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Publication numberUS3474844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1969
Filing dateDec 14, 1967
Priority dateDec 14, 1967
Publication numberUS 3474844 A, US 3474844A, US-A-3474844, US3474844 A, US3474844A
InventorsRudolph O Lindstrom, Alan R Lindstrom
Original AssigneeRudolph O Lindstrom, Alan R Lindstrom
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Latching device for collapsible container
US 3474844 A
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Oct. 28, 1969 R. o. LINDSTROM ETAL I 3,474,844

' LATCHING DEVICE FOR COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER Filed Dec. 14. 1967 'VIIIIIFI III!!! I INVENTORS ATT RNEY RUDOLPH 0. LINDSTROM BY ,ALAN R. LINDSTROM' United States Patent C) 3,474,844 LATCHING DEVICE FOR COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER Rudolph 0. Lindstrom and Alan R. Lindstrom, both of 16 Reed Ave., Cranston, RJ. 02910 Filed Dec. 14, 1967, Ser. No. 690,546 Int. Cl. B65d 1/00, 21/08 US. Cl. 150-.5 4 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A container having flexible side walls so scored as to collapse like a bellows with means to hold the container in collapsed condition when empty.

Background of the invention Collapsible containers usually have no means which is a part of the container for holding the container in collapsed position or any simple means within the container for doing so which is inexpensive to produce. Such containers are therefore bulky to store and ship.

Summary of the invention Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the container in collapsed position with a means for holding it collapsed;

FIG. 2 is a sectional view in expanded position of the container showing the means of securing the holding means in position;

FIG. 3 is a sectional view showing the container collapsed with an open bottom to receive a modified form of holding means;

FIG. 4 is a sectional view of the holding means for insertion into the opening in the bottom wall of the container of FIG. 3;

FIG. 5 is a sectional view showing the parts of FIGS. 4 and 5 assembled; and

FIG. 6 is a sectional view showing the container in expanded condition.

Description of the preferred embodiments With reference to FIGS. 1 and 2, the collapsible container is designated generally 10 and has a top wall 11 with an opening 12 at its center. Extending downwardly from the top Wall 11 there is a side wall or walls; in the case showing there is a generally cylindrical wall designated 14 which is weakened as at 15 and 16 so as to collapse as in FIG. 1 in a bellows-like manner such as an accordion. A bottom wall 17 extends across the lower end of the side wall 14 and is provided with a conical recess 18 in which there is inserted a stem 19 which is secured in position by any suitable means. This stem is bifurcated having arms 20 flaring outwardly to an extent greater than the diameter of the opening 12 and of a length to engage the edge of opening 12 when the container is collapsed. Each arm is provided with a hook 21 to extend over the edge of opening 12 and hold the container collapsed as in FIG. 1.

In FIGS. 3 to 6 the bottom 17 has an opening 25 with outwardly beveled edges and a frustroconical plug 26 having complemental edges fits this opening and is secured therein by adhesive or heat sealing. This plug 26 has an integral stem 27 either molded as one piece therewith or attached thereto which stem is bifurcated to provide arms 20, 20' with hooks 21' on each to extend over the edge of opening 12 of the top wall to hold the container in collapsed position such as shown in FIG. 5.

These arms 20, 20' are normally set in the positions shown in FIGS. 2 and 4 to spread outwardly so that the hooks 21, 21 will extend over the upper edge of the opening 12 as shown in FIGS. 1 and 5 when the container is collapsed so as to hold this container collapsed. To expand the container it is merely necessary to press the two hooks 21, 21' inwardly toward each other and pull the top wall from the bottom wall as shown in FIG. 2. The container is then ready for such contents as desired to be poured thereinto. The top wall may be sealed by a suitable cork or plug or any other means, screw cap or the like which may be desired. To again collapse the container, it is merely necessary to push the top wall toward the bottom wall until the hooks move inwardly and then outwardly engage the edge of the opening 12.

We claim:

1. A container comprising bottom and side walls, said side walls being collapsible in bellows-like fashion, a top wall having an opening, and means including an arm secured to the inner surface of the bottom wall and of a length substantially the height of the side wall when substantially fully collapsed to extend through said opening when the walls are collapsed and laterally outwardly engaging the marginal edge of the top wall about the opening to hold the container in fully collapsed condition, said arm being of a size much smaller than said opening to pass therethrough, said arm being of a height less than the height of the container when in expanded position and located wholly in the container when expanded in an upright position.

2. A container as in claim 1 wherein said bottom wall has a plug inserted therein to which said means is attached.

3. A container as in claim 1 wherein said bottom wall has a recess therein in which said means is secured.

4. A container as in claim 1 wherein said means has arms with hook ends to extend over the edge of the opening in the top wall.

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,857,080 10/1958 Elias 2l51.5 X 3,301,293 1/1967 Santelli 0.5

GEORGE E. LOW'RANCE, Primary Examiner US. Cl. X.R. 2151

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International ClassificationB65D1/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10S215/90, B65D1/0292
European ClassificationB65D1/02D3