out, and also at such tilted angle to the vertical that the `data is readily visible from above the tray.

In the accompanying drawings FIG. 1 is a top perspective view of a hospital tray embodying the present invention. FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical longitudinal sectional view taken on line 2--2, FIG. l. FIG. 3 is a fragmentary enlarged vertical transverse sectional view taken generally on line 3-3, FIG. l. FIG. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary top plan view of one of the cupshaped recesses for .a medicament cup and the slot for holding a card or pack of cards associated therewith.

The presenthospital tray is in the form of a one piece thin-walled body and preferably -made of a molded organic plastic fr lightness, although other sheet materials could obviously be used. The tray preferably has a down turned rim 11 which extends around the front edge 12 as well as the side edges 13 and rear edge 14. Along each side edge 13 the rim is formed with a downwardly opening hand recess 15 extending fore-and-aft and serving as a grip. In carrying the tray, the nurses fingers are placed in the underside of the recess 15 and her palms on the upper side thereof.

The tray has fore-and-aft and transverse rows o f upwardly opening cup-shaped recesses 16 each adapted to receive and retain the bottom of a cup 18 for holding a prescribed medicament (not shown). These cups can be made of any suitable material such as glass, plastic, paper, and can also be of any suitable shape, being shown as being of upwardly enlarging frusto-conical form.

The present invention is particularly concerned wth a holder for one or more cards 19 associated with each cup 18 and its pocket 16. This card or pack of cards will usually set forth the patients name and room number together with pertinent instructions from the doctor as to the time or method of administering the medicament. A feature of the card holder is that the card is merely slid, bottom edge rst, downwardly into its holder .and is automatically both releasibly secured under pressure so that it is not likely to blow away or fall from the holder, and also that the card is positioned at such slanting angle to the vertical as to be readily readable from above the tray.

-To this end each card holder comprises an upwardly opening card receiving slot 20, the center part 21 of which forms a continuation of and is varranged at the side of each cup-shaped recess remote from the front edge 12 of the tray. Each slot 20 has alining end portions 22 projecting generally parallel with the front edge 12 of the tray in opposite directions from the center portion 21 thereof. The body 10 of the tray is also formed to provide a protuberance 23 protruding horizontally from the central portion 21 of the card receiving slot toward the front edge 12 of the tray and toward the center of the cup-shaped recess 16 associated therewith. Another feature is that the upright side face 24 of each protuberance 23 facing the front edge 12 of the tray slopes downwardly and forwardly relative to the vertical, A further feature is that the top edge of this protuberance 23 is in line with the rear edges 25 of the end portions 22 of the slot 20. Another feature is that each cup-shaped recess 16 and its associated card receiving slot 20 have a common horizontal bottom 26.

In use, each cup 18 is filled with the medicament prescribed for a particular patient and the name of the patient and room number, together with any instructions from the doctor as to administration of the medicament, are placed on the card 19. A plurality or pack of cards may be used. The cup 18 is then placed in one of the cup-shaped recesses 16 and its card or pack of cards 19 are then pushed downwardly, bottom edge rst, into the companion slot 20, and in doing so the bottom edge of the card or cards is forced to follow the slanting upright front face 24 of the protuberance 23, the ends of the cards fitting into the end extremities 22 of the slot. This slanting face 24 accomplishes two things. First, it bows or exes the center part of the card or cards 19 forwardly so that when the card or cards reaches the bottom 25 it is held in its slot 20 under pressure induced by this ilexure of the card or cards. Secondly, the card or cards assumes the slope of the upright face 24 so that upon so being inserted they slant upwardly and rearwardly so as to be readily readable from above the tray. The form of the slots 20 also permits the use of unusually wide cards without taking up additional tray space.

As each patients room is reached, the cup 18 together with the associated card or cards 19, are removed and placed at the patients side.

Il claim:

1. A thin-walled body forming a hospital tray for holding a multiplicity of medicament-containing cups together with one or more cards adjacent each cup, said cards facing toward the front edge of the tray and indicating the name of the patient `and any prescribed information concerning giving the medicament to that patient, and said body having a plurality of rows of upwardly opening cupshaped recesses shaped to receive and retain, severally, the bottoms of said cups, wherein the invention comprises an upwardly opening card receiving slot the center part of which forms a continuation of and is arranged at the side of each cup-shaped recess remote from said front edge of said tray, each of said card receiving slots having alining end portions projecting generally parallel with said front edge of `said tray in opposite directions away from said cup-shaped recess, and a protuberance protruding horizontally from the centralportion of each card receiving slot toward said front edge of said tray and t0- ward the center of the cup-shaped recess associated therewith, whereby a card placed downwardly edgewise in each card receiving slot must be flexed to it around said proturberance to be retained therein under pressure so as not to be in danger of being blown away or accidentally falling out.

2. A body forming a hospital tray as set forth in claim 1 wherein the upright side face of each protuberance facing said front edge of the tray slopes upwardly and rearwardly wtih reference to the vertical, whereby the cards contained in said card receiving slots are positioned so as to be tilted upwardly and rearwardly so that the names and data thereon can be visible from above the tray.

3. A body forming a hospital tray as set forth in claim 2 wherein the top edge of each protuberance is generally in line with the companion top edges of said end portions of the companion slot, whereby the card is so exed and brought to a tilted position merely by forcing the card bottom edge first into its slot.

4. A body forming a hospital tray as set forth in claim 1 wherein the horizontal transverse width of said alining end portions of each card receiving slot is suiciently great to permit the insertion of a plurality of said cards.

5. A body forming a hospital tray as set forth in claim 15 1 wherein each cup-shaped recess and its associated card receiving slot have a common horizont-a1 bottom.

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