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Publication numberUS347305 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1886
Filing dateDec 1, 1883
Publication numberUS 347305 A, US 347305A, US-A-347305, US347305 A, US347305A
InventorsPaul J. Schlicht
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US 347305 A
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(N0 Mbdel.)

No. 347,305. Patented Aug. 10, 1886.

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" M earn w ww UNITED STATES PATENT flrrrcn.




LEEEIGATIQN farming par. of Letters Patent No.34'7,305, dated August 10, 1886.

Application filed December 1, 1885. Serial No. 113,276. (No model.)

- (LZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, PAUL J. SCHLIOHT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Rochester, iuthe county of Monroe and State of New York, have invented certain Improvcments in Indexes, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the ac conipanying drawings.

My invention relates to certain improvements in indexes, which improvements are fully described in the following specification, and the novel features thereof specified in the claim hereunto annexed.

In the accompanying drawings, I'have rep.- resented two pages of a name or other book embodying my improvements in indexes, the illustration showing a series of surnames commencing with the letters Br arranged in sections indicated by the first letters of the given names, and serving to point out the manner of carrying my invention into practical use.

The pages on the right hand of a book provided with my improved index have tags attached to them, or are otherwise marked to indicate the alphaphetical divisions, as rep resented at l in the accompanying drawings. The n umber of pages in any given alphabetical division is proportioned to the number of names which the book is intended to contain when filled up, suitable attention being paid to the relative frequency of surnames commencing with any given letter. As represented in the drawings, theletter of the alphabet is placed on the last of pages which are designed to be filled with the names commencing with that letter, thus in the row of letters 1 on the right-hand page the letter B is affixed I to the last page of the second surname-division, so that when the book is opened atB the. subdivisions indicated by Ba, Be, Bi, &c., on the left-hand margin at 2 are exposed to view. Each alphabetical division is dividedinto such subdivisions as the whole numberof names in the book or the number of those commencing with any given letter may demand. Thus in a book adapted to contain a total of about six thousand names I have found it convenient to divide all the surnames commencing with B into the following subdivisions: Ba, Be, Bf, Bh, Bi, Bj, B1, B0, Br, Bs, Bu, By, as shown in the drawings, the book being adapted to the indexing of foreign surnames commencing with letters not usually occurring together in the English language. All. the alphabetical divisions of surnames are similarly divided.

In the drawings the book is represented as open at the subdivision of names commencing with Br,and a series of surnames commencing with these letters is given in order to i1lus= trate the manner of indexing them under the proper sections, as indicated at 3 3 in the drawings.

In the book represented in the accompanying drawings I have divided the given names into twelve sections, each of which has as a heading one or more letters of the alphabet, under which given names commencing with that letter are indexed. Thus George Brauckman is entered in section 5 under the letter G. The entries in the same section also serve to illustrate the method of indexing firm or corporate names, for which purpose I employ the first letter of the second essential word therein to determine the section in which the name shall be indexed. Thus the firm-name Britten & Gurth is entered under Br in section 5 under the letter G, with which Gurth commences. Brunswick & 00., is indexed in section 2 under letter O.

In case any one of the sections becomes filled up the names belonging to that section are entered on any convenient space on the pages, or on any of the extra pages with which the book is provided, suitable reference by number of the section of page being made to show where the additional names are to be found. Thus in the illustration given, section 8 being full, the remainder of the names belonging in that section are entered under section 12, this fact being noted in the margin opposite section 8. This makes it possible to use all the space on the pages, and any particular name can be found without any unnecessary search. Instead of indicating the pages containing the subdivisions of surnames by the notches, as shown in the accompanying drawings, they may be pointed out by lettered tags affixed to the appropriate pages, and the alphabetical index may be placed on the left-hand margin inent represented in the drawings. Opposite the names are placed figures referring to the pages in a ledger or record book on which the entries referring to the person in question are placed.

The advantages of my improved index will be readily appreciated by the practical accountant. In fact, the system on which the index is arranged in so simple that it will be readily understood from a mere inspection of a book embodying my improved index by a. person entirel unfamiliar with it. By my improved index a large number of names are so arranged in a, name-book that reference to any desired name can be made in the most expeditious manner possible. 1' am aware that many plansliare been com trived for dividing large numbers of names in an index into groups which were classified al phabetically and otherwise; bnt,so tar as I am aware,I am the first to provide an index having the subdivisions herein described.

I claim The herein-described indexed namebook having, first, the marginal alphabetical index of leading, names 1; second, the subdivisionindcxes of surnames 2 on the margin of the pages indicated by index 1; and, third, the pagescetions or subdivisions 3 containing in alphabetical order the initial letters of given names or the second name or word oi lirms, Corporations, 850., whereby the searcher is en abled to select instantly not only a given surname bnt a surname with given initials.



G110. B. Sumner, H. G. humans.

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