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Publication numberUS3469747 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1969
Filing dateSep 22, 1967
Priority dateSep 22, 1967
Publication numberUS 3469747 A, US 3469747A, US-A-3469747, US3469747 A, US3469747A
InventorsRichmond Roy H Jr
Original AssigneeEagle Mfg Co
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Storage can for flammable liquids
US 3469747 A
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p 1969 R. H. RICHMOND, JR


EWY J ,W w 0 Mi 4 w R1 mm P 1969 R. H. RICHMOND, JR 3,469,747

STORAGE CAN FOR FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS Filed Sept. 22, 1967 2 Sheets-filieet 1 5 I IWENTOR.

United States Patent ABSTRACT or THE: DISCLOSURE The invention relates to flammable liquid storage cans having a carrying handle controller pour spout-.-

Field of-invention j The invention relates to safety storage cans forfiammable liquids.

Summary of the invention Description of drawing Referring now to the drawing:

FIG. 1 shows a side elevation of the storage can, with the mid-portion of the body broken away;

FIG. 2 shows a cross-section of the can body;

FIG. 3 shows a plan view of the can of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 shows a side elevation of the can with the handle in position to raise the pour spout cap; and

FIG. 5 shows the handle in position to retain the cap in spaced relation to the pour spout for either pouring fluid from the can or filling the can with fluid.

Description of preferred embodiment The can bottom 1 is preferably eliptical in shape having a top surface 2 and depending side and end walls 3 which may be rounded as at 4. The can body 5 is also eliptical in shape encloses the bottom side and end walls 3 and is secured thereto in any suitable manner as by welding. The can bottom top wall 2 is thus spaced above the surface on which the can rests to prevent rusting. The can top wall 6 may be of any suitable shape and is shown as having planar sides 7, rounded end Walls 8, and a domed top wall 9. The top wall 9 encloses the open top of the can body by means of flange 10. A pour spout 11, preferably circular is mounted in can top 9 as shown in FIG. 1. Suspended within the pour spout and depending therefrom is a fire baffie ring 12 which is retained in place by a lock sepring 13. A double perforated walled fire baflle 14 is suspended from the fire bafile ring 12. The exposed end of pour spout 11 is closed by a cap 15 having a composition gasket 16 therein.

Mounted upon the can top wall 9, at the centerline thereof, is an earplate or fulcrum support 17 comprised of a base portion 18 secured to the can top wall and an upstanding portion 19 at each end of base portion 18. Extending longitudinally of base 18 is an upwardly extending portion 21 providing an abutment for the ends of a spring member 22. The portions 19 have aligned openings therein for reception of a connecting pin 23. Pivotally mounted upon pin 23 is a bell crank 24 comprised of a top wall 25 depending sidewalls 26 having at iice one end extensions 27 and at the opposite end a connecting wall 28. Said extensions 27 have aligned openings 29 therein for reception of a bell crank bearing member 30 mounted upon said pin 23. Pivotally mounted on pin 23 is a handle assembly 31 comprised of two spaced bail strips 32, each having their outer ends connected by a handlev grid member 33 and their inner ends pivotally mounted upon pin 23 in overlapping engagement with fulcrum support 18 and connected therewithby pin 23 entered through the elongated slotted openings 34 of the bail strips 32. Intermediatetheir ends, the bail strips 32 are inwardly offset as at 35 and connected by a pin 36. Mounted upon the can top portion 9, beneath said handle assembly 31, is a retaining ring 37 pivotally connected with said can portion 9 by a suitable clamp member 38.

Uponthe top face of bellcrank. 24 is mounted a bellcrank extension member 39 having a notched top face 40 and a bottom hook'shaped portion 41. Bellcrank 24 has one end overlying-thecan pour spout opening 11 which is closed by a suitable capmember 15 having an inner gasket 16 normally sealingthe pour spout opening. The cap member 15 and gasket 16 are connected to the adjacent end of the bellcrank 24 by means of a suitable member 42. The bellcrank and attached cap is normally held in sealing position over the pour spout opening by means of the generally U-shaped spring member 22 which straddles the bellcrank and has its ends underlying the bellcrank fulcrum pin 23 and bearing upon extension 21 of the fulcrum support 17.

Referring now to FIGS. 1, 4 and 5 of the drawing the storage can may be carried by means of the handle 31 with the can body depending vertically therefrom. Should it be desired to pour the contents of the can through the pour spout 11, the handle 31 may be raised and rotated slightly beyond the vertical center-line of the can body, as in FIG. 4 and the handle pushed towards the can body to permit the handle bail members to move downwardly to engage the pin 36 with the hook shaped portion 40 in the underlying bellcrank extension member 39. Thereafter the handle may be rotated in a counter clockwise direction to rotate bellcrank arm 24 and raise the pour spout cap 15 whereby the can can be tilted to pour the contents from the can.

Should the can be empty and it is desired to fill same with a suitable liquid, the handle 31 and bail arms would be actuated as for pouring to raise the cap 15 and at the same time, upon continued reverse rotation of the handle 31, the bellcrank 24 will be rotated to position the bellcrank extension member hook 41 to be engaged by the retaining ring 37 as in FIG. 5. The handle may now be released and the pour spout cap 15 will remain open so that the can may be refilled through the pour spout opening. To close the cap the handle is depresed for disengagement of ring 37 and rotated to close cap 15.

It will be understood that many detail changes may be made in the can, the carrying handle and the means for raising the cap from over the pour spout opening, etc. without departing from the invention as defined in the claims.

I claim:

1. A safety storage can for flammable and non-flammable liquids comprising:

(a) a can body having connected side walls, end walls,

top wall and bottom wall,

(b) a pour spout mounted in said top wall and extending thereabove,

(c) a spring loaded closure cap for the exposed face of the pour spout,

(d) a carrying bail pivotally attached to said can body in rearward spaced relation to said pour spout, and,

(e) means associated with said hail, the can body and the closure cap for selectively raising said closure locking said closure cap in'raised p'ti's'ition' for filling" 7.

said can with liquids, comprising (f) a pair of spaced ear plates secured to and extending above said can body rearwardly said pour spout,- (g) a pair of bail handle strips pivotally mounted'at one end upon said ear plates by means of a transverse pin extending throughone end of said bail strips and said ear plates, (h) a slotted connection between said bail "handle strips and said transverse pin for movement fof the bail strips transversely of saidpin, I I p (i) a handle member disposed between and connected with the opposite ends of said bail handle strips, (j) a transverse member connecting said bail strips intermediate the bail handle member and transverse connecting pin thereof,

(k) a bell crank pivotally mounted upon said ear plate connecting pin having a portion normally extending vertically above the said' pin and a portion extending laterally therefrom in overlying relation to. said spout p: I v 1 (l) a connection between said latter bell crank portion and said spout cap, 1 r (m) an extension member mounted on said vertically extending bell crank portion and positioned to be free of said handle when the latter is raised to can carrying position and engagable with said bail transverse member when the raised handle is pushed downwardly on its slotted pivotal connection with the ear'pl'ate transverse connecting pin, whereby selective reverse rotation-[of the handle raises the bell crank and associated spout cap to permit pouring of the cans contents through the pour spout. 2; The combination as defined 'in claim -1, wherein a handle retaining ring is pivotally mounted upontthe top face of the-can body rearwardlytof said bail handle ear plates and said bell crank having a rearwardly extending 10 arcuate portion to be selectively engaged by said retaining ringsafter the bail handle is rotatedto move the pour spout cap from its position over the pour spout.

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