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Publication numberUS3460182 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1969
Filing dateAug 14, 1967
Priority dateAug 14, 1967
Publication numberUS 3460182 A, US 3460182A, US-A-3460182, US3460182 A, US3460182A
InventorsGrande Joseph A Jr
Original AssigneeGrande Joseph A Jr
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Cleaning pad
US 3460182 A
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. Aug; 12, 1969 J. A. GRANDE, JR

CLEANING PAD Filed Aug. 14. 1967 INVENTOR. JOSEPH A. GRANDE ATTORQEY United States Patent 3,460,182 CLEANING PAD Joseph A. Grande, Jr., 28 Clemence St., Cranston, RI. 02910 Filed Aug. 14, 1967, Ser. No. 660,492 Int. Cl. A471 1/06, 13/16, 13/282 US. Cl. 227 2 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The present invention relates to improvements in pads and more particularly to an improved scouring pad for use in removing wax from floors and the like.

An object of the present invention is to provide an improved scouring pad which can be foot-mounted for ease in usage when cleaning floors.

Another object of the present invention is to provide an improved scouring pad which can be foot-mounted and is of a size greater than the users foot so as to enable one to work close to walls without interference from the users foot.

A further object of the present invention is to provide an improved scouring pad which has a scouring body of fibrous material, the scouring body overlapping the supporting body so as to be useful close to walls.

Still another object of the present invention is to provide an improved scouring pad which has a rectangular shape so as to provide corners facilitating its use in corners.

Other objects and advantages are to provide an improved scouring pad which is inexpensive to manufacture, attractive and facile of use.

In the drawings:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of an improved scouring pad according to the present invention;

FIGURE 2 is a sectional view taken substantially on the plane of line 22 in FIGURE 1.

Referring more particularly to the drawings wherein like numerals apply to like parts throughout, it will be seen that I have provided an improved scouring pad 10 which includes a backing member 12, scouring body 14 and foot holder 16.

The backing member 12 is comprised of a rigid material formed to rectangular shape. One side 18 of the member 12 has a foot receiving surface 20 as outlined and has an additional peripheral portion 22 so as to give the pad size substantially greater than the size of a users foot. The member 12 is thus provided with corners for work in corners and side portions which allow work adjacent walls without interference from the users foot or ankle.

The foot holder 16 as here shown is an expansible "ice strap anchored at its ends in the member 12 at the sides of the surface 20. For example the ends 24 can pass through the slots 26 and be stapled to the underside of the member 12. Straps with buckles and other anchoring means, not shown, can be used if desired.

The scouring body 14 is made up of a body of fibrous scouring material, such as nylon, shaped to rectangular form and of a size larger than the size of the backing member 12.

The body 14 is bonded to the bottom side of member 12 so as to overlap the entire periphery thereof.

It will thus be seen that the pad of the present invention can be mounted on a users foot for use in cleaning a floor or the like as when removing wax therefrom. The rectangular shape and size enable a user to get into corners and against walls.

Accordingly it is believed I have provided an improved scouring pad which fulfills the objects hereinbefore enumerated.

I claim:

1. In a pad for cleaning floor surfaces, a fiat backing member of relatively stifi material and being formed in a rectangular configuration, the upper surface of said backing member defining a foot receiving surface, slots formed in said backing member inwardly of the longitudinal edges in spaced relation and adjacent to said longitudinal edges, an elastic strap for securing said pad to the foot of a user, the ends of said strap extending through said slots and being secured to the underside of said backing member, for firmly anchoring said elastic strip on the upper surface of said backing member, and a scouring member joined to the underside of said backing member, said scouring member being relatively flat and having a rectangular configuration corresponding to that of said backing member, but being somewhat larger in longitudinal and lateral dimension with respect thereto so that the marginal edges of said scouring member extend beyond the marginal edges of said backing member, the marginal edges of said scouring member defining convenient cleaning edges for cleaning corners of a floor surface.

2. In a pad as set forth in claim 1, said scouring member being secured to the underside of said backing memher by an adhesive, the relatively flat scouring member being located in surface-to-surface engagement with said flat scouring member, the fiat surfaces of said members providing for increased area of contact therebetween, wherein said scouring member is maintained in firm engagement with said backing member.

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WALTER A. SCHEEL, Primary Examiner ROBERT 1. SMITH, Assistant Examiner

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U.S. Classification15/227
International ClassificationA47L13/282, A47L13/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/282
European ClassificationA47L13/282