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Publication numberUS3471147 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1969
Filing dateFeb 9, 1967
Priority dateFeb 9, 1967
Publication numberUS 3471147 A, US 3471147A, US-A-3471147, US3471147 A, US3471147A
InventorsHarry Disko, Marvin I Glass
Original AssigneeMarvin Glass & Associates
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Structural balancing game
US 3471147 A
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Oct. 7, 1969 GLASQ ET AL 3,471,147

STRUCTURAL BALANCING GAME Filed Feb. 9, 1967 N v E N *0 as MAAV/A/ 64/155 HARAYD/S'KO BY Jwca/ W ATTORNEYS 3,471,147 STRUCTURAL BALANCING GAME Marvin I. Glass, Chicago, and Harry Disko, Park Ridge,

11]., assignors to Marvin Glass & Associates, Chicago,

]]l., a partnership Filed Feb. 9, 1967, Ser. No. 614,941 Int. Cl. A63f 9/12 US. Cl. 2731 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A game involving the assembly of a multi-level structure from a plurality of platforms and supporting posts, wherein the players dis-assemble the post members from the structure by change, while attempting to preserve the platforms in position. An alarm device on the upper platform sounds a warning when the structure is tilted.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates generally to construction games and is particularly directed to a novel game involving skill in the removal of portions of the structure without causing the entire structure to fall. In the present invention, the removal of pieces is dictated by a chance device and the manner of removal is dictated by indicia on the game apparatus.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Game apparatus comprising a plurality of platform members, a plurality of supporting post members adapted to be vertically positioned between the platform members to provide a multi-level construction, and wherein each of said platform members include means defining the path of removal of the post members including raised portions on the platforms providing limited access between the inner surface portion of the platform and the side edges thereof.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the game apparatus, with parts omitted or shown in broken lines;

FIGURE 2 is an enlarged, vertical sectional view of the sound device for use with the game, which is indicated in broken lines in FIGURE 1; and

FIGURE 3 is a plan View of a chance device used in the game.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT In the illustrated embodiment, the game apparatus comprises a plurality of generally flat platform members 10, a base 12, a plurality of post members 14, a sound device 16, and a chance device 18. Generally, the game apparatus is utilized in a game of skill involving the erection of a multi-level stnicture, asseen in FIGURE 1, and the dismantling of portions of the structure while trying to prevent its collapse.

More particularly, each of the generally rectangular platforms includes a series of rib portions 20 formed thereon in a manner defining a plurality of pathways, somewhat in the manner of a maze. The rib portions 20 also extend along most of the four side edges of each platform, while providing an exit 22 on each of the four sides. Disposed along the pathways are a plurality of colored, circular marks 24, with one such mark adjacent each corner of the platform. In addition, each of the platforms is provided with a central opening 26 therethrough, which opening is rectangular in the illustrated embodiment and of a size sufficient to permit the passage United States Patent O "Ice of a post 14 therethrough. At least two opposite sides of each opening 26 preferably includes rib portions 20a which serve as locating means for an alarm or sound device 16. Alarm 16 is shown in the form of a truncated, rectangular pyramid having vertical marginal portions 28 at its base to provide means for positioning the alarm adjacent the center ribs 20a, in the manner seen in FIG- URE l. The interior of the alarm device includes a steel bass 30 depending at the lower end of a string 32 or the like which is suitably fastened to the upper end of alarm 16. A metal bracket 34 is fixed to the bottom wall of alarm 16, and the bracket includes four upwardly extending legs 34a in position for engagement by ball 32. Consequently, as alarm 16 is tilted with respect to the vertical, ball 32 strikes one of the legs of bracket 34 and sounds a warning to the players that the structure is in danger of toppling.

The post members 14 in the illustrated embodiment are each of the same length and include a circular base portion 36 and an l-shaped cross-section which diminishes in size from the base 36 to the top 38. A total of twenty- -four posts are preferably provided, so that six of the posts 14 initially support each of the upper platforms 10. The lowermost platform 10 is placed on base 12, which base is also generally rectangular and is provided with diverging legs 40 having foot portions 42. The chance device 18 in the illustrated embodiment comprises a generally conventional type spinner device, including a rotatable spinner 44 on a board having arcuate sections 46 provided with instructions in the playing of the game.

In one form of game played with the described apparatus, all of the players participate in erecting the structure indicated in FIGURE 1. In the construction, a platform 10 is placed on base 12 and six of the posts 14 are placed on the circular markings 24. In this respect, the posts 14 are of various colors, corresponding with the various colors on markings 24, and each post is placed on a marking 24 of the same color. Similarly, the remaining platforms 10 and supporting posts 14 are positioned until all of the platforms and posts are in position to complete the multi-level structure, being four levels in the illustrated structure. Finally, the alarm device 16 is placed on the uppermost platform at the center thereof.

The players achieve their score by removing posts 14 in accordance with instructions by the spinner device 18. The latter indicates the color of the post to be removed and the player may select a post of that color from any level of the structure. However, the player must remove the post from the exit having an arrow or other marking, indicated at 50, of the same color as the post. He may move, but not remove, other posts in order to move the selected post 14 away from the structure, and the player may also move the selected post to another level, through one of the openings 26, before finally withdrawing it from the structure through an exit of the same color. The player may also sacrifice one of his previously acquired posts 14 in supporting the structure during the removal of a post. Each of the different color posts has a different value, and the players final score is determined by the total value of posts acquired.

During the play of the game, the upper platform 10 is frequently tilted and this causes the ball 30 to strike bracket 34 and warn the player that he is in danger of toppling the entire structure. Points are acquired only by successfully removing posts 14 while maintaining the platform 10 in position. In the event a player collapses the structure he is automatically out of the game, and the remaining player having the most points is the winner.

Although shown and described with respect to particular apparatus and manner of play, it will be apparent that various modifications might be made without de: parting from the principles of this invention.

What is claimed is:

1. Game apparatus comprising a plurality of generally planar platform members, a plurality of supporting post members adapted to be vertically positioned between said platform members to thereby provide a multi-level con struction, each of said platform members having raised portions thereon providing limited access along the surface of the platform between the inner surface portion thereof and the side edges of the platform, and an alarm device adapted to be removably positioned on the uppermost platform of said multi-level construction and operable to provide a sound in response to tilting of said platform from a horizontal position.

2. Game apparatus as set forth in claim 1, wherein each of said platform members includes means defining an opening therethrough adapted to permit movement of one of said post members through such openings.

3. Game apparatus comprising a plurality of generally fiat platform members, each having ridges thereon defining a maze of planar surface areas defining pathways having limited access with the side edge of the platform, a plurality of post members having end portions adapted to be supportedly engaged by a platform upper surface and to supportingly engage the under surface of a platform, respectively, and a gravity actuated sound device adapted to be positioned on the upper one of said platform members.

4. Game apparatus as set forth in claim 3, including corresponding indicia on said platforms and posts to determine the path of movement of the latter.

5. Game apparatus as set forth in claim 3, wherein said sound device includes a pendulum ball adapted to strike a metal element and sound an alarm when said upper platform member is tilted With respect to its normally horizontal position.

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