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Publication numberUS346581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1886
Publication numberUS 346581 A, US 346581A, US-A-346581, US346581 A, US346581A
InventorsEdward Zane Coffee
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Composition for preserving leather
US 346581 A
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IPICQTION ermine part of Letters Patent 3121346581, dated August 3, 1886.

Application filed April -l0, 1886. Serial No I!-9.5l0. (Specimens) To all whom it may concern.- The composition is applied to the grain or 25 Be it known that LEDWARD ZANE COFFEE, flesh side of the leather with a sponge or a citizen of the United States, residing in the woolen rag. No previous preparation of the city and county ofPhiladeiphia, State ofPennleather required. In finishing the flesh side 5 sylvania,have invented a new and useful Cour the lam p-blacl; is omitted. It softens old, hard positionof lllatterto beUsed for Softening and leather, giving it pliability and durability, 0

Adding to the Durability of Tanned Leather, of and is very useful in restoring, in a great 111938 which the following is a specification. ure, theleather quality olhard or worn leather My composition consists of the following belting, boots, or shoes, and leather harness, Io ingredients combined in the proportions stat also in finishing tanned leather. Boots or ed, viz: Use two kettles. First kettle-Eight shoes may be polished with the use of shoe- 35 and one-halt gallons water, two pounds of blaeking after an application of the composigambier, one-half pound of beeswax, live t-ion, receiving a bright polish. pounds Glanbers salt, and one and one-half \Vhat I claim, and desire by Letters Patent pound of lampblaek; boil until all are disofthe United States, is solved. Second kettle-Melt five pounds of The herein-described composition consisti. beeflsuet and strain it through a tine sieve; ing ofwater,gambier,bceswax, Glaube1."ssalt, add three quarts of water and one pound lampblaelc, beef-snot, concentrated lye, and (twelve ounces) concentrated lye; boil until crude coal-oil, in proportions specified. 20 well mixed; then add the contents of firstket- 1 3 r f 1 tle; boil slow; take from fire and add two AALL COFFEE gallons crude coal-oil; stir until cool; in bot- \Vitnesses: tling I use oil of cassia and alcohol, a few .Lxoon LEWIS NEBINGER, drops. The composition is nearly flameless. PHARON OLIVER DERR.

Cooperative ClassificationC08L91/06, C10M2205/16