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Publication numberUS345511 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1886
Filing dateAug 29, 1885
Publication numberUS 345511 A, US 345511A, US-A-345511, US345511 A, US345511A
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Achilles khotinsky
US 345511 A
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(No Model.)

I Patented July 13, 1886.


FIG. 4-

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N. PETERS: nto-Lithograph. Washington, a c.




QPECIPICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 345,511, dated July 13, 1886.

Application filed August 29, 1885. Serial No. 175,602.

(No model.) Patented in England July 11, 1885, No. 8,416; in Germany July 18, 1885, No. 35,396; in France August 6, 1885, No. 170,514; in Belgium August 7, 1885, No. 69,857; in Italy September 30, 1885, N0. 188, and in Austria-Hungary January 18, 1886, No.40,363 and No. 68,196.

To all, whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, AcHILLEs KHOTINSKY, a citizen of Russia, residing at Rotterdam, in the Kingdom of Holland, have invented a Construction of Electrode for Secondary Batteries, (for which I have obtained patents in Germany dated July 18, 1885, No. 35,396; Great Britain July 11, 1885, No. 8,416 France August 6,1885, No. 170,514; Belgium August 7,-1885,No. 69,857; Italy September 30, 1885,

No. 188, and Austria-Hungary January 18,

1886, No. 40,363 and No. 68,196,) of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to the construction of frames to hold the pulverulent or pasty material-such aslead oxideemployed as electrodes of secondary voltaic batteries. I construct these frames as I will describe, referring to the accompanying drawings.

Figure 1 is a transverse section'of part of a frame for holding positiveelectrode material on one side of it, such a frame being suited for the end of a battery-cell. Fig. 2 is a transverse section of part of a frame for holding positive-electrode material on both sides of its middle partition, such frames being employed throughout the cell except at its ends. Fig. 3 is a transverse section of part of a frame made of separate bars, holding between them negative-electrode material exposed on both sides without a middle partition. Fig. 4 is a part plan showing a number of the bars shown in Fig. 3 put together to form a frame.

In constructing such frames I force lead or other suitable metal, when it is softened by heating, through dies of the required shapein a manner similar to thatin which lead pipes are made. When the bars of the frame are thus separately molded, as in Fig. 3, I lay them side by side and cast or solder on their ends connecting-pieces a, as shown in Fig. 4. The recesses between the ribs of the frame are filled up with the electrode material, which the inwardly-projecting lips of the ribs prevent from being displaced. The shapes and proportions of the recesses and ribs may obviously be varied, but the ribs or partitions which separate the recesses should always have inwardly-projecting lips, to prevent displacement of the electrode material with which the recesses are charged.

Having thus described the nature of my invention, and the best means I know of carrying it out in practice, I claim Ina secondary volt-aic battery, a lead frame AGHILLES KHO'IINSKY.



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Cooperative ClassificationH01M4/72