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Publication numberUS344340 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1886
Publication numberUS 344340 A, US 344340A, US-A-344340, US344340 A, US344340A
InventorsDavid C. Barrow
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David c
US 344340 A
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(No Model.)



Wim, meow N. PETERS. Phmoumngnpher, wuhingmn. D4 C.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 344,340, dated June 29, 1886 Application tiled May 18, 1886. Serial No. 902,598.

,To all whom it may concern.:

Be it known that I, DAVID C. BARRow, of Philomath, Oglethorpe county, Georgia, have invented a certain Improvement in Substitutes for Cotton-Baskets, of which the following is a specification.

In picking cotton it has heretofore been customary for the cotton-pickers to carry, for the reception of the cotton, wooden baskets. Such baskets, although they are purposely made strong, and are consequently heavy to carry, are nevertheless subjected to such rough handling when in use that they are liable to become broken, and When broken cannot readily be repaired, and cannot be repaired at all without facilities other than those ordinarily to be found upon a cotton-plantation. A

The present improvement consists of a receptacle for cotton, made of canvas in the form of a cylindrical or approximately cylindrical bag open at one end, and havingr each one of its ends stiffened by piping inclosing a light metallic chain, which serves to hold the bottom of the bag` in shape, and to suiiicicntly distend the mouth of the bag.

The accompanying drawings of a bag containing theimprovement are as follows: Figure l is a central longitudinal section of the bag turned inside ont, showing the positions in which the parts of the bag are placed during the process of uniting them to each other. Fig. 2 is a similar section of the finished bag turned right side out. Fig. 3 is a view ofthe bottom of the bag. Fig. 4 is an isometrical perspective with portions of the seams represented as broken away for the purpose of showing the stiffening-chains, which are inclosed by the top and bottom pipings, respectively.

The drawings represent a canvas bag having aflat round bottom, A, a cylindrical body, B, and having its open end stiffened by means of the piping C, inclosing the chain C, and its lower end stilfened by means of the piping D, inclosing the chain D.

The relative positions of the parts in the process of sewing them together will be best understood by reference to Fig. 1, which, as will be seen, is a section of the bag turned inside out. In this position the flange a of the bottom is represented as turned outwardly, and as 'being surrounded by the super- (No model.)

posed lips d d ofthe piping D and by the end B of the cylinder B. This makes four thicknesses of fabric, which are united to each other by the row of stitches E, and also, if desired, by the row of stitches E', over the edges of the superposed thicknesses of fabric. The opposite end of the cylinder is turned over and secured to the superposed lips of the piping C by the two rows of stitching Ff. The bag is then turned right side out, thus turning over the lower edge of the cylinder B and forming the flange b, which, together with the superposed lips d d of the piping D, and the flange a. of the bottom, lap upon each other and project inside the bag and contribute to the stiffness of the bottom. By this mode of construction a degree of stiffness is given to the top and bottom of the bag sufficient to enable the top and bottom to approxi? mately retain their circular form, and yet the structure is pliable.

The advantages of the improvement as a substitute for the wooden basket heretofore used by cotton -pickers are manifold. It is Very much lighter than the ordinary cottonbaskets, and, by reason of the softness of the material of which it is composed, may be carried upon the head of the cotton-picker with more comfort than a wooden basket can be. Again, owing to its lightness and pliability, it is less liable to injury when thrown'carelessly down, and wheninjured is easily repaired; aud, finally, by reason of its pliability, a large number of empty bags may be packed in a small compass without injury to themselves.

What is claimed as the invention is l. As a substitute for a cotton-basket, a cylindrical canvas bag having a piping inclosing a light metallic chain sewed to its mouth, and a similar piping incorporated into the seam uniting the bottom of the bag to the lower end ol" the cylindrical body of the bag.

2. The combination, in a bag for cottonpickers, of the bottom A, the stiffening-piping D, inclosing the metallic chain D', and the body B, suitably sewed together, and the stiffening-piping C, sewed around the Inouth of the bag, substantially as shown and described.


Witnesses: l



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Cooperative ClassificationB65D33/007