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Publication numberUS3462809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1969
Filing dateFeb 9, 1968
Priority dateFeb 9, 1968
Publication numberUS 3462809 A, US 3462809A, US-A-3462809, US3462809 A, US3462809A
InventorsMonroe Froehlich Jr
Original AssigneeDhj Ind Inc
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Garment clip
US 3462809 A
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Aug. 26, 1969 M. FREHLICH, JR

GARMENT CLIP Filed Feb. 9, 1968 INVENTOR Mou/P06 Feo ff/.4 fav, .7e

la@ mf@ .ATTORNEYS 3,462,809 GARR/TENT CLE Monroe Froehlieh, Ir., Trnesdale Lake, South Salem, NX., assigner to DHH Industries, Inc., New York, NX., a corporation of New York Filed Feb. 9, 1968, Ser. No. 704,470 Int. Cl. A441) 21 /00 ILS. Cl. 24,- 255 2 Claims ABSTRACT F THE DISCLSURE A garment clip for gripping and holding garments or portions thereof in position which can be inexpensively produced by molding of plastic or other suitable material.

Background of the invention When garments are displayed and/or shipped or stored it is desirable that portions thereof be maintained in a predetermined position relative to the remaining portions. For this purpose garment clips have been used. Such clips are used in quantity as many clips may be used with respect to a single garment and the clips are often disposed of after use. The clips must be inexpensive and capable of mass production. For this reason, clips for this purpose have been molded of suitable plastic material. In order to minimize cost a minimum of plastic material must be used in each clip. Clips of this type are therefore quite small and of such configuration that no unnecessary bulk or weight appears on a clip. The clip, however, must be suiciently strong to resist breaking in use and be capable of functioning in a proper manner, that is, the clip must provide adequate gripping of the garment portion to which it is aflxed. Further, the clip must be readily usable and the gripping portions of the clip must not interfere with the users ability to place the clip in position on the garment or remove it therefrom.

Summary of the invention A garment clip having two leg members joined by a spring loop in which the leg members have facing surfaces provided with interspersed raised transverse gripping portions.

Description of the drawings In the accompanying drawings:

FIG. 1 is an enlarged side view of a clip constructed in accordance with this invention and diagrammatically in broken lines there is illustrated the clip when opened to engage with an edge portion of a garment;

FIG. 2 is a plan view of the clip shown in FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a bottom view of the clip shown in FIG. 1; and

FIG. 4 is at ransverse sectional view taken along the line 4-4 in the direction of the arrows in FIG. 1.

Description of the preferred embodiment The garment clip of this invention as shown in the gures is molded integrally of a suitable plastic material and consists of legs 12 and 14 joined by spring loop 16 with the legs terminating, respectively, in ends 18 and 20.

The legs 12 and 14 have facing surfaces 22 and 24, respectively, each of which is provided with a plurality of spaced transverse inwardly projecting arcuate contoured gripping members. The gripping members on surface 22 are indicated by the numeral 26 and the gripping members on surface 24 are indicated by the numeral 28.

The gripping members are identical in configuration and adjacent gripping members on each surface are spaced a distance approximately equal to the width of aired States Patent O i icc a gripping member. The gripping members on the opposite surfaces are interspersed or offset so that each of the gripping members on one surface face portions of the opposite surface and not opposite gripping members. This enables the gripping members to interdigitate when the surfaces 22 and 24 are brought toward one another The gripping members are contoured so that the surface of each is arcuate. The gripping members are of equal height and the gripping members of surface 24 terminate in a single plane while the gripping members of surface 22 terminate in a single plane. In the normal position Aof the clip all of the gripping members terminate in substantially the same plane which is equidistant from surfaces 22 and 24. This plane is indicated by the numeral 30 in FIG. 1.

The ends 18 and 20 have inner contoured surfaces 32 and 34, respectively, and end 18 is shorter than end 34. The ends are turned up with surfaces 32 and 34 although contoured, generally parallel with the plane 30 intercepting surface 34 in the normal position of the clip. and adjacent gripping members on each surface are Longitudinal strengthening rib 36 provides a backing for leg 14 since the leg is set inwardly by shoulder 38 which joins the leg to loop 16. This results from the requirement that surfaces 22 and 24 be substantially parallel and that the material from which the clip is formed be minimized.

To use the clip, the user places the garment portion in plane 30 by sliding the edge thereof between surfaces 32 and 34 and then between surfaces 22 and 24. The gripping members maintain the garment in position.

To ease the use of the clip, the user might best place the surface 34 of end 20 against the garment portion and exert a force on leg 12 so that the clip legs take the position shown in broken lines in FIG. l where the surface 34 is below plane 30 and the garment portion can be slid straightward inwardly. Relaxation of the clip allows the end 20 to return to its normal position with end 34 offsetting a portion of the garment since it is intercepted by plane 30. To remove the garment, the user can pull the garment portion taut causing movement of end 20 in accordance with the broken lines in FIG. 1 allowing the garment to be easily slid from within.

I claim:

1. A garment clip of generally U-shaped configuration comprising a pair of leg portions joined by a spring loop and having opposed substantially parallel facing -surfaces provided with interspersed transverse gripping members, one of said leg portions being substantially at and the other leg portion having an inwardly offset portion adjacent the spring loop and an outwardly projecting strengthening rib along the offset portion and facing surface thereof of gradually increasing cross sectional modulus of elasticity.

2. A clip as recited in claim 1 wherein the leg portions are of unequal lengths and the free ends thereof are flared to facilitate use of the clip on a garment.

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