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Publication numberUS3465750 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1969
Filing dateJul 19, 1967
Priority dateJul 28, 1966
Also published asDE1578537A1
Publication numberUS 3465750 A, US 3465750A, US-A-3465750, US3465750 A, US3465750A
InventorsAlbert Schawalder
Original AssigneeMonty Maclevy
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Body exerciser apparatus for the home
US 3465750 A
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p 1969 A. SCHAWALDER 3,465,750


Exrcising or massaging apparatus comprising a support on which a stand for "the user is mounted, on opposite sides of which are arranged two pivotable hand bars biased toward one another. The hand bar's support projecting rollers which can be brought into massaging contact with the user. 3

This invention relates to body exercising or massaging apparatus.

For carrying out health improving body exercises and/or for training in specific sport specialties in the home, a line of special gymnasium devices for this purpose is known. Further, a line of massage devices for the massage of ones own body are known but massaging ones own body with these devices, particularly on the rumps and the legs, is very difiicult and requires the exertion of considerable effort.

The chief object of the invention is the provision of an inexpensive body-exercise or massaging apparatus adapted for home use occupying little space that provides massaging of the rump and the legs with little effort, and that may also afford an exercising action.

This and other objects of the invention are achieved with apparatus comprising a frame or support constituting a stand for the user. Mounted on the support on opposite sides of the stand are two hand bars arranged to move or pivot about an axis, preferably horizontal, and which are biased by resilient means toward one another. The hand bars support projecting massage rollers, which can be brought by the user against his own body to effect a massaging action.

One exemplary embodiment of the invention'will now be described in greater detail with reference to the accompanying drawing wherein: FIG. 1 is an elevational view of one form of body exercise apparatus of the invention in use; FIG. 2 is a top view of apparatus of FIG. 1; and FIG. 3 is a detail view of a variation.

The embodiment of the apparatus of the invention illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 2 comprises two parallel tubes 1, for example of metal, which are secured together through cross-braces 2 to form a rigid frame. From the ends of the tubes 1 rubber-tipped extension rods 3 extend which, when the device is not in use, can be telescoped inside the tubes 1. If desired, the extension 3 and tubes 1 can be arranged as a solid unit. Between the tubes 1, in the longitudinal direction thereof, a footstand or platform 4 for the user is provided. In the embodiment illustrated, this footstand is formed as .a pivotable or tiltable stand rotatable about a horizontal shaft 5 on which it is journaled. If desired, the stand 4 could also be rigidly fastened between the tubes 1 and serve as the bracing means.

On opposite ends of the frame tubes 1, two U-shaped bars or hand grips, for example metal, 6 and 7 are mounted so as to be rotatable or pivotable about a horizontal axis. A pair of resilient means 8 in the form of tension springs are connected between the handgrip 6 and the frame 1, and a like pair of resilient means 9 is connected between the handgrip 7 and the frame 1. Both of the hand grips 6, 7 through the action of the springs 8 and 9 oppose one another. Each of the handgrips 6, 7 has a bend or kink 10, 11 at the same height. At this kink rotatable roller supports 12, 13 are mounted, the ends of which carry a pair of massage rollers 14. As shown, the four massage rollers 14 may be concavely formed in order to better fit the body for massage. However, they can also be formed as simple cylinders.

Instead of providing two rollers 14 on the ends of each of the rotatable frames 12 or 13 on each grip 6 or 7 as in FIG. 1 or 2, as shown in the variation according to FIG. 3, each handgrip 6 or 7 also can carry only one massage roller 14 which is mounted at the kink 10 or 11 to project into the space between the grips 6, 7.

It is understood that during non-use of the apparatus shown, both handgrips 6, 7 with their massage rollers 14 are urged together by the springs 8, 9. They are preferably arranged so as to fold downward across one another to provide a compact collapsible unit taking up little storage space.

In the use of the apparatus, the handgrips 6, 7 are grasped at the top or bight portion 15 of the U-shaped members, as shown, and are pushed apart against the action of the springs 8 and 9. The user positions himself upright in the position shown standing on the footstand 4 between the grips, so that the massage rollers 14 are pressed against the sides or the front and rear of the user according to the position selected. Holding his body stiffly, the user tilts his body or throws his weight against one set of rollers into the inclined position shown in phantom in FIG. 1. As a result, the massage rollers 14 of one of the grips glide upwardly along the hip and the massage rollers of the other grip glides downwardly along the hip and thereafter along one leg of the user to execute a massaging action. Through the spring pressure of the outwardly swung grip, which spring pressure is chosen to approximate the weight of .a grown person and which if desired can advantageously be made adjustable, the user is upon reaching a certain inclined position pushed back by the spring action into the upright original position and he can then let himself fall back into the opposite inclined position to effect a second massaging stroke, and so forth. Thus, with surprisingly little effort, as a result of the movement impulses which arise from the working of the springs coupled with a light pull on one handgrip and a light push of the other hand on the grips 15, the user can obtain a surprisingly effective massaging action. The simultaneous rolling action on the body effected by the four rollers affords a uniform kneading of the body that simulates a hand massage which has been found effective for firming, toning and slimming the body at selected areas and which is generally useful for reducing purposes.

While the pendulum or rocking motion of the user from side to side assisted by the spring action offers the advantage of enabling the massaging action to be carried out while the apparatus rests on the floor without undue tiring of the user, it has also been found that the rigid positioning of the users body in the side-to-side inclination exercises the stomach muscles, which can be enhanced by the user rotating his body or turning on the footstand while rocking from side to side. Simultaneously with this gymnastic exercise the massage action follows along the length ofthe body with a deep-working and intensive pull and stroke massage, with the result that the use of this machine can at the same time strengthen the abdominal muscles and massage the fat padding on the rump and the legs.

If desired, the machine can be more accurately fitted to persons of different sizes by making the grips 6, 7 adjustable lengthwise whereby the contact points of the massage rollers on the body of the user can be vertically adjustedJThemassage rollers -14 can be-rotat alile 'or-nonrotatable brushes or other known cylindrical bodies, of

flexible or of rigid material for example of plastic rubber or metal, useful for effecting the desired massaging action.

The four roller arrangement as shown is preferred as the kneading action is more uniform and a larger area of the body can be covered. The roller mounts 12 and 13 are journalled at the kinks 10 and 11 for free rotation within the grips 6 and 7, preferably so as to clear ,the users hands. Though the roller frame 12 and 13am shown slightly bent toward the user, they. can alsojbe straight, provided that the roller diameter is sufficient to prevent the user from contacting the frames. While springs 8 and 9 are illustrated, other resilient means, such as, for example strong rubber bands, can be substituted. Though the inventive apparatus has been described for home use, it is of course understood that-it-i s also suitable as professional equipment for gymnasiurns and the like.

What is claimed is:

1 Body massaging apparatus comprising a support for the user to stand on, movable means on opposite sides of the support adapted to be grasped by the user, massaging means mounted on the. movable means in a position to engage the body of the user, and means for biasing the movable means toward each other, whereby by a rocking action resisted by the biasing means the user can impart a massaging action to his body.

2. Apparatus as set forth in claim 1 wherein the support comprises a frame provided with a footstand for receiving the user, the movable means comprise a pair of hand bars, mounted on the frame on opposite sides of thefoots'tandfor ro'fa on'abouta horiiontal axis, and the massaging means comprises rollers mounted on the hand bars in a position projecting toward the user.

3. Apparatus as set forth in claim 2 wherein the biasing means are connected between each hand grip and the frame.

41 Apparatus as set-forth in claim 2 wherein the hand grips-a'reUrshaped 'and bent along their sides forming inwardly projectingportions, said rollers being mounted on the latter) portions. h

'5. Apparatus asset forth in c'laim'4 wherein the massaging means comprise a rotatable frame mounted on the projecting" portion of each hand bar each carrying a pair of horizontally-arranged inwardly projecting rollers.

6. Apparatus as set forth in'claim 1 wherein the support is pivotable about a "horizontal axis.

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