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Publication numberUS3464603 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1969
Filing dateMay 8, 1968
Priority dateMay 8, 1968
Publication numberUS 3464603 A, US 3464603A, US-A-3464603, US3464603 A, US3464603A
InventorsHunter Sally
Original AssigneeHunter Sally
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Headpiece support
US 3464603 A
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Sept. 2, 1969 s. HUNTER HEADPIECE SUPPORT Filed May 8. 1968 m m E V m ag/7 w??? BY semmesandsemmes ATTORNEYS United States Patent O f 3,464,603 HEADPIECE SUPPORT Sally Hunter, P.O. Box 412, Alexandria, Va. 22313 Filed May 8, 1968, Ser. No. 727,403 Int. Cl. A473 51/00 US. Cl. 223-66 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This is a headpice support which when portably attached to an existing lamp is useful in dressing and grooming headpieces such as wigs and/ or forming headpieces such as ladies hats and the like. It is an attachment useful principally in caring for wigs and chapeaux to presewe them against damage when stored temporarily.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The field of invention is such as to encompass the care, handling and storage of wigs, toupees, hats and related headpieces such as one might wish to support for drying and/or dressing and/or temporarily storing against distortion heretofore occasioned by placing on a flat surface, such as a dressing table, bureau or the like. The best of the known prior art includes the following.

US. Patent No.

1,231,635, Nelson, July 3, 1917 2,070,417, Whenham, Feb. 9, 1937 2,341,424, Chason, Feb. 8, 1944 2,471,007, Pasznicki, May 24, 1949 3,037,261, Hess, June 5, 1962 3,310,267, Koehler, Mar. 21, 1967 3,132,778, Le Clabart, May 12, 1964 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Ideally, this headpiece support is adapted to finial anchorage on a lamp base harp; for example, on a table lamp, substituting an anchor for the common finial, to secure the headpiece support form to the harp of the lamp. The invention includes means for stabilizing a headpiece such as a wig, against movement on the form, so that it may be held against distortion and/or disfiguration during and following grooming; namely, during storage. Additionally, the design of the invention is such as to enhance the facile drying of the headpiece following usage thereof.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS It will be appreciated that whereas the present invention is illustrated as applying to ladies wigs and/ or chapeaux, it will apply equally as well to gentlemens toupees and/ or hats.

As illustrated in FIG. 1, the invention comprise basically a smooth form 100, which is uniquely adapted to securing atop the lamp 130, in anchor connection with the 3,464,603 Patented Sept. 2, 1969 harp 132 thereof, the form being held by a substitute finial anchor 124, best shown in FIG. 2.

Referring, more specifically, to FIG. 2, form 140 is shown to have a generally smooth cranial hairline configuration defined by the exterior and bottom elements 112, the form including suitable apertures 114, each being adapted to provide sufiicient ventilation to the interior of the headpiece to ensure drying thereof during nonuse. Moreover, the headpiece is permitted free circulation to the atmosphere, by virtue of the foraminous quality of the form.

In the form shown in FIGS. 2, 3 and 4, the bottom portion 112 of form 100 includes an exterior friction headpiece fitting band 116 positioned so as to engage the interior of the headpiece and to retard movement thereof during hair grooming and/or shaping of the headpiece. In practice, this exterior band 116 may comprise any suitable adhesive material such as felt or abrasive exterior surface, permitting semipermanent retention of the wig and/or headpiece against displacement as aforesaid.

Interiorly of the device is the form stabilizier 120', disposed coaxially with the aperture 118, which said aperture is preferably disposed in the forward cranial portion of the form 100 for the purpose hereinafter described. The stabilizer comprises at least three struts 120 each being secured peripherally of the opening 118 and terminating in the finial spacer support 122 which said support is apertured to receive the conventional finial bolt of the lamp harp 132, all as best shown in FIG. 2.

The penetrable finial anchor 124 is of conical configuration and preferably formed of a semiporous material such as foam polyvinylchloride, said material receiving at its bottom portion and securing against disposition a finial nut 126, said nut being adapted to engage the finial bolt construction 134 of the harp 132. When thus positioned by the user through the form cranial aperture 118, the form having been placed on the harp stand 134, the form is then in position for utilization as a support.

Further, to secure the headpiece, be it wig, hat or related head cover, there is provided at least one pin 128, which said pin when passed through the headpiece into the anchor 124 as illustrated in either FIG. 1, 2 or 4, will further secure the headpiece against displacement. Obviously, plural pins 128 passed through the headpiece at acute angle into the styrofoam finial anchor 124 will better secure the headpiece during grooming and/or forming, etc.

It will be appreciated that the headpiece support herein is adapted to finial anchorage on a lamp base harp, the conventional finial of the lamp having been removed as well as the shade thereof. Since unessential to the invention neither finial nor shade is shown. In preparation, the form 100 is placed atop the lamp onto the finial support 134 thereof, the strut connector and spacer 122 surrounding the finial bolt 134 so as to permit the finial nut anchor 124 access to engage the finial bolt, whereby to secure the struts 120 rigidly connecting the form to the lamp base all as indicated in the drawings. Thus, a wig or hat stand is provided which may be portably adapted to either table or floor lamp during travel, while intermediately being used to store toupees and/ or small hairpieces and/or hair rollers and the like. Peculiarly, the finial anchor 124 is so designed conically as to ensure that the pins used to anchor the headpiece from the outside may be inserted at an acute, rather than at a right angle per se, thereby ensuring against displacement of the hairpiece.

With the foregoing objectives in mind, the invention is to be limited only as indicated in the annexed claims.

I claim:

1. A headpiece support adapted in combination to finial anchorage on a lamp base harp comprising:

(a) a lamp base with upright harp;

(b) a form for the headpiece, of cranial hairline configuration, said form being of concave-convex design and including (1) stabilizing means engaging the concave portion of said form, said means being adapted to the lamp base harp in axial alignment with the finial thereof, and

(2) a penetrable finial anchor securing the stabilizing means atop the harp;

(c) said form defining an opening, whereby said finial anchor may be pierced through the headpiece, securing thereby said headpiece against disposition with respect to the top of said form.

2. The headpiece support of claim 1, further comprising pin means removably engageable with the headpiece and the anchor.

3. The headpiece support of claim 1 in which the form is foraminous.

4. The headpiece support of claim 2 in which the form is foraminous.

5. The headpiece support of claim 3 in which the ex terior surface at least in part comprises a friction-like substance.

6. The headpiece support of claim 4 in which the exterior surface of the form comprises at least in part a friction-like substance.

7. The headpiece support of claim 3 including means on said form, coacting with said finial anchor and engaging said headpiece adjacent the hairline bottom thereof to secure said headpiece against movement when dressing and arranging said headpiece.

8. The headpiece support of claim 4 further comprising means on said form, coacting with said finial anchor.

9. The headpiece support of claim 8 in which the means on said form, coacting with said finial anchor and engaging said headpiece adjacent the hairline bottom thereof, comprises a friction-like substance.

10. The headpiece support of claim 9 in which the friction-like substance comprises a felt.

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