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Publication numberUS347077 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1886
Filing dateMar 31, 1880
Publication numberUS 347077 A, US 347077A, US-A-347077, US347077 A, US347077A
InventorsHeney K. Wealand
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US 347077 A
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(No Model.)



' No. 347,077. Patented Aug. 10,1886.

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ATTORNEY l 15 in which- '35 together at Z.




SQ'PEC'IFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 347,077, dated Augus 1 1836- I Application filed March 31, 1886. Serial No. 197,287. (No model.)

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HENRY K. WEALAND, a citizen of the United States, residing at Dur- 1ach,in the county ofLancaster, State of Penn- 5 sylvania, have invented certain Improvements in Bag-Holders, of which the following is a specification. A

My invention relates to improvements in devices for holding bags upright while being 1 filled; and it consists in the construction and combination of the various parts, as hereinafter fully described and claimed, and as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, which. form a part of this specification, and

Figure I is a side view of my bag-holder mounted upon a wheeled platform. Fig. II is a side view, in full and dotted lines, of the different positions of the parts which hold 0 the bag. Fig. III is a front view of the slotted post and the adjusting device, and Fig. 1V is a vertical section of the same parts on the line x w of Fig. III.

Similarletters rcferto similar parts through- 2 5 out the several views. I

A platfornnA, having two fixed rollers, B, attached to its rear, andone, C, pivoted to it in front, in order that it may be moved from place to place, and its direction while so 0 moved readily changed, supports a vertical slotted post, 1), at the center of its front end. The part of the device which serves to hold the bag up is composed of a supporting-arm, F, divided into sections f f, jointed or hinged A ring or, short cylinder, E, is rigidly attached to the outer end of the section f of the arm F. A secondring, G, adapted to fit into the first and secure the end of a bagtherein, is hinged to the upper 40 edge of the arm-section f at near and in rear of the joint Z, by means of a short connecting-rod, g. The front section, f, of the arm F has a screw-thread out on the front end, and passes through the vertical slot (1 5 in the post D, and through and is fixed in the slide H, which embraces the rear face of the post. It also passes through a bearing-plate,

K, on the front side of the post, having guides 1 that engage the inner sides of the slot in said post, and is secured by the thumb-nut M.

By loosening the thumb-nut the height of the holder can be readily adjusted to conform to the various lengths of the bags to be filled, while the use of the slide H and plate K serves to preserve the arm F in a horizontal position 5 5 when acted upon by the weight of a bag upon its rear end. The joint Z. which connects the two sections of the arm F, permits the whole bagholding device to be raised without altering the position of the said rod in the slot in thepost, removing all obstructionsto the tying up of the mouth of the bag. I

Innsing my bag-holder the ring G is raised, the upper end of the-bag Y is passed through the ring E and turned or looped over its top, 55 and the ring G is then closed back into its original position, thus preventing the end of the bag from being drawn from its place 1n the lower ring.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1.. The combination, in a'bagholder, with the slotted post D, of the slide H, embracing one ofthe slotted faces of the post, the bearing-plate K on the opposite side of said post, having guides k, that engage the inner sides of said slot, the screw-threaded arm F, having a bag-supporter attached thereto, and the thumb-nut M, substantially as and forthe pur- 8o pose specified.

2. In a bag-holder, the combination, with a slotted post, of a sectional jointed support-- ingarm adjustable vertically in the said slot and having a screw-thread out on its front end, a nut, means for holding the said arm in a horizontal position in the slot of the post, a ring for supporting the end of a bag, rigidly attached to the end of the rear section of the arm, and a ring for securing the end of a bag 9 in said supporting-ring, having a short rod hinged to the rear section of the arm, as and for the purpose herein specified.


Vvitnessesz \V. J. FORDNEY, WM. R. GERHART.

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Cooperative ClassificationB62B2202/22