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Publication numberUS3454075 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1969
Filing dateJun 26, 1967
Priority dateJun 26, 1967
Publication numberUS 3454075 A, US 3454075A, US-A-3454075, US3454075 A, US3454075A
InventorsWeinstein Harris Wayne
Original AssigneeWeinstein Harris Wayne
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Cover for office machines
US 3454075 A
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July 8, 1969 I H. w. wElNsTElN 3,454,075v

COVER FOR OFFICE MACHINES Filed June 26, 1967 HARRIS WAYNE IVE/NS TE//V United States Patent O 3,454,075 COVER FOR OFFICE MACHINES Harris Wayne Weinstein, 305 Circle Drive, McKeesport, Pa. 15131 Filed June 26, 1967, Ser. No. 648,759 Int. Cl. A47g 5/02; A47h 1/13 U.S. Cl. 160-238 2 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This patent `discloses a cover for an ofce machine such as a typewriter, comprising a bracket having a member extending horizontally beneath the machine, a second member extending vertically at the rear of the machine, and a cover mounted near the top of the second member and adapted to be extended, window-blind-fashion, over the machine to protect it from dust and the like. The sides of the machine remain uncovered, for example, to permit dissipation of heat.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Field of the invention This invention relates to covers for oice machines such as typewriters.

Description of the prior art It is known, for example, from Patent No. 2,609,042, to provide a typewriter with a canopy-type cover. Such covers are inconvenient to use and are frequently neglected. There is need for a cover that will not be lost, neglected in its use, or otherwise faulty. The arrangement of the present invention also provides for the dissipation of heat, permitting immediate covering of oiiice machines that generate heat that would otherwise not be immediately covered after use.

DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS As seen in the drawings, the present invention comprises a cover for an oice machine such as a typewriter, adding machine, copier, checkwriter, paper cutter, dictating machine, or the like, and consists essentially of a structure comprising a pair of horizontal members 2, vertically extending back members 4 joined to or integral with the members 2, braces 6 that maintain proper orienta- 3,454,075 Patented July 8, 1969 ice tion between the members 2 and 4, a horizontal base sheet member 7 joined at its sides to the members 2, braces 8 that support the back members 4, and a pair of brackets 10 mounted on the vertical back rnembers 4 near its top and having therein slotted openings 12, within which are received shafts 14 of a rolled cover 16 containing spring means that are conventional -per se and similar to those of a window blind. The cover has a slat 18, through which there is inserted a thong 20, by means of which the cover may be pulled into the extended position indicated in FIG. 3. The sheet member 7 carries the weight of the machine being covered andk thus lends stability to the structure. Though horizontal legs or slats might be used in place of the sheet member 7, the sheet is preferred, as it renders non-critical the size and location of the 'feet of the machine covered with the use of the structure of the invention.

As seen in FIG. 3, the sides of the office machine remain open, to permit the dissipation of heat, making it possible to cover the machine immediately after use and insuring against neglect of use of the cover with respect to machines generating considerable heat in use, such as oflice copiers and electric typewriters.

While I have shown and described herein one embodiment of my invention, I intend to cover as well any change or modification therein which may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim as my invention:

1. A cover structure for a machine comprising a generally horizontal member extending beneath said machine, said generally horizontal member comprsing a pair of horizontal bar members and a sheet member extending between said bar members and adapted to receive the weight of said machine, whereby stability of the cover structure is promoted,

a generally vertical member extending upward at the rear of said machine,

a pair of brackets mounted on said vertical member near its top, and

a rolled cover member supported in said pair of brackets and adapted to be extended to cover said machine, said rolled cover member comprising spring means assisting in its return to a rolled-up position.

2. A cover structure as defined in claim 1, further characterized in that said cover is substantially rectangular in shape and is adapted to cover the top of said machine while leaving open the sides of said machine to permit the dissipation of heat.

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U.S. Classification160/238, 150/165, 160/323.1, 400/714, 312/208.3, 400/713
International ClassificationB41J29/12, B41J29/13
Cooperative ClassificationB41J29/13
European ClassificationB41J29/13