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Publication numberUS3456806 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 22, 1969
Filing dateJan 19, 1967
Priority dateJan 20, 1966
Also published asDE1299102B
Publication numberUS 3456806 A, US 3456806A, US-A-3456806, US3456806 A, US3456806A
InventorsBorston Sidney M
Original AssigneeBorston Sidney M
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Stands,particularly for hair curlers
US 3456806 A
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July 22, 1969 s. M. BORSTON STANDS, PARTICULARLY FOR HAIR CURLERS Filed Jan. 19, 196'? United States Patent 3,456,806 STANDS, PARTICULARLY FOR HAIR CURLERS Sidney M. Borston, 70 Cranbourne Gardens, London NW. 1, England Filed Jan. 19, 1967, Ser. No. 610,383 Claims priority, application Great Britain, Jan. 20, 1966, 2,728/66; Dec. 21, 1966, 57,318/66 Int. Cl. A47f 7/00; B43m 17/00 US. Cl. 21160 6 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to stands particularly for hair curlers and rollers.

The invention is intended for use primarily in ladies hair dressing and is designed to display hair curlers and rollers in tiers so that the curlers and rollers can be easily selected for use and doused by the user.

In accordance with the invention there is provided a stand having at least two upwardly facing surfaces arranged in inwardly ascending tiers and adapted to receive, for example, hair curlers and rollers in such a manner as to be readily accessible for use and to be easily doused.

In order that the invention may be more readily understood reference may be had to the following description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of an example of the invention; and

FIGURE 2 is a cross-section of the stand of FIGURE 1 and also shows some accessories therefor.

In the drawing a shell portion 1 of a stand which is circular in plan is formed of a thermoplastic synthetic resin, e.g. polyethylene or toughened polystyrene injection molded to provide a cylindrical skirt 2 about a vertical axis. Alternatively, a thermosetting synthetic resin may be used and may be vacuum or pressure molded. Another alternative is to use metal, e.g. aluminum, deep drawn into the shape required. The upper edge of the skirt 2 is inturned into a lower and outer annular substantially plane portion 3 having an upwardly facing surface. Another cylindrical portion 4 extends upwardly about the vertical axis from the inner edge of the plane portion 3. The upper edge of the said cylindrical portion 4 is itself inturned into an upper and inner annular substantially plane portion 5 having an upwardly facing surface and an inner free edge defining a circular central aperture 6.

Each annular portion 3, 5 has through it one or more concentric rows of holes 7, 8 respectively and these holes and the central aperture 6 are extended through an annular core 9 of foamed polystyrene or polyurethane. In

3,456,806 Patented July 22, 1969 the example shown the-re are two rows of holes 7 and three rows of holes 8, the holes 7 being larger than the holes 8 so that the stand can receive hair curlers of different sizes. This core 9 can be conveniently formed in one piece as shown or of two rings, one fitting within the skirt 2 and under the lower and outer annular plane portion 3 and the other fitting within the one ring and the other cylindrical portion 4 and under the upper and inner annular plane portion 5 of the shell 1. The core 9 may be applied to the shell after forming the latter or in the case of vacuum moulding of the shell, this may be carried out using the core as a mold.

The shell 1 is provided with a bottom portion 10 formed separately from the shell 1 in a similar manner. The bottom portion 10 is spaced from the core 9 and is upwardly concave with apertures 11 about its peripheral edge where it is joined to the bottom edge of the skirt to facilitate drainage. The bottom portion 10 also provides a surface on which hair curlers in the holes 7 and 8 can rest.

Since the holes 7 and 8 each have a substantial length they can support hair curlers satisfactorily in a vertical attitude. However, if desired, open-ended metal tubes 11 and 12, preferably with lips 13 at their upper ends, may be placed in the holes 7 and 8 respectively to re ceive hair curlers.

The central aperture 6 may serve to receive a cylindrical open topped body 14 which may serve to contain lotion or a lotion container.

As shown, the cylindrical portions 2 and 4 are provided with ribs 15 for ornament, except at a region 16 on the skirt 2 where a trademark may be applied.

What is claimed is:

Tl. A stand for hair curlers comprising a circular support for the hair curlers, the support including:

(a) two upwardly facing annular surfaces arranged in radially inwardly ascending tiers, each of said surfaces defining a plurality of holes arranged in circular rows for receiving hair curlers for ready accessibility and easy dousing, and the uppermost and innermost of said surfaces additionally defining a central hole,

(b) a body of foamed plastic below said annular surfaces and defining vertically extending bores in communication and alignment with said holes, and

(c) an upwardly convex bottom portion spacedly mounted below the body, the bottom portion and the body defining a drainage chamber therebetween, and the bottom portion defining drainage apertures, the bores communicating with thte drainage chamber and hiar curlers received in said holes and bores resting on the bottom portion.

2. The stand of claim 1, wherein said annular surfaces extend horizontally, and said surfaces as Well as the outermost and lowermost surface and the bottom portions are connected by vertically extending side walls.

3. The stand of claim 2, wherein said annular surfaces and side walls constitute an integral shell wherein said body is housed, the bottom portion being attached to the shell.

4. The stand of claim 1, wherein the holes in circular rows in one of the tiers differ in size from that of the holes in the circular rows in the other tier.

5. The stand of claim 1, wherein said foamed plastic is polystyrene.

6. The stand of claim 1, further comprising a container received in the central hole.

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International ClassificationA45D6/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D6/00
European ClassificationA45D6/00