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Publication numberUS3452955 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1969
Filing dateOct 2, 1967
Priority dateOct 2, 1967
Publication numberUS 3452955 A, US 3452955A, US-A-3452955, US3452955 A, US3452955A
InventorsHartwig Rudy R
Original AssigneeHartwig Rudy R
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Adapter for recorder microphone
US 3452955 A
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y 19-69 R. R. HARTWIG 3,

ADAPTER FOR RECORDER MICROPHONE Filed Oct. 2, 1967 BY Se meS & Semmes ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,452,955 ADAPTER FOR RECORDER MICROPHONE Rudy R. Hartwig, 5250 Rivel'wood Ave., Sarasota, Fla. 32381 Filed Oct. 2, 1967, Ser. No. 672,139 Int. Cl. A44b 21/00 U.S. Cl. 248-229 2 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This is a snap-on microphone adapter for alternate securing of microphone to combination public address system, broadcasting announcers stand or standard music stand. The purpose of the invention is to provide detachable means for securing a microphone in a substantially preset operative relation with respect to the optimum transmission relationship of announcer, vocalist or musician as the case may be.

PRIOR ART Whereas numerous brackets have been devised for securing combination elements on various stand such as shaving brush, microphone and related supporting media, no effort has been made to mold a semi-fixed means for especially securing a microphone on existing pubic address stands with means for alternately securing same in operative relation to a music stand, said means providing a substantially fixed angular relationship of the microphone to the vocalist or announcer.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This is a recording microphone snap-on adapter whereby the microphone may be retained relative to the stand at a serviceable angle in connection with broadcast and recording media.

DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS THE INVENTION In this connection, the microphone adapter bracket is indicated at 100, said bracket being made of a semirigid resilient substance such as nylon plastic. The adapter 100 comprises an arm 110 having yokes at end thereof.

Patented July 1, 1969 Arm '110 is provided with a bore 112 axially directed at right angles to the microphone securing yoke 114, and having ends 116 and 116 inclusive. The yoke is of expansible-contractible construction having at its upper end 116 a substantially thinner wall than at its lower end 116', the respective walls defining the yoke being separated atop to form the channel 118 and being tapered in diameter from its front or reception to its rear or transmission end as shown.

With reference to the opposite and right angled end of the arm 110, there is provided an eXpansible-contractible stanchion yoke 120, having connection with the channel 126 passing diagonally from surface to surface of the said yoke 120 whereby to obtain reinforcement at the respective points of major stress as said yoke is placed into engagement with a stand upright 200, shown in FIG. 1,

With reference to FIG. 2, it will be noted that yoke 120 is angularly offset with respect to yoke 114 whereby, when placed upon a stand to yield to the said yoke 114 an upwardly directed microphone engaging and suppoiting yoke 114, the thinner portion of the walls of said yoke 114 being adjacent the aperture 116 and the thicker portion thereof being adjacent the aperture 116'. These refinements are best illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 3.

With reference to FIG. 6, an alternate use of the adapter is shown whereby the aperture 112 has been placed in engagement with the music stand element as indicated, alternately with the arrangement shown in FIG. 5.

Among the unique advantages of the invention, there is included by way of construction of the stand engaging yoke 120, a sufliciently wide channel 124 as to permit facile removement of the bracket adapter from a conventional public address system stand such as 300 (FIG. 5) to the music stand arrangement shown in FIG. 6. Due to the snap-on stresse placed on the device, the arms of said yoke 120 are preferably of reinforced thickness, especially'adjacent the slot-112 which is adapted to fit the standard music stand. Moreover, the taper of the yoke shown in FIG- 3, is, in practice, found-to accomplish its function by being of a declination angle of 2 from the end 116 to the end 116, the latter being of maximum thickness to support the microphone component, in an effective friction fit by virtue of its deviation from coaxiality.

The fact that this versatile device may be molded is, in itself an advantage over known combinations. Moreover, by virtue of its resilient construction, it is adapted to secure itself to microphone and stanchions of variant sizes within a given optimum range.

The objectives of invention being obvious from reference to the aforementioned, I claim:

1. In combination with a stand of the type having an upright stanchion for a michrophone, the improvement in recording microphone adapters comprising:

(A) an unitary resilient body member, said body member defining one yoke at each end thereof,

(A1) a first yoke therein, said yoke being open on one side, closed on the other, and open at ends, defining thereby a substantially vertical support channel, the closed side of said channel being serrated for ex- 3 4 panso-contractu snap-on engagement of said channel References Cited with the stanchion; (B1) a second yoke actuate-angularly disposed in fixed UNITED STATES PATENTS relation to the first, said second yoke defining a 2,278,691 4/1942 Cotterchannel which is vertically offset from the first yoke, 5 2,621,262 12/1952 Hoagland 179 149 one side of the second yoke being closed and the 3,221,439 12/1965 Schapm' 287'49 X other being open, and ends thereof being open, said 3,228,640 1/1966 Wolsh X second yoke tapering in thickness from end to end whereby to engage the microphone in a gravitational, ROY FRAZIER P'imm'y Examine friction fit. 10 I F. FOSS, Assistant Examiner. 2. The device according to claim 1 including a body channel for a projecting upright, said channel terminating U.S. Cl. X.R.

in the body member intermediate the yokes and adjacent 248 316 the first said yoke.

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U.S. Classification248/229.26, 248/316.7, 381/366, 381/363
International ClassificationH04R1/08
Cooperative ClassificationH04R1/08
European ClassificationH04R1/08