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Publication numberUS3476230 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1969
Filing dateApr 13, 1967
Priority dateApr 13, 1967
Publication numberUS 3476230 A, US 3476230A, US-A-3476230, US3476230 A, US3476230A
InventorsHunter Warren S
Original AssigneeHunter Enterprises Inc
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Paper roll carrier for use with typewriter carriage
US 3476230 A
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Nov. 4, 1969 w. s. HUNTER 3,475,230

PAPER ROLL CARRIER FOR USE WITH TYPEWRITER CARRIAGE Filed April 15, 1967 J5 5 16 26 r f 1 2. 7 2! n v .1". m Q v .mmw' fi T f -l I .f I I I I "I v v 28 IIHWW Hump 25 2 \50 *22 INVENTOR. Kazan/6. Ham/r98 United States Patent 3,476,230 PAPER ROLL CARRIER FOR USE WITH TY PEWRITER CARRIAGE Warren S. Hunter, Batttle Lake, Minn., assignor to Hunter Enterprises, Inc., Battle Lake, Minn., a corporation of Minnesota Filed Apr. 13, 1967, Ser. No. 630,573 Int. Cl. B41j 15/04 US. Cl. 19-7133 1 Claim ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The disclosure of the invention is directed to a paper roll carrier to be attached to the carriage of the typewriter. The carrier has several compartments which hold the various rolls of paper which may comprise labels with perforations separating adjacent labels forming the roll. Separators located between the rolls of labels prevent one roll from causing movement of the adjacent rolls and the separators are movable to allow different size rolls of labels to be carried by the carrier. By the use showing the improved carrier attached to the carriage of the typewriter for holding paper rolls;

FIG. 2 is an elevational side view of the paper roll carrier; and

FIG. 3 is an elevational section view of the paper roll carrier as seen at a section taken along lines 3-3 of the view shown in FIG. 2.

of the carrier, the rolls of paper may be more easily inserted in the typewriter.

This invention relates to the field of accessories for use with the typewriter and particularly to the use of a carrier for paper rolls or labels which is secured to the typewriter carriage.

It has been found that where labels are formed in a roll and separated by perforation or the like, a problem exists in being able to make use of the labels in an efiicient manner where they are used in a pharmacy and contain the prescriptions for taking a particular medicine or are used in a shipping department or a function for applying labels to packages. Certain types of holders are known which have a shaft for containing a roll of paper but they require removal of the roll and the insertion of a new roll where a change in label size is required.

The present invention obviates the need for removal and replacement of the rolls of labels and provides a convenient carrier for carrying several rolls of paper or plastic tape which may be in the form of labels. Separators are provided in the carrier to accommodate different size rolls of writing medium and also prevent the relative movement between the rolls when they are being used.

It is therefore a general object of the present invention to provide an improved carrier to be attached to the movable carriage of the typewriter for holding labels or the like formed in a roll.

Another object of this invention is to provide an auxiliary paper roll carrier to be used with the typewriter in which the rolls may be readily changed without disturbing the other rolls carried by the carrier.

It is still another object of this invention to provide a paper roll carrier to be used with the typewriter in which the rolls may be left without removal thereof after each use.

It is still another object of this invention to provide an auxiliary carrier to be attached to the carriage of a typewriter which has compartments of variable size to prevent the interference of one roll of paper with another while within the paper carrier.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will more fully appear from the following description, made in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein like reference characters refer to the same or similar parts throughout the several views, and in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a portable typewriter As shown in FIG. 1, a typewriter 10 which is of conventional design has a platen 11 and a guide (not shown) to direct the paper 'beneath the platen 11. The platen 11 and guide are carried by a typewriter carriage assembly 13 which moves in the normal manner. Situated across the back of the carriage assembly 13, is a crossbar 14 over which is connected a pair of supporting connectors 15 and 16. Connectors 15 and 16 support a trough-shaped housing 17 through a pair of elongated slots 20 and 21. The trough-shaped housing 17 may be formed from any suitable material such as lightweight metal or plastic. A pair of end members 22 and 23 are secured to the ends of housing 17 to close the ends of the housing 17. Housing 17 also contains a ledge member 24 which is immediately below the upper edge of a front portion 25 of housing 17 and extends parallel with the upper edge. The housing member 17 is approximately three inches in width and has a curved bottom portion. The ledge portion 24 extends outwardly from front portion 25 approximately 0.25 inch and is located approximately 0.25 to 0.50 inch below the upper edge of front portion 25.

A rear portion 26 of housing 17 has a plurality of holes or slots 27 formed therein which are located approximately 0.50 inch below the upper rear edge of rear portion 26. For this particular embodiment, the holes or slots 27 are spaced apart approximately 0.25 inch.

A plurality of notches 28 are formed at the upper edge of the front portion 25 of housing 17, the notches 28 being in transverse alignment with the holes or slots 27 formed in rear portion 26 of housing 17. A further plurality of notches 30 are formed in the edge of ledge 24, the notches 30 also being in transverse alignment with notches 28 and holes 27.

A pair of separators 31 and 32 are shown disposed within housing 17 and separated from each other by a distance slightly greater than the width of a roll of paper or labels 34 which is shown passing under the typewriter platen 11. As shown primarily in FIG. 3, separator 31 is formed by a plate member 33 which is secured to an elongated rod or wire member 35. Plate 33 is of a dimension which allows it to be rotated about wire 35 which passes through one of the plurality of holes or slots 27 and rests in one of the notches 28. A right-angle portion 36 is bent from wire 35 at the end which engages hole 27 and a J-shaped portion 37 is formed at the other end of wire 35 and engages a notch 28 and a notch 30 of ledge 24. Separator 32 is formed in the same manner as separator 31 and it will of course be understood that any number of separators 32 may be used which are appropriate.

The carrier is used by attaching it to crossbar 14 of the typewriter carriage 13 and several rolls of paper such as 34- may be carried in each of the compartments formed by the separators 32 and end portions 22 and 23. The paper roll 34 (which may be in the form of labels) is passed under the typewriter platen 11 in normal fashion and after each label is typed, it may be torn from the roll 34. Separators 31 and 32 prevent one roll of paper such as roll of paper 34, from producing a rotational movement on an adjacent roll. It will be observed that it is not necessary to remove the different rolls of labels from the typewriter 10 upon the use of a particular label or roll of paper 34. If it is desirable to change one of the rolls 34 or place a different size roll in the carrier 13, the

J-shaped portion 37 of the wire element 35 is lifted from notches 28 and 34 and is rotated until right-angle portion 36 is free to disengage hole 27. The end potrion 36 is then inserted in a new hole 27 and the separator 32 is rotated to place it within the housing 17 and snapped into place in a new pair of notches 28 and 30.

What is claimed is:

1. A carrier constructed and arranged for use with a movable typewriter carriage for rolls of writing medium comprising:

(a) a trough-shaped elongated housing haivng end portions enclosing said housing and having a front portion and a rear portion, said rear portion adjoining the movable typewriter carriage;

-(b) a plurality of separators secured transversely in said housing cooperating with said end portions to define a plurality of compartments, each of which is formed to receive and hold a roll of writing medium;

'(c) a plurality of supporting connectors secured to said portion of said housing for securing said housing to the movable typewriter carriage;

(d) a first plurality of slots spaced across said rear portion of said housing adjacent the upper edge thereof;

(e) a second plularity of slots formed in said front portion of said housing adjacent the upper edge thereof, and spaced apart the same distance as said first plurality of slots in said rear portion and substantially in transverse alignment therewith;

(f) a plurality of arms, one of which is secured to each of said plurality of separators, said arms extending through transversely aligned slots of said first and second plurality of slots formed in said housing;

(g) and a fastening mechanism including an outwardly extending ledge portion secured to said front portion of said housing having a third plurality of slots formed at the outer edge thereof aligned transversely with said second plurality of slots formed in said front portion of said housing, each of said arms having a shape to engage said first, second, and third plurality of slots preventing movement of said arms and separators attached thereto.

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ERNEST T. WRIGHT, In, Primary Examiner

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U.S. Classification400/609, 400/615.1
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