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Publication numberUS3458871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1969
Filing dateAug 8, 1966
Priority dateFeb 22, 1966
Also published asDE1554599A1
Publication numberUS 3458871 A, US 3458871A, US-A-3458871, US3458871 A, US3458871A
InventorsValcervo Stefano Rivetti Di
Original AssigneeValcervo Stefano Rivetti Di
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Sanitary assembly of restricted size
US 3458871 A
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969 s. RIVETTI DI VALCERVO 3,458,871

SANITARY ASSEMBLY OF RESTRICTED SIZE med Aug. 8. 1966 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Fig.|


SANITARY ASSEMBLY OF RESTRICTED SIZE Filed Aug. 8, 1966 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 United States Patent 3,458,871 SANITARY AfiSEMltLY 0F RESTRICTED SIZE Stefano Rivetti di Valcervo, Maratea, Potenza, Italy Filed Aug. 8, 1966, Ser. No. 570,933 Claims priority, application Italy, Feb. 22, 1966, 4,263/ 66 Int. Cl. A47k 4/00 U.S. Cl. 4-3 9 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A compact assembly of a wash basin, water-closet, and bidet, wherein the bidet and water-closet are individually rotatable from positions underneath the wash basin to a using position in front of the wash basin. The watercloset is attached to a rotating vertical column rotatably mounted to a base, and the bidet is rotatably attached to this rotating column.

The supply tank for the water-closet, and a heater for the bidet, are mounted beneath the wash basin; and supply the toilet and bidet through respective pivotal manifolds. The supporting column for the bidet and toilet is also the drain pipe therefor and for the basin above as well.

This invention relates to sanitary assemblies and is particularly concerned with an assembly of restricted size including a wash-stand, or basin, a bidet and a water-closet connected to one another. The assembly is designed for use in small sanitary services and for bathroom recesse for buildings, ships, airplanes and the like.

According to the invention, there is provided a sanitary assembly comprising a wash basin, a bidet and a watercloset connected together as one unit, wherein the bidet and the water-closet are removably housed under the wash basin, there being a first rotatable support means for the water-closet positioned beneath the wash basin so that the water-closet may be swung to and from a position where it projects in front of the Wash basin, and a second rotatable support means for the bidet positioned beneath the wash basin so that the bidet may be swung to and from a position where it projects in front of the wash basin.

The water-closet is preferably mounted on a hollow rotary column, which receives discharge from the closet and passes it to an underlying fixed union. The unit forming the bidet can be coaxially linked with said column.

Pivotable manifold connections may be provided which are coaxial with the rotary column supporting the bidet and closet units, for the water supply and/ or the bidet discharged. Alternatively, water discharge and/ or supply piping may be provided by flexible pipes, to follow the movements of the bidet and possibly that of the watercloset unit.

The angularly movable units can be supported on the floor by means of sliding rollers. Suitable walls or partitions may be secured to the bidet and water closet to cover the equipment and to cooperate with panels in front of the recess underneath the wash-stand, when the bidet or water-closet are in the withdrawn or inoperative positions underneath the wash basin.

The closet water supply box or tank and the water heater are advantageously housed in the recess underlying the wash-stand or basin.

For a better understanding of the invention reference will now be made to the accompanying drawings, which illustrate one embodiment thereof. In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a front view of the assembly;

FIG. 2 is a plan view taken underneath the washstand or basin;

FIG. 3 is a vertical section along the line III-III of FIG. 1 with the closet swung into the operative position, and

FIG. 4 is a section along the line IV-IV of FIG. 3, but with the bidet and closet under the wash-stand.

Referring now to the drawings, a bracket top or frame 1 defines the wash-stand or basin cavity 2. The frame 1 may advantageously bear adjacent a supporting rear wall 3, and, at its front, has a downwardly-extending vertical wall 4, which together with the sides 5 defines a cavity under the wash basin 2. Wall 4 is provided in its lower part with two wide windows or openings 4a-4b for a purpose explained hereinafter.

Under the wash-stand 2, a base support 6 is mounted on a base wall, the base support 6 having a through hole 7 for the discharge of the sewage water. This leads to the discharge or drain arranged in the room in which the assembly is arranged. A hollow column 9, forming a pivotable support for a closet and bidet is located on the stationary base support 6 and is angularly movable around a vertical axis. Column 9 is provided with a transverse baflie 9a at an intermediate position along its length and a branch 9b, below the baflle 9a, to which the outlet 11a of the closet syphon, closet bowl, or water closet 11 is connected. The closet forms a part of a unit which is angularly movable with the column 9 around the vertical axis defined by said column and by its support 6. The closet bowl 11 is integral with outer vertical walls 12 which are shaped to pass through the opening 4a of wall 4 and also has a raisable seat 13. The unit formed by the closet bowl 11 and the walls 12 is supported on rollers 4 and also has a raisable seat 13. The unit formed by the 9 from high stresses. The unit 11-12 maybe moved around the axis of the column 9 from a position in which it is in front of the wash-stand front 4 (see FIG. 3 and the dotted line position of FIG. 2), to a storage position or arrangement under the top 1 of the wash-stand 2 (as shown in FIGS. 1, 2 and 4). In the storage position one of the walls 12 forms a closure for the opening 4a while suitable housings 12a and 12b may be made mounted on the other wall 12 to act as brush-carriers and sanitary paper carriers (see FIG. 2).

A sleeve 21 is additionally and coaxially mounted on the column 9 and is connected to a unit forming the bidet 22. This has a peripheral covering wall 23 and rollers 24 similar in position to the rollers 14 to support the unit 2223 and permit it to rotate or swing with the sleeve 22 around the column 9. The unit 22-23 may be moved from an operative position (shown in dotted lines in FIG. 2) to a storage position recovered under the top 1 in which one of the walls 23 forms a closure for the opening 4b.

The closet and bidet may be supplied with water through pivotable manifold connections or unions coaxial with the column 9 and the sleeve 21. Thus pivotable connection 25 receives water from the supply tank 27 and permits its feed to the closet, the tank 27 being stationary and located on one side and immediately underneath the top 1. Hot water and cold water can be fed to the bidet 22 by means of manifold union or connection 28.

The discharge or drain of the bidet 22 may be obtained by means of a flexible tube or conduit 30, which discharges into a drain pipe 31, which also receives the lower end of discharge tube 32 of the wash-stand 2. In alternative arrangements there may be a pivotable connection for the bidet discharge 22 and the water supply to the bidet and the closet may be effected by flexible tubes instead of pivotable manifolds.

Under the top 1 are located the elements for the Water heating plant, which include an electric heater 33, preferably instantaneous or of small storage capacity. As will be seen from FIGURES 1 and 4, the supply tank 27 and 3 heater 33 are housed above the bidet and closet with the pivotable connections 26 and 28, any flexible tubes and the hot and cold water piping for the basin 2 and the bidget 22. The valves for the bidet 22 and the discharge valve for the closet 11 are mounted on the front wall 4 having the openings 4a-4b.

The whole assembly has small dimensions and it utilises the space usually required for a wash-stand only in a particularly eflicient manner. The assembly can be mounted, already pie-assembled for operation, and only requires a connection for the water and a discharge or drain for the union 7.

The assembly described may have a part upstanding above the rear wall 3 to support, for example, a small cupboard 34 with or without mirror and doors. The cupboard may include a proper lighting system, in which case an electric power socket may be required besides the water and drain connections.

The assembly as described may be located, for example, as shown in FIG. 2 in a rectangular recess with an access substantially symmetrical with respect to one of the larger sides. A room can have the assembly on one side and on the other side a small so-called hip bath.

It is to be understood that the drawing only illustrates one embodiment and numerous variations may be made in structure and arrangement without, however, departing from the scope or spirit of the invention.

I claim:

1. A sanitary assembly comprising a stationary wash basin, a bidet, said bidet being removably mounted beneath said wash basin, and a water-closet, said watercloset being removably mounted beneath said wash basin, a first rotatable support means supporting said watercloset and enabling it to be swung from beneath the wash basin, a second coaxially rotatable support means rotatcolumn rotatably resting upon said base support, and

said second support means includes means rotatably attaching said bidet to said rotary column.

3. An assembly as claimed in claim 2, comprising a pivotable manifold connection coaxial with the vertical axis of said first support means and connections between said pivotable manifold connection and a water supply for the water closet.

4. The assembly of claim 2, wherein said hollow stationary base support comprises a drain pipe for said wash basin, water-closet and bidet.

5. An assembly as claimed in claim 3, comprising a pivotable manifold connection coaxial with the vertical axis of said second support means and connections be tween said pivotable manifold connection and a supply of water for the bidet.

6. An assembly as claimed in claim 5, including a flexible pipe receiving discharge from the bidet and following the movements thereof.

7. An assembly as claimed in claim 5 comprising a first roller support means mounted on the water closet and supporting and moving with the water closet, and a second roller support means mounted on the bidet and supporting and moving with the bidet.

8. An assembly as claimed in claim 5, comprising a comprising a water supply tank for the water-closet, said water supply tank mounted beneath the wash basin and a water heater, said Water heater being mounted beneath the wash basin.

9. An assembly as claimed in claim 8, comprising a depending vertical wall for the wash basin, closure walls associated with the bidet and water closet respectively positioned in openings in said depending vertical wall.

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