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Publication numberUS3463490 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1969
Filing dateJul 26, 1966
Priority dateJul 26, 1966
Publication numberUS 3463490 A, US 3463490A, US-A-3463490, US3463490 A, US3463490A
InventorsAnnessa Domenico Marcilli
Original AssigneeManuel E Arden
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Bowling game with pin platforms,magnetically attracted pins and foldable backstops
US 3463490 A
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26, 1969 D. M. ANNESSA 3,463,490



ATTORNEYS United States Patent BOWLING GAME WITH PIN PLATFORMS, MAG- NETICALLY ATTRACTED PINS AND FOLDABLE BACKSTOPS Domenico Marcilli Anuessa, Detroit, Mich., assignor to Manuel E. Arden, Detroit, Mich. Filed July 26, 1966, Ser. No. 568,034 Int. Cl. A6311 N02 US Cl. 273--37 1 Claim ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A bowling game, including a pair of spaced-pin platforms, apertured at their corners, headed pins projected through said apertures to anchor the platform; spaced rows of equally spaced apertures in pyramid form in each platform for centering and locating a series of bowling pins; each pin having a magnetic disc within its undersurface; said platforms being of magnetic material; and U-shaped collapsible backrests spaced outwardly of three sides of each platform with portions thereof projected down into the ground surface.

The present invention relates to a 'bocce-bowling game and is particularly adapted for use outdoors, though not limited thereto.

Heretofore, in the bocce-bowling type of game difficulties have been experienced in properly locating the bowling pins in the conventional pyramid form and in retaining the pins in upright position against accidental tipping, particularly so where the ground surface is not completely even.

It is an object of the present invention to incorporate in the present bocce-bowling game an improved pin plat form which not only tends to hold the pins in a perfectly upright position, but incorporates apertured means for correctly centering and locating the pins in the conventional pyramid form and incorporates additional magnetic means for anchoring the pins against accidental dislodgment and tipping.

It is another object to incorporate in the present boccebowling game a pair of said platforms in longitudinally spaced relation wherein means are employed for anchoring the platforms upon the ground surface against dislodgment and furthermore incorporating U-shaped collapsible 'backstops adapted to encircle and be spaced outwardly of the corresponding three sides of the respective platform.

These and other objects will be seen from the following specification and claims in conjunction with the appended drawing in which:

FIG. 1 as bracketed is a perspective view, not to scale, showing the spacing of a pair of platforms incorporated into the present bocce-bowling game as mounted upon a ground surface;

FIG. 2 is a plan view of the bowling pin supporting platform;

FIG. 3 is a section taken in the direction of arrows 3-3 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is an elevational view of the improved bowling P FIG. 5 is a bottom plan view thereof on an increased scale, taken in the direction of arrows 5-5 of FIG. 4.

It will be understood that the above drawing illustrates merely a preferred embodiment of the invention, and that other embodiments are contemplated within the scope of the claims hereafter set forth.

Referring to the drawing the present invention is directed to a bocce-bowling game which is adapted for mounting upon a grassy or other flat surface, such as shown at 11, FIG. 1, and which employs a conventional hard bowling ball 21.

The present improvement in the bocce-bowling game is directed to and includes the magnetic metal platform 12, preferably of rectangular shape, of which one or two may be employed, and which is mounted upon the ground surface normally in longitudinally spaced opposed relation. This spacing is variable, but one suggested distance is 42 feet between centers.

A series of equally spaced pin locating apertures 13 are formed through the magnetic metal platform 12 and are arranged in the form of a pyramid with its apex extending inwardly as viewed in FIG. 1. These apertures are for the purpose of facilitating spotting and locating of the pins in order to play the game and to provide an accurate location thereof which is not dependent upon a painted designation which can wear off.

A series of additional transverse apertures 14 are arranged in the respective corners of the platform and are adapted to receive the elongated fasteners 15 for anchoring the platform 12 in position upon the ground surface and to prevent accidental dislodgment.

In the illustrative form of the present invention there is shown a U-shaped backstop which is constructed of conventional lawn fencing material as :at 16 and wherein the leg portions thereof are hinged to the bight portion as at 17 and with the free end portions normally projected into the ground surface to provide a stationary assembly such as shown in FIG. 1.

The respective portions of the U-shape backstop 16 are spaced outwardly of the corresponding three sides of the respective platform 12 for eliminating transverse movements of the ball 21 and to facilitate the function and operation of the game.

The backstop 16 in incorporating the hinged leg portions as at 17 provides a means by which the said legs may be folded into parallel engaging relation with the bight portion of the backstop when not in use or for shipping or for storage in a minimum of space.

It is contemplated under some conditions that it may be desired to omit the backstop in playing the present game.

A series of conventional type of preferably wood or plastic pins 18 are employed which are adapted for centering and spotting over the apertures 13 in the platform 12 made of a suitable magnetic metal.

The flat bottom surface 19 of the respective pins is recessed axially and has nested and secured therein a magnetized metal disc 20, which is adapted for cooperative registry with the platform 12 as located by the apertures 13 to prevent accidental tipping and dislodgment of the pins which so often can occur on an uneven surface or should there be a slight incline in the ground surface 11 employed.

The present platform 12, two of which are normally employed for convenience of the users includes the apertures 13 which provide a positive means for locating and spotting the pins as desired and wherein additionally the magnetic discs facilitate the anchoring of the pins in an upright position upon the platform properly spotted against accidental dislodgment. As best seen in FIGURE 1, the apertures 13 are of smaller diameter than the bases of the pins.

From a medical viewpoint, unlike conventional bowling, there is a great beal of bending by the players in the present game. This provides an amusing way of reducing and an all around physical rehabilitation, with the added advantage of playing in the fresh air.

Having described my invention, reference should now be had to the following claims. I claim:

3 4 1. In a bocce-bowling game adapted for mounting upon a backstop having a main section disposed rearwardly a grassy or other flat ground surface and employing a of each platform and hinged wing sections extending bowling ball; forwardly along the side edges of each said platform, the improvement comprising: each backstop including a series of interconnected a pair of longitudinally spaced magnetic metal plat- 5 inverted U-shaped elements, the free ends of which forms mounted on said surface; are adapted to be inserted into the ground surface there being apertures therethrough adjacent the corto anchor the respective backstop.

ners of each platform; headed fasteners extending through said corner aper- References Cited tures and into said ground surface anchoring said 10 UNITED STATES PATENTS platforms; each platform having therein a series of equally spaced 489852 1/1893 Davlds 273-138 pin locating apertures extending therethrough ar- 18 4/1927 Allen 27337 X ranged in the form of a pyramid with its apex 2152867 4/1939 Bnght 273-37 X extending inwardly; and 15 3,019,020 1/ 1962 COhn 273-44 a corresponding series of bowling pins adapted for mounting on said platform in registry with said latter FOREIGN PATENTS apertures, with the undersurface of each pin being 784,875 10/ 1957 Great Britainflat and centrally recessed and with the base being of larger diameter than the platform pin locating 20 ANTON OECHSLE Pnmary Examlner apertures;

a magnetized metal disc nested and secured within each recess flush with the undersurface of the pin for preventing accidental tipping of said pins; and,

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